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Taking my daughter – Dirty Sex Tales

So my daughter Laura is 16. She is not aloud to be out late. Laura is 5’3” she is skinny petite. Don’t weigh a 100 lbs at most. She is cute like her mom and yes I am a her Dad but like most dads that won’t admit I jerk off thinking about her. So she got grounded by her mom and that’s where this story takes a twist. Laura was caught lying to her mom. She came home late last weekend and was grounded for this weekend. So on Saturday night I was getting up to use bathroom it was midnight. My wife was sound asleep. I walk by Laura’s room and I saw the light on. I peek in and she is not in bed. In fact she is gone. I see the window was cracked open. So I go outside to check and see she had a ladder outside window to get up to her room. No sooner I see a car stop down road. I see her get out and was kissing this guy. She was dressed in the miniskirt her mom doesn’t let her wear and they were kissing pretty intensely. I sneak down behind shed to get a good look and was going to bust her. Watching him kiss her and I had a good view of him squeezing her ass and had her skirt held up I could see her panties. I got turned on by it. After more feeling up and making out he got in car and quietly pulled away. We are about 200 yards from the house. She turned to walk to house still planning on busting her I decided to scare her. As she was sneaking by the shed towards house I jump out behind her in the dark and pull her inside shed. I cupped my hand over her mouth and held her around waist her ass pushed up against me as I held her struggling. I was hard from watching her and this triggered something in me I didn’t plan. As she fought against my grip I kept my hand over her mouth we fell in shed and landed on the hay that was stored in there. The situation was almost like a fantasy of mine and I whispered in her ear in a hoarse voice not to recognize me. Be quiet or I will tell your mom and dad on you. She got still. Laying stomach down me on top of her I reach down and squeeze her ass. It was small and firm. She didn’t say anything.

I pulled her panties and she held her legs tight together and I struggled getting halfway to her knees. I use my weight holding her on ground and start rubbing her ass my finger slipping between her legs she was semi wet probably from her BF. I pull my sweats down she trying to get up I whispered lay still. Still holding her legs tight together I pull her hips up so she was on her knees and shove my cock into her tight cunt. I am out of control as I pump into her build to an orgasm quickly as she grunted with each thrust begging me in a low voice to stop. I reach around rubbing her clit holding my cock in her trying not to come and she shoved into me trying to avoid my fingers as I played her clit like a guitar. She wiggled trying to avoid my fingers on her. Which rocked on my cock and I exploded in her feelings her jerk and have a force orgasm also. I fall on her my cock still buried into her and I feel my cock softening in her and I pull out getting up and hurry back to house. I peek out when I get inside catching my breath panic over losing control with her and watch her come out thinking she will just come in and say she was raped. She didn’t she went to the ladder and went to her room. I stay up and she never came out. I go to bathroom to wash her scent off my cock and see evidence of cum around the shaft of my cock. She had fucked that kid that night I was her second of night.

I get up next morning Laura come down for breakfast like nothing was wrong. I think she was more worried about being caught sneaking out than being fucked by a stranger in the shed.

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