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The school had been designed and built for students with special needs and mainly for those with behaviour problems, the school records showed that the success rate was very high much to the joy of the headmaster who was an alcoholic his four tutours who did not care and did little work were happy that the head was sober long enough once a year to write a good progress report. It was midday when a very strange odour drifted through the school some of the twenty five students of the school thought it smelt of roses and liked it. In the kitchen twenty year old Kim was the only cook on duty, Kim was thought of as a beauty her plain white uniform clung to her body, Asif an eighteen year old Bengali youth was delivering supplies to the kitchen and getting the normal racist abuse from Kim when the sweet smell drifted through the kitchen, Kim went quiet, Asif looked at her noticing the large pokies in her uniform, Kim unbuttoned the bottom of her uniform and put her hands inside and after a short time slid her panties down and off then sat on the work table, Asif smiled broadly when he saw up Kim’s uniform and had a good clear view of her love tube which she started to rub, Asif stood watching her and after a minute Kim opened all the buttons on the front of her overalls allowing her ample boobs to fall free, Asif looked at the naked boobs with large erect nipples and thought tea time, Kim stood and removed her overalls, Asif looked at the now naked Kim who was rubbing her love tube and undid his trousers letting is eight inch erection spring out, Kim looked at it stopped rubbing her love tube and to Asif’s surprise Kim said to him ” come fuck me” Asif went to Kim who was now laying flat out on the work top and after climbing up onto the work top slid his throbbing dick into Kim’s love tube and started to thrust in and out, as he did he saw Kim’s sister Amy by the door, Amy like her sister was racist, Amy attended the school and was six years younger than what Asif was, after a couple of minutes Asif saw that Amy had her jeans open her hand inside and obviously rubbing her love tube, Asif carried on thrusting in and out of Kim’s love tube, Kim was crying out ” yes fuck me you bastard fuck me” and after a few minutes Asif felt her cum, Asif looked at Amy and after removing his dick from Kim’s love tube went to Amy and with no resistance from her lifted her onto another work top and pulled her jeans right down and off then started rubbing her love tube discovering it was wet as he did then after a couple of minutes was sliding his dick into Amy’s love tube as he started to thrust in and out of Amy’s love tube his sixteen year old girlfriend Pia who attend the school walked into the kitchen looked at Asif and said ” cool” then walked over to the still naked Kim and started to rub her boobs then looked at Asif and said ” get that little bitch naked” Asif did as Pia had said admiring Amy’s well developing boobs as he did, Pia moved over to Amy and started to lick and suck her nipples. Sixteen year old Dawn had been in the cellar bullying Adam a peeping tom who was two years younger than her when the smell drifted through, Adam had been expecting to get beat up by Dawn and was totally surprised when Dawn suddenly went quiet then stripped naked and said to Adam “fuck me” Adam was now thrusting in and out of Dawn’s love tube while two boys who were two years younger than Adam was stood naked sucking Dawn’s nipples, in the gym two twelve year old Bengali girls were sat watching and smiling as a naked sixteen year old Paul stroked his solid dick and when he squirted cum in four spurts the girls clapped and after walking away saw four of Steve’s naked mates stroking their erections. the following evening Amy knocked on Asif’s door and when Pia opened it Amy asked if Kim was there, Pia told her yes and let Amy in, when Amy went into the lounge she saw Kim naked on her hands and knees sucking Asif’s dick while one of his mates was thrusting in and out of her love tube from behind with four other Bengali youths stood naked with erections waiting for their turn with a willing Kim and when Pia told Amy to strip Amy did and was soon laying naked on the floor with one of the youths thrusting in and out of her love tube while Pia sucked her nipples, nobody ever found out where the smell had come from or what it was and did not care, the smell lingered for days and plenty of moaning was heard coming from the school and lots of very happy faces seen leaving the school and around the local town.

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