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Trailer park fun 9 – Dirty Sex Tales

Chapter – 9

George was waiting at eight o’clock. David arrived with Princess in tow. They went around the trailer for the usual show and watched Sally and Milt fuck. David’s parents were unusually slow with the preliminaries. They got into bed and Sally got on top the same way Joan had fucked George. She positioned Milt’s prick at the entrance to her cunt, then slowly lowered her body. Sally started out slow and didn’t hurry things.

It seemed Milt was going to last forever. The boys wished they could last half as long before they came. It excited the boys to see the sex show Milt and Sally put on but now they watched more critically. They were looking for ways to improve their own performance and trying to get new ideas.

Sally’s hips gradually speeded up and she leaned forward. Milt latched on to a tit and nursed. His hips came up off the bed as he reached his climax. Sally collapsed on him and it was obvious that she was having multiple orgasms. When George’s parents went into the cleanup mode the boys took off for the usual fucking clearing. They were sure that Grandma Schultz would be waiting there for them.

Sally and Milt had decided that this was the night they were going to get to David. If George was with him, and they were sure that he would be, Sally would seduce him too. The more she thought about it the more interesting having three males at the same time seemed to her. They were sure the boys were out there but, with all their trying, they hadn’t been able to see them. They listened for the boys’ departure.

They heard the boys leave and were out of bed at once. They threw on the minimum of clothes and followed the boys. They planned to catch the boys fucking Princess or having her lick them off. If they were lucky they might catch them jerking each other off. One thing would lead to another and they would wind up in bed. Sally wanted three pricks at one time. The fact that two of those pricks were just pubescent and one of them was her son’s, made the whole thing that much more exciting.

The boys got half way to the clearing, looked at each other, and stopped and talk things out. Sally and Milt couldn’t get close enough to hear them. They stayed back in the shadow of the trees and were amused when Princess nosed at the crotches of their pants till the boys opened their flies and let Princess lick their pricks.

Milt and Sally carefully examined the two three-inch pricks that were exposed to them. They were rather satisfied with what they saw. The action with Princess wasn’t a surprise and it wouldn’t make any fundamental difference in their plan. The boys settled back for a comfortable chat.

“Gee, George, do you think we can keep up with both your mother and your grandmother?”

“Mom only makes me cum three times in an afternoon and it’s almost four hours till we get with grandma. Gee, there’s Princess too and she always wants to get her share. I guess we can do it but there is something that worries me. I don’t think it’s going to be long before mom finds out about grandma. I don’t know what’s going to happen then.”

David watched Princess lick his prick. He elevated his hips a bit to give her a clear field. David felt his excitement rise and pushed Princess away.

“Gee, I don’t even let Princes lick me off in bed any more before I go to sleep. It used to be I couldn’t get to sleep without having her make me shoot off. Now I don’t even get a hard on.”

“Yeh, I know. It’s the same way with me. I haven’t jerked off at all in three days. I think that’s a record for me. I used to jerk off every morning as well as every night before I went to sleep. You know, I don’t get a hard on in class any more either. I’m glad of that. It used to make it difficult for me to pay attention to what was going on.”

George felt Princess was getting him too excited. He pushed her snout away. The boys thought for a while longer and compared Milt’s staying power with their own. They were sure grandma would be waiting for them and wanted to save their cum for her.

They pushed Princess away and put their pricks back in their pants. Princess backed her rear end into their crotches. David pushed his finger up Princess’s cunt and pumped it in and out. Princess backed up on to his finger and wagged her tail. David finger fucked Princess until she pulled away from him.

Milt and Sally had a hard time keeping from laughing at the way their son finger fucked Princess and were surprised that the boys moved on so soon. They had expected to see the boys fuck Princess. Then, when they saw the action with Princess they expected to see Princess lick the boys’ pricks till they shot off at least one time each.

They wondered why the boys stopped her and what they were going to do. It wasn’t like teens to get excited then stop before they shot their cum.

The boys continued to the clearing where they expected they’d meet grandma. She was sitting under a tree with no clothes on and gently jerking on her clit. The boys took off their clothes and they walked up to Grandma Schultz. She licked the cum drops off their pricks, gave each one of them a suck or two and motioned for them to sit down beside her.

This was something new, Sally and Milt were surprised to see Grandma Schultz there. They’d seen the boys jerk each other off one time. They knew that Princess was licking the boys’ pricks and letting the boys fuck her but they hadn’t suspected that the boys were doing anything with Grandma Schultz. This new development had to be explored.

