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The court was quiet, in the dock was sixteen year old Steve and his mate Colin who was the same age, both boys were violent members of a street gang and had just been sent to a youth custody centre for twelve months each both boys looked at their girlfriends as they were lead from the dock down to the cells, after the boys had left the dock some people in the public gallery showed their pleasure at the sentence that the much feared boys had got. Steve’s sixteen year old girlfriend Mandy left the court and was walking home across the fields when she saw Martin who was two years younger than what she was and a well known flasher, Mandy walked over to the woods where Martin was, Marin had not seen Mandy approaching till she was only a few yards from him, Martin looked at the girl who’s boyfriend had beat him up a couple of times and saw the top buttons on her blouse were undone and smiled as he saw her blue bra that covered her ample boobs, Mandy looked at Martin and said to him ” you been looking at my sister Amy ” Martin had been admiring Amy who was two years younger than him and who he thought was cute, Martin looked at Mandy but did not say anything he just looked at Mandy who smiled at him and to his surprise Mandy undid her blouse fully pulled it open them released the front clip on her bra letting her boobs fall free, Martin smiled then after a minute Mandy did her bra up and said if you want a better look at Amy be at my house tonight at seven when my mum will be out then after doing her blouse up walked away, Martin was waiting in the street where Mandy lived and watched as her mum left the house to go to work and at dead on seven was knocking on the door which was answered by Mandy who let him in and told him to go wait in the lounge which he did, after waiting for five minutes the door to the lounge opened and Amy walked in, Martin smiled and his eyes went wide when he saw that Amy was naked, Martin looked first at her just starting to develop boobs then down at her love tube, Amy walked into the room and said ” is this how you want to see me” Martin said ” yeah you are very cute” and when Amy said ” do you want to fuck me” Martin did not hesitate in saying yes, Amy said ” come to my room then” and turned and walked out the room, Martin quickly followed her admiring her bum as he went, in the hallway Mandy grabbed Martin and told him that if he hurt Amy she would hurt him, after Mandy let him go Martin went up stairs and found Amy’s room where she was laying on her bed with her legs apart, Martin looked her up and down then undressed as he stood naked he looked at Amy and said ” are you sure” and when Amy said ” yes come and fuck me” Martin climbed on the bed and after spending a few minutes rubbing Amy’s little boobs and love tube moved between her legs bent forward and slowly pushed his dick into her love tube then started to slowly thrust in and out and as he did Amy started to breathe heavy and then groaning, Martin carried on thrusting in and out of Amy’s love tube and after ten minutes felt her cum and as she did Amy cried out ” yes oh yes” and shorty after Martin pulled his dick from Amy’s love tube and after squirting his cum over her body lay down beside Amy who was still breathing heavily, after five minutes Amy got off the bed and went to wash and when she got back got dressed half a hour later after promising not to tell anyone Martin left the house and when Amy asked him to call again the next day Martin promised he would and walked down the street smiling hardly believing what had happened. It was just after seven the following evening when Martin knocked on the door of Amy’s house and after waiting a few minutes the door was opened by Mandy who was wearing a bath robe and after Mandy invited him in Martin made his way to the lounge and sat waiting for Amy to appear but after a couple of minutes Mandy walked in smiled at Martin and said to him ” Amy is not here tonight she had to go to her nan’s house” Martin felt disappointed but when Mandy said ” will I do instead of Amy” and took off the bath robe she was wearing and stood naked Martin thought that he was dreaming as he looked at Mandy’s love tube and ample boobs that had very erect nipples, after recovering from the surprise Martin nodded his head and followed Mandy upstairs to her bedroom and stripped naked then started to massage Mandy’s ample boobs then lick and suck her nipples before climbing between her parted legs on the bed and after a few minutes was sliding his dick into Mandy’s moist love tube and started to thrust in and out and after ten minutes felt Mandy cum and not long after he was squirting his cum over her body, after having a shower Martin was sat in the kitchen with Mandy who said to him with Steve away Amy and I have got nobody here to fuck us so if you want to come round each evening we can find you a job unless you have some where else to be, Martin smiled and quickly said that he would cancel all his plans, Mandy smiled and said ” ask Amy to show you her holiday photos, the following night Martin was laying beside a naked Amy just after having had sex with her and asked to look at her holiday photos, and after a few minutes was looking at photo’s of a lot of her friends all who were naked and later was looking at photo’s of Mandy’s naked friends, Martin made regular visits to the house when the girls mum was away at work feeling it was his duty to console the girls while Steve was away.

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