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To Much Mouth – Dirty Sex Tales

Tina was a 16 year old girl from a very rich family who had a very short temper was loud mouthed and stuck up. She had been with her parents going to visit her gran when their car broke down miles from town and as normal Tina started to bad mouth her dad blaming him for the break down, telling him he should have taken better care of the car and it would not have broken down. Tina’s dad ignored the comments from his daughter which is what he always did. Tina’s mum suggested going back to the village that had just past to get help and with reluctance and lots of complaints walked with parents back to the village, where there was no mechanic, Tina’s dad suggested as it was now getting dark they stay at the bed and breakfast in the village, while they were checking in Tina made comments about the state of the place saying it was a tip and if she caught anything she would take them court, 17 year old Steve the owners son carried the bags up to the rooms with Tina moaning all the time calling Steve a useless dumb idiot and country yokel, other guests at the bed and breakfast got bad mouthed by Tina, Steve was serving Tina’s mum and dad a drink and he mentioned that Tina was a rude girl who needed teaching a good lesson, Both of Tina’s parents agreed that Steve was right and when Steve told Tina’s parents that he and others could teach her Tina’s dad said ” please do” with Tian’s mum telling Steve they could do what ever they wanted and that it might help their daughter to respect others and behave better, after a couple of hours Tina’s parents were quiet tipsy and went to bed, Tina walked into the bar snapped her fingers at Steve and ordered him to get her a drink and sat down, after ten minutes Tina did not get her drink turned on Steve said ” where is my drink you dumb yokel” Steve told her to watch her mouth other wise she would regret it, Tina looked at Steve and threatened to slap him, Steve smiled and gave her the one finger sign, Tina stood went to slap Steve who pushed her back into the chair after four attempts at getting up but being pushed back in the chair Tina stormed out the bar to her room, pushing the 12 year old boy out the way as she did, Tina pulled the sheets of the bed back and started to change into her night clothes, shew was standing naked with her night gown in her hand when Steve walked in Tina yelled get out, Steve told her she owed the boy who shed had pushed an a apology grabbed her by the arm and took the naked and shouting to the bar where Steve told her to apologise to the boy who was staring at the naked Tina wide eyed when Tina told Steve he would regret   this Steve slapped her hard across the bum making her jump, one of Steve’s watching mates said ” see her tits jump just then” Tina called out for her dad and was told by Steve what he had been told earlier by her parents, and rubbed her bum asking Tina if it was saw,  Tina slapped Steve round the face, Steve said ” the flies are biting” and cupped Tina’s boobs in his hands and started rubbing them one of Steve’s mates slid his hand between Tina’s legs and started rubbing her love tube while another of Steve’s mates rubbed her bum, Tina was gently laid on a table from where she saw a naked Steve standing with a 9 inch erection, Tina’s legs were pulled open and Steve moved forward between the open legs of the loud mouthed snobby girl and slid his dick straight up Tina’s love tube while two of his friends sucked her nipples, Steve started to pound away into Tina deep and hard and after ten minutes squirted his cum over the panting girls stomach, one of Steve’s mates replaced Steve and was soon pushing his seven inch solid and throbbing dick in and out of Tina’s love tube which was now moist. other boys were now rubbing and sucking Tian’s boobs,  Tian felt the dick pounding her pull out and  wet warm patches land on her body, after two hours Tina was laying on her bed asleep. Next morning at breakfast, when Tina’s dad told her they would be staying at the bed and breakfast Tina just said” oh that is OK and finished her breakfast, A week later Tina’s dad turned up at the bed and breakfast, don’t know what you did to my daughter and don’t care but she is better behaved and mixing with the local boys and is polite to everyone.

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