They found a spot where they were hidden by the shade of a tree and watched to see what else was going to happen. At this point almost nothing would have surprised them. Maybe they should have started things with David a lot sooner. Things were getting more interesting and possibly more complicated too. Should they include grandma in their plans or try to work on the boys without grandma’s knowledge?

Princess took over the prick licking chores over from grandma. Grandma’s cunt dripped lubricant so Princess spent time licking there too. Grandma was grateful, she’d been waiting for the boys for a while and her cunt was real hot. Grandma Schultz knew what she wanted to do first with the boys that night but she didn’t mind a come or two with Princess first.

“Boys, I saw what you were doing with Joan today, I want to try the ass and cunt bit. Ahhh! Princess sure can lap cunt. Two pricks in me at one time would be a lot of fun. Ohhh! Keep that up Princess, you have me coming already. Did you like that ass and cunt fucking with Jane this afternoon? Oooo! That’s enough. I want to get to the boys now.”

Grandma pushed Princess away and looked at the boys. The boys looked at each other. That had been a lot of fun this afternoon. Their pricks rubbing against each other had been real exciting. They were eager to do it again with Grandma Schultz.

“Sure, grandma. That was real neat when we did it with mom. Do you want to take the ass this time, David. I’d like to try the cunt this time.”

“Yeh, I’d like that. I want to find out how your prick feels in the other hole.”

Sally and Milt still weren’t near enough to hear what was being said by the threesome but they could easily see that what was going on wasn’t normal adolescent entertainment. They watched in astonishment while David, without hesitation by this time, licked grandma’s ass and deposit spit. David’s parents had no idea that he was this precocious. Ass licking wasn’t something that you expected teenager to do.

David got behind Grandma Schultz and pushed his prick into her nether hole. Grandma rolled over on her side with David behind her and George pushed his prick in grandma’s cunt. Once the both pricks were firmly in place, David drew his hips back and pushed back in. As David pushed in George pulled out. They started a steady pumping.

“Gee, it feels just as good from this end. I can feel your prick going in and out of grandma’s cunt.”

“I can feel your prick fucking her ass too.”

Princess found a lot of interesting features all bunched together. She was having a ball. She licked each of the boys’ asses and their balls. When one of their pricks slid out far enough she would lick it and the hole that it was lodged in. She was kept busy.

At that point Sally wished she had Princess licking her own cunt. She worked her fingers in and out of her cunt. Tomorrow she would have Princess give her cunt a real working over. Milt replaced Sally’s hand with his and she wrapped her fingers around his prick. He never thought that watching two teenage boys and a sixty year old woman fuck could be this exciting.

The boys had gained a lot of experience in the last day or so. By now they knew it was better if they started out with a very slow tempo and gradually increased the speed of their hips. If they started too fast they would shoot off too soon. Grandma figured out what was going on and balanced her hip motion so she would meet each of the boys at his maximum thrust. Her hips pivoted back and forth in the same tempo that the boys set up.

The boys’ tempo picked up. Teenage boys with the best of intentions, can’t restrain themselves for very long. The feel of the other boy’s prick rubbing against his own didn’t cool either of them off. Their hips flexed as fast as they could manage. Grandma had constant orgasms. George deposited a load of cum in her cunt at the same time David’s cum spurted up her ass. The motion slowed down.

Two limp pricks slipped out of grandma’s two holes. Princess went into a cleanup frenzy. Milt shot off and Sally absentmindedly licked Milt’s cum off her hand while both of them watched for what the boys were to do next. This was much more of a show than either of them imagined. This wasn’t the mutual jerking off or Princess fucking they’d expected to see.

The boys knew they could do nothing more till their pricks got hard again but they knew how to arrange that. They laid down and raised their hips in the air so Princess could get to their asses. Princess knew what was required too. She started licking where it would do the most good. The boys were side by side. Grandma got between them and offered each one a tit. Each slurped up a tit and nursed. The results were predictable. Sucking tit and having your ass licked had a tendency to harden the two adolescent pricks rather quickly.

Sally and Milt looked at each other and, again, it was all they could do to keep from laughing. The business like way the boys had gone about getting their pricks hard was very entertaining to the adults. Milt wished he could get his prick hard that quickly. Sally wished he could too, but she was much too diplomatic to ever mention it.

They watched and wondered what was going to happen next.

Princess felt deprived. She’d been doing a lot of licking and David had finger fucked her but no one had fucked her. She backed her cunt up against George’s prick. Princess was the only fuck George had for a long time and he felt he had to be fair to her. He got on his knees and pushed his prick into her cunt.

Grandma decided to sixty-nine with David and David didn’t object, he liked sucking on grandma’s long clit. He bobbed his head on it the same way grandma bobbed her head on his prick. He ran his tongue around it while he was sucking. Grandma was a good cocksucker. She knew all the places that felt good to him. He could feel the cum rising in his balls.

