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The Sports Shop – Dirty Sex Tales

The new sports shop had only been open a couple of weeks and was getting lots of customers, many who were being attracted by the low prices and good quality stock, It was a Saturday afternoon and sixteen year old Steve a very keen surfer and his girlfriend Tina who was also sixteen were in the shop looking for new wet suits and after spending ten minutes looking at wet suits chose one each and headed towards the changing room, Pao who was a Bengali girl and four years younger than Steve and Tina and lived in the house next door to Steve was also heading towards the changing rooms to try on new shorts that she had picked out, at the changing rooms Pao discovered that they were cubicles that had curtains instead of solid walls, Pao went into the cubicle next to the one that Steve had gone into, once inside Pao saw that the curtain separating the two cubicles was not drawn fully and she could Steve taking his tee shirt off and Tina was also in the cubicle, Pao was about to pull the curtain closed when she saw Steve taking his joggers off and as he slid them down Pao’s eyes went wide when she saw that Steve had no under wear on and she could see his seven inch hairy dick she had never seen a white dick before and thought cool, Pao then saw that Tina was topless and admired her ample boobs, Pao saw that Steve was now standing naked fiddling with the zip on the wet suit Pao then saw that Tina was also naked and see her love tube, Pao was bi sexual and was thinking two naked white older teens cool, Pao saw Steve drop the wet suit he was holding and kiss Tina, the pair then started to snog, Pao watched in awe and saw Steve’s dick start to grow and was soon looking at a nine inch white erect dick which Tina started to slowly stroke and when Steve started to rub Tina’s love tube Pao thought this is better than the porn films my brother has  under his bed, as Pao watched Steve turned Tina and sat her on the bench then lifted her legs stood between them and pushed his dick into Tina’s love tube which made Pao smile even more than what she was already doing, Steve started to thrust in and out of his girlfriends love tube, Pao could hardly believe what she was seeing but liked what she was seeing and carried on watching loving every minute of what she was calling a free porn show and after ten minutes she saw Steve pull his dick out of Tina’s love street and squirt cum in four long spurts over her stomach, Pao watched as the pair cleaned up and tried on the wet suits before dressing and leaving the cubicles,  Pao tried on her shorts and left. Steve and Tina were in the shop’s café talking and when Steve said to Tina ” do you think she saw” Tina gave a small chuckle and said ” she was watching ok I took a couple of sly peeks and she could not keep her eyes off us” Pao was sat at the bus stop waiting for her bus thinking that was great watching them have sex I wonder if stuff like that happens much I will have to go in there more often and have a look and see if I can see others having sex or see others naked it would be great fun.

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