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Vacation with a difference part 2

      I was uncuffed from the bed, blindfolded, and with 3 men on each side, holding on tightly, I had no chance of escape. They walked me down a flight of stairs, and outside. Judging by the day’s warmth on my face, I guessed that it was probably noon, maybe a little bit later. I heard a large door rolling open, then I was led into a building, I could feel the coolness as I crossed the threshold, and heard the door rolling shut. They led my in a ways, then stopped. My blindfold was removed, and I was in the middle of a large barn. There were rows upon rows of benches, like stadium bleachers, arranged in a large circle around me, where dozens of people sat watching the scene. It was hard to see who, or how many, because bright lights were on, bathing my body in the strong glow, the brightness of the lights preventing me from looking at the crowd, keeping me from seeing details of the people watching.

      “Well, how nice, another one for a pleasant day. Welcome, young lady, so glad you could join us, you are our guest of honor. And, as the guest of honor, you will first suck on a horse’s cock, until it blows its swollen nuts, then a fresh stallion will be brought in, and you will lose your horse cock virginity! ”

     I gaped in the direction of the voice, being forced to service a horse sexually, sucking his massive cock, then being forced to be fucked by a huge horse cock??

     The young man who I had first met stepped forward, and explained to me what was going on. I had been kidnapped by a very wealthy man, who would throw a party for his guests, a couple of times per month. His men would scout the area for the hottest looking woman around, and do what they could to grab her. Then, she would be tied down, the young boys were workers, and one of the perks of the job was getting to unload on her face, and the men who abducted her would then get their reward, fucking her and having her suck them off. Now, the main attraction was about to start, he would throw a party for his guests, I, as the guest of honor, had to suck off a horse, then get fucked by a horse cock. He could see I was about to protest rather vigorously, and he warned me.

      “Remember that .357 Magnum? Is it worth your life, to not suck and fuck a horse? This has been done many times, and several very attractive young ladies have been here, and they all agreed to do it. So, it’s your choice. ”

     Really having no choice, the idea of an animal fucking me was repellent, but I valued my life more. As two of the men led a huge stallion toward me, his legs were fitted into restraining devices set into the floor, to keep him from moving around in excitement, and injuring me. He told me to kneel, and play with the cock, make it hard and stiff, then suck it, and swallow as much horse cum as I could. I could smell a wild, musky smell, as I stroked and played with the horse cock, watching with amazement the growing of that huge shaft.

     I heard the wealthy man order me,  “Now, suck that cock, lick his balls, suck that big horse cock, and let my guests enjoy the sight of that horse cock filling your throat, and spewing all over your body! “

      Taking a deep breath, I started to lick at the massive cock head, running my pink tongue all over the swollen head, licking at it like a lollipop. I ran my tongue up and down that huge shaft, then I planted a line of kisses along the side of that massive shaft, feeling it throb with need. I ran my tongue down to the base of the cock, and I licked at the horse’s swollen balls, twirling my tongue around his balls very fast. I felt his massive balls twitching, swollen with the horse spunk he was building up to splatter me with. Wrapping my hands around his huge shaft, I sucked in as much of the swollen head as I could, I started stroking the horse’s huge shaft. I bobbed my head back and forth, my god, I’m sucking a horse cock!  Soon, my hands were pumping the length of that swollen fuck pole, when the horse started to snort. His throbbing cock erupted, pulsing wildly, his huge cock squirting like a hose, filling my mouth, and his cum gushed down my throat in waves. The horse’s cum was thick and creamy and it coated the inside of my mouth and throat. The force and sheer volume of cum was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before, I swallowed as much as I could, but my cheeks bulged because the horse was ejaculating faster than I could swallow. I pulled my mouth back, freeing the cock head and his cum spewed out, what cum didn’t spill out of my mouth I swallowed down. The stallion wasn’t done yet and his wildly squirting cock was now giving me a full facial, my face was covered with a sheet of cum. Pointing his big cock down towards my body, stroking him as I had been ordered, I felt his cock pulsating in my hands as his warm cum splashed all over my naked body. The crowd cheered wildly and roared for more.

     My face was plastered, and my body covered with thick ropes of horse spunk, but that was just the beginning. I was lifted up, and was handcuffed to a specially designed table in the barn, on my hands and knees, making sure that my legs were spread as wide as possible, my ass upthrust, making careful adjustments to position my body for mating. They slid the handcuff chain around two metal pegs set into the top of the table, stretching my arms up just above her head, fastening the chain down tight with metal bolts. I could feel my legs being fitted into leather loops fastened to the side of the table, loops slid around my ankles and knees, buckling them shut around my legs, and tightening them up to the large steel bolts on the side of the table, enough to hold me still.

      “Loud, or quiet? ” I heard one of them say.

     The voice of the wealthy man said,  “Quiet. “

      “Open up baby. “

     I did so, and a red rubber ball gag was put between my lips, filling my mouth and silencing me, fastened up behind my head. I could hear the clip clop of hooves as a horny stallion was brought in.    

     I heard the host chuckle as he said,  “Well, that was a nice appetizer, now for the main course, time for you to get a good horse fucking, just wait until you get impaled on that huge pole! ”

     They adjusted the table so that my cunt would be in the perfect position for penetration. The table was bolted down to a metal dais, which in turn was bolted down to the floor, to keep the table locked in. As they got me ready, one of the guys spoke to me.