Milt resumed finger fucking Sally’s cunt and she pumped on his still soft prick. They didn’t foresee the effect this would have on Princess. Princess had a keen sense of smell and she smelled a real hot cunt. She liked to lap up hot cunt juice.

George couldn’t understand the way Princess was acting. Instead of backing on to his prick and wagging her tail, she was moving toward the dark area under the trees. George fucked her and crawled on his knees to keep his prick in her cunt. Princess knew what Sally’s cunt smelled like from the times that she’d gotten to lick it. Now she smelled Sally’s cunt and wanted to lick it while she was being fucked. George was attached to her by his prick and followed along. He was shooting off when he looked up.

Princess lapped Sally’s cunt and Sally ran her hand up and down Milt’s prick. George gasped and didn’t know what to do. Sally put her finger to her lips and grinned so George guessed it wasn’t too bad. By this time he had given up trying to understand adults. All of his preconceived notions were out the window. He had thought they would be upset if they even thought he was thinking about sex but they were just as interested in fucking and sucking as he was. The strangest thing was that they wanted to do it with him.

First his mother got him in her room and jerked him off then she taught him the rest. After that grandma Schultz got him to fuck and suck with her. Now Sally and Milt wanted to do the same things with him. Well he wasn’t going to object. He would go with them if that’s what they wanted.

George pulled his limp prick out of Princess’s cunt and stood there awaiting developments. Sally reached down and wrapped her hand around his cum slick prick. Both Sally to Milt and were grinning.

Milt’s prick had stiffened up. He pulled it from his wife’s hand, moved behind Princess and positioned it at her cunt. Milt hadn’t said anything but he’d been intrigued by the boys’ games with Princess. Princess, as usual, backed up. She didn’t care whose prick was fucking her, they all felt good to her and she hadn’t felt enough of them in the last couple of days.

Princess kept pushing back and Milt’s prick disappeared into her cunt. She seemed pleased and wagged her tail. Milt pumped his prick into Princess’s cunt and he seemed pleased too. Sally laid on the ground and pulled George’s crotch over her face. Princess lapped her cunt. Milt kept fucking Princess’s cunt and watched the treatment his wife was giving the young boy. Sally lapped the cum off of George’s prick then sucked his balls. She wanted his prick hard and after what she had seen Sally didn’t think that she would freak George out so she pushed a finger up his ass and massaged his prostate. She almost did freak him out, but Sally got the desired effect. George’s prick rose to the occasion. He had a new hard on and that’s what Sally wanted.

Having achieved this goal Sally sucked George’s rejuvenated prick into her mouth. Somehow sucking a teen prick was more exciting than sucking an adult one. She enjoyed the opportunity to manipulate the junior sized prick with her tongue. She arched her hips up so Princess would have better access to her cunt. Princess lapped Sally’s cunt and wagged her rear end around Milt’s prick. She was having fun, she’d never had this big a prick in her cunt before and she liked it.

David pumped his prick into grandma’s mouth and sucked on her clit. Neither of them noticed what else was going on in the clearing. He reached the limits of his endurance and felt grandma’s cunt contracting. Grandma had orgasm after orgasm as she sucked a load of cum from David’s prick. He pulled his limp prick out of her mouth and looked around for George and Princess. He did a double take.

His very first impulse was to duck and run away but he realized that wouldn’t help anything. His mother and father had already seen him. They didn’t have any clothes on! His mother was sucking George off! His father was fucking Princess! Wow! His parents wanted to get into the act too. Wow again! Would his mother do things with him too? He’d always wanted to fuck his mother.

When David started to walk toward his parents, it brought the other action to grandma’s attention. Like David, her first reaction was to run. She also realized it was too late and, from the way Sally was nursing on George’s prick, she didn’t think that David’s parents could object to what she’d done to David. She walked over to join the group. This party was getting real interesting.

Milt shot a load of cum into Princess’s cunt. George found Sally was as good a cocksucker as his mother and grandmother. Her technique was a little different but this blow job felt as good as the ones he got from them. In spite of the number of times he’d come that day George couldn’t hold off any longer.

His hips jerked as spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble; he fed Sally a diminished load of young boy cum. Sally’s hips bounced as she had a fantastic orgasm. She had fantasized about this for quite some time and sucking a young boy’s prick till he shot off and drinking his cum really turned her on.

