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Steve was a well known violent racist thug who many people were scared of, people stayed clear of him, if they saw him walking towards him in the street people would cross to the other side of the street to avoid him, Steve had few friends and those he had were as what he was, Steve had a girlfriend who was known for being outspoken but not violent, Amy was sixteen and had been dating Steve for just over three weeks but was thinking of breaking up with him. It was a Saturday evening when Amy was sat with Steve on the sofa in her house when Amy saw her nine year old sister Jane and her classmate Sally go into the kitchen, Amy got up went into the kitchen and told the two girls to peep through the joins of the serving hatch doors then returned to Steve and after sitting beside him said to him ” your getting wanked off” and pushed his joggers down revealing his seven inch hairy dick, Sally and Jane were peeping through the serving hatch and when they saw Steve’s dick appear they both put their hands over their mouths to muffle their giggles and carried on watching as Amy slowly ran a finger up and down Steve’s dick which slowly grew to a full nine inch erection and when Amy held it up giving the girls a good clear view of it both girls smiled and watched as Amy started to jerk it and when Steve squirted his cum in four long spurts both girls smiled as for the first in their lives they saw a boy’s sperm, the two girls left the kitchen and went upstairs and after cleaning up Amy and Steve went out to the town centre where they sat drinking cheap cider and with out him knowing Amy spiked Steve’s drink with plenty of Viagra and after a couple of hours Steve and Amy were walking through the park where the group of Bengali girls noticed the big tent in Steve’s joggers, Steve was feeling light headed and very horny so when Amy pushed the front of his joggers down releasing his erection Steve did not stop him, the three fourteen year old Bengali girls looked in disbelieve at the white thugs nine inch erection and watched in awe as Amy jerked him and when Steve squirted five spurts of cum the Bengali girls were all thinking very nice, Amy looked at the girls waved and walked on with Steve who was to light headed to realise that his dick was still on full view to people in the park, Amy guided Steve over to the clump of trees on the edge of the park where she got him on the ground and started to work on his dick which was soon fully erect again, Amy saw Pia who was four years younger than what she was stood watching and noticing that Steve was now asleep beckoned Pia forward and when Pia moved forward Amy said to her ” go on you can play with it” Pao smiled knelt down and started to jerk Steve and after five minutes smiled when Steve squirted his cum, Pia walked away smiling happy that she had just jerked off the white thug boy and when she saw her best friend Pao who was her age ran up to her and said ” I just wanked Steve and made him shoot spunk” and after telling her everything went with her to the trees and watched as her friend jerked Steve making him cum, Steve was well out of things but Amy was able to force more viagra into his mouth and watched as other Bengali girls jerked Steve. and after a few hours Steve was back at Amy’s house where after drinking more viagra laced cider was out cold on Amy’s bed who stripped him naked and left him on her bed and went down stairs and watched telly and after a while both Jane and Sally walked in smiling and washed their hands at the kitchen sink. In the morning when Steve woke he had a big headache and when Amy asked him he admitted he could not remember the night before, Amy smiled and smiled even more when Steve said ” what did you do with me my cock is fucking aching like mad” Amy thought yeah and it is going to be aching even more and your bum will also ache before long.

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