      “Every one that we’ve grabbed for the master’s pleasure has taken their turn on this table, including you, and has been fucked wildly. The barn has been filled with screams and shrieks, for when the master has wanted loud, or ball gagged, like you, for when the master has wanted quiet, as they lost their horse cock virginity, as your tight cunt is about to lose it to a rock hard horse cock! ”    

     The table had a fence like projection on either side, and the horse was led into position. They coaxed the young stallion, and he obliged, so his front legs were over the fence. I pulled at the restraints holding my arms down, feeling no give at all, my legs were similarly strapped in tight, unable to move an inch. Like it or not, I was strapped down, ball gagged, and about to be fucked by a horse. I felt the fingers of my captors spreading my pussy lips apart, then I feel the long knob end of the horse’s stiff cock against the lips of my cunt. It forces them apart and begins to enter my hole as they guide it up me. My howl of pain is totally muffled by the ball clamped in my mouth as the huge shaft stretches the walls of my cunt apart.

     Oh my fucking god, it was like I was the world’s tightest virgin getting her virgin cunt split open for the first time by the biggest cock on Earth. My shrieks of pain were completely muffled by the gag, the crowd roared with approval, and cheered for more as the horny stallion penetrated me, the huge shaft stretched the walls of my cunt apart. Inch by inch it slowly goes in, I can feel that huge cock splitting my cunt open, wider and deeper than it ever has, and with a huge thrust, the horse rammed his cock up me. I lost my horse cock virginity in a massive push, he must have jammed what felt like 16 or 18 inches up my tight hole, jamming in as deep as he could, and my cunt was throbbing and spasming painfully. It took several deep, cunt splitting thrusts, until I could tolerate it to a degree, I still had my teeth biting down hard into that ball gag. After the abrasive thrusts, the fucking rhythm got easier and the horse rode me, his huge cock raping me, that massive fuck-pole deep inside, jackhammering away at my throbbing cunt. It almost felt like a dream, I was getting fucked by a horse! The feel of that animal’s huge cock, battering away inside me, making my cunt a burning hole of pain, quickly showed me how real it was. I was getting my brains fucked out, the horse knew exactly what to do, looks like he’s been a lucky animal getting to fuck lots of tight young fuck-holes. The massive horse cock was so deep that on the in thrusts, it split my cervix open, again and again, and I felt the horse’s cock head hitting far up in my womb. The horse started to snort, and his pole exploded, I feel it throbbing, pulsing wildly in me as he begins tossing off, and I can feel the horse’s throbbing prick going off in repeated ejaculations, spewing wave after wave of thick horse spunk up my wildly quivering pussy, I let out one last muffled shriek of pain as the massive horse cock filled my womb to overflowing. I was ready to pass out, as I dimly felt his cock withdraw, and the captors helped him down, his hooves clip clopping as the horse was led away.

      “Now ladies, your turn ” I heard the wealthy man say.

     I felt warm, soft fingers stroking the inside of my legs, then a head getting between my spread thighs. I felt a soft, wet tongue licking at my opening, dipping deep inside me, licking at my dripping pussy. My cunt was a soaked mass of horse cum, and someone was eager to taste it. I felt the mouth pull away, and a second mouth dived in, eager for some. Then another took its place, and still another. The soft wet tongues, licking at my sore, red lips, licking out the thick spunk, started a fire going, and fingers started to caress my clit, which was starting to notice the excitement that my cunt was starting to pulse with. After every woman had been able to get a taste, the hot, wet mouth now against me started to seriously work me over, mouth tight against me, fingers stroking at my now rock hard clit, and I could feel it coming at me.

     I was surrounded by the other five women, stroking at my body,  “cum for us baby, cum, cum hard, you need it ” they whispered to me.

     That did it, and my howls of pleasure were muffled by the ball gag as my twitching clit exploded, my cunt writhing crazily, gushing out the last few spurts of mixed horse cum and my juices, the mouth at me eagerly sucking out every drop.

     As the mouth and the women around me withdrew, I heard the host of the party say,  “And now, for the coup de grace. ”  

     I felt a finger at my sore lips, applying something, then the pain started to dull down quickly. Must have been some topical anaesthetic, like Xylocain, or Novocaine, I thought, as I felt the welcome dialing down of my violated opening. I suddenly felt some cool, slick lube being applied to my asshole, oh no, not that. I was still restrained, not even able to move a muscle and my last vestige of virginity was able to be busted.

     I felt a cock head placing against my tight, virgin asshole, I was gripped tightly by the hips, and a rock hard prick pushed in, pushing hard, my asshole spasming and wrenching painfully from their first fuck. With a massive thrust, the cock was buried balls deep, my shriek of pain was cut off by the ball gag, as I had my last vestige of virginity busted open. The cock pulled back, and drove in again, fuck, that hurt, the cock continued to ram my tight, no longer virgin asshole, splitting open the tight smooth walls over and over, my teeth again biting deep into the ball gag, doing my best to bear the pain. My ass was so tight that he stroked out quickly, although the minute or so he lasted seemed like 10 times as long.

      “Fuck, oh yeah fuck, so tight, so fucking tight, yeah, YEAH!! “

     He growled as his cock erupted, firing wildly, filling my dark cavern with his white, sticky goo. He pulled out, still gushing, splattering 2 thick ropes in the crack of my ass, over the opening of my just violated asshole, then I felt another rope spit all over my back, as he stroked out the last drops, splattering a long trail up my naked back.

     I heard his voice,  “Thanks baby, you were great, your tight ass was perfect. “

     I suddenly felt a sharp sting in my shoulder, as a hypodermic needle was inserted. A few seconds later, whatever they had pumped into me did the job, as I fell down a long slope into a deep, dreamless sleep.

To be continued….

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