Grandma saw Milt’s cum slick prick and knelt down in front of him to lick it off. Milt pushed his hips forward to help her out. Grandma licked all the cum off and sucked on Milt’s balls for good measure. It had been a long time since she’d had an adult prick to play with and she was going to make the most of it. She was sorry Milt didn’t have a hard on.

Grandma’s and Joan’s cunts tasted different to David and he wondered what his mother’s cunt tasted like. He’d fantasized about fucking that cunt since he started to jerk off. He tried it out and liked it. He wanted to really lap her cunt and fuck it too. He would like to make her feel real good.

Sally felt her son’s tongue and she immediately had a few more orgasms. She licked the seepage from around George’s limp prick and sucked on his balls. That hairless young ass looked inviting so she pushed her tongue into it but by this time even George couldn’t raise another hard on. The action eased off. Everybody looked at everybody else.

Sally and Milt had a lot of questions and this was a good time to ask them. It was obvious that no more action would be available right away. They sat under the tree and Sally wanted to know how she had been beaten out in getting to David.

“I’m surprised, grandma, I’d planned to break David in myself, but I have to admit you seem to have trained him right.”

Grandma was taking things in stride. It was obvious that the Simons had been planning to seduce their son for quite a while. She was a little surprised that they weren’t put out that she’d beat them to it.

“He didn’t need much training at all, he took to things naturally. It took me a lot longer to get my son to do some of the things David’s done in his first two days.”

This was news to George.

“You mean you used to fuck Uncle Allen?”

“Oh, sure. Your mother did too. I caught them one time. That’s how come I was fucking him. When I saw you doing that sixty-nine with your mother, I wasn’t going to miss out on that nice young cock.”

Milt and Sally now did the double take. Sally looked at George.

“You’re fucking your mother?”

“Uh, – Yeh, I guess so. She set things up so I’d spy on her while she was finger fucking herself. She caught me jerking off, got me into her bedroom, and taught me how to fuck and suck. Then she caught David spying on the two of us. David and I sort of tried to blackmail her and she had me invite him in to join us today. I really don’t think we had to use blackmail but that seemed the best idea at the time.”

Both Milt and Sally laughed at this bit of honesty. They wanted some more information.

“How long has all this been going on?”

David looked at George and George looked at David. So much had happened in so short a time that it seemed longer than it actually was. George did some fast calculations and was surprised himself at the answer. He looked at the adults in astonishment.

“Gee, it’s only three days that we’ve been fucking and sucking, not counting Princess of course. Mom got me into her bedroom three days ago. Grandma gave David a blow job yesterday afternoon and he lapped her cunt, I guess that was the first time for either of those things for David.”

“We both fucked and sucked with grandma last night. That was my first time with grandma. Then David joined me with mom for the first time this afternoon. Before that we just fucked Princess and let her lick us until we came. I guess you know the rest.”

Milt and Sally looked at each other and laughed again at this recital of events. Things had been going very fast for the boys. Milt asked his first question.

“David, how long was it before you invited George to join you while you were spying on us?”

It was David’s turn to be astonished, he’d never thought his parents knew he was spying.

“You knew we were spying on you? Well I guess I’ve been doing it ever since we started on this trip and I found out why you wanted me to take the dog for a long walk every night. At first I just watched through the window and jerked off. Then I found I could fuck Princess and I did that after I watched you.”

“I needed someone to talk to about what I was seeing and doing. I found I liked George that first day we were here and I had him join me watching you the very first night. After that I let him fuck Princess. Since then we’ve been spying on you every night. Then we’d go and fuck Princess and have her lick our cocks.”

Milt turned to Sally.

“See, I told you he would find out about that window right away. We could have gotten started sooner. I learned to spy on my parents as soon as I started to shoot cum. I had my best jerk offs watching them through the keyhole.”

“You mean you wanted me to spy on you?”

“That was the general idea. Your mother and I planned this trip the first time she found cum stains on your sheets. She wanted to get you as young as possible and train you right. We were trying to find an isolated camping ground all the way down here and we were glad when you suggested this one and we found we were the only ones here. It looked like the perfect place to do what we wanted to do.”

“We were planning on doing what George’s mother did. Catch you spying on us and set you up. It seems that we’ve been preempted. We waited too long to make our move. Maybe if you hadn’t gotten so buddy, buddy with George we would have moved sooner.”

“His presence complicated things. We would have liked to get him into the act too but we were afraid of what his mother and grandmother might do if they discovered what we were doing. We had no idea of how complex this whole thing was going to get.”

George thought for a moment.

“Gee, mom is the only one that doesn’t know what’s going on. She thinks she’s the only one doing things with us. She’s bound to find out soon. I guess I better tell her before she finds out by herself. Gee, how in the world do I do that?”

Milt realized George had a problem and he gave it some thought. Things would be less complicated if Joan joined them. Trying to hide would be almost impossible. He looked at the three limp pricks and decided nothing was going to be accomplished here.

“It doesn’t look as we can do anything more here tonight. Let’s go back to the trailer and talk. Maybe we can come up with a plan.”

They got dressed and went back to the trailer to plan a line of attack. They sat around the table and the boys looked at Milt. This was his idea, they wanted to see what he would come up with. Milt had to admit that it wasn’t a normal situation and there were no precedents that he knew of. He wanted to get things moving with as few problems as possible.

The only problem right now was Joan. How did they break the news to her. He was rather sure that once Joan knew the whole situation she wouldn’t be very disturbed by it. He grabbed at this idea.

“George, do you think that your mother would really mind the fact that you’re sucking and fucking with someone besides her?”

George thought this over.

“I guess not. If she wanted me for herself, I don’t think she would have done anything with David. The only question she asked me about David was if I minded. I think she liked the idea right away.”

“What do you think, grandma?”

“Well, I kept the fact that I was fucking Allen from her, but I think George is right. I think she really wouldn’t mind sharing.”

Milt was silent for a while then came up with three choices.

“There are three ways we can do this.”

“One; Sally and Joan have become friendly and Sally has a cup of coffee with her every morning. She can work a conversation around to sex tomorrow morning and then break the news to her.”

“Two; the four adults can get together tomorrow and have a conference with her and lay out the facts as they are.”

“Three; this way would probably be the most shocking to her but she’d likely get over it fastest. Let the boys go in after school and the three of us walk in on them.”

They’d had been engaging in activities that are normally reserved for a much more advanced age but the boys were only teens. They wanted to stay as far as possible from a situation that might have adults mad at each other. The adults thought that the third choice of walking in on Joan and the boys would be best but sympathized with the boys’ feelings. Sally took a deep breath.

“All right, I’ll try it tomorrow morning. Joan and I have talked a little about sex already in the normal conversational way. I don’t think it would be too difficult to get it around to a more personal level. I’ll go over there as soon as you’re off to school tomorrow, George, and see how I make out.”

The important decisions were made and the meeting was adjourned.

Sally and Milt took David to bed with them that night. The first thing David wanted to do was make his mother come by lapping her cunt. He scooted down on the bed and centered his tongue on his target. David wasn’t going to hurry this. He started out just running his tongue up and down the length of Sally’s cunt. He flashed his tongue into her slit then licked and sucked on her clit.

He wanted to make his mother feel real good and he knew one way to do it. He was glad he’d worked up the courage to lick ass. He licked down her ass crack and tongue fucked her asshole. David wanted to get his mother jumping all over the bed.

Milt watched his son work his wife’s cunt over and to his surprise his prick hardened to a new stand. He moved up on the bed and offered his prick to Sally. Sally accepted his offer and sucked the cum out of his cock while she had orgasm after orgasm brought on by her son’s mouth working on the cunt from which he had emerged.

By the time Sally pushed David’s head away from her cunt, he had a hard on and his mother wanted to nurse the next load of cum out of his prick. David wasn’t about to object. He liked the idea of his mother sucking a load of cum out of his cock. He’d used that fantasy many times while Princess licked him off. Sally licked the drop of cum off the tip of his prick and ran her tongue around the head. She’d never told anyone but she had sucked on this prick when David was a baby.

It had gotten hard when she was powdering him and his one-inch pecker looked so cute she couldn’t resist it. She sucked on it till his body jerked five or six times She found when he got cranky, sucking his prick until his little body jerked several times calmed him better than a pacifier did. She hadn’t stopped until he was almost a year old and she’d wanted to suck his cock ever since.

Just as David had done lapping her cunt, Sally took her time giving him a blow job. She sucked on his balls. She licked it all over. She nibbled at the loose skin right under the pisshole. Slowly she sucked all three inches into her mouth. The fact that it was his mother that was sucking his cock made it the best blow job he’d had yet. David lost control and pumped his prick into his mother’s mouth. Spurt, spurt, dribble; he fed her the load of cum that she desired. The men were worn out. They fell asleep immediately.

Once during the night David woke up having a wet dream and found his mother poised over him. Her cunt was riding up and down on his prick and his father was sitting there and watching them. He pushed up to meet each of her thrusts. He could feel his cum rising and speeded up even more. His young boy load of cum jetted into his mother’s cunt and his hips relaxed down onto the bed again. His mother kissed him and rubbed his tongue with hers. His father hugged and kissed him and that felt good too. He fell asleep again even before his limp prick fell out of his mother’s cunt.

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