Welcome 5 – Dirty Sex Tales

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John was a homeless man living in a derelict factory in the small town, he was fifty years old and had been homeless for the last ten years and for the last year had lived in the derelict factory where he got a lot of abuse from local kids who had set fire to the boxes he slept in, for the last two months he had seen the flashing lights in the sky above the factory and had watched them in awe, it was an early evening and the three sixteen year old girls who gave John the most trouble appeared, John had got to know their names and watched as Sharon Cindy and Helen walked across the room and braced himself ready for the normal onslaught of abuse and spitting that the girls gave him, as the girls approached him John saw the lights appear through the broken roof he saw the lights stop directly above the girls and grow stronger, then Sharon said ” he is a poor man cant have much fun and leads a boring life, Cindy agreed and when Helen said ” lets give him a bit of fun” then looked at John and said to him ” do you want us to get our tits out so you can see them” John thought they are lulling me into a trap Cindy said ” that is not much fun” looked at John and asked him if he wanted to see them naked” and when Sharon pulled the zip on her hoody down and took it off revealing her naked ample boobs and started to undo her jeans, John could not believe his eyes and when both Sharon and Helen took their jumpers off revealing their naked boobs and started to undo their jeans John watched in awe and after a couple of minutes was looking at three naked sixteen year old girls admiring their love tubes and ample boobs, Sharon said ” this has probably wound him up then said to John would you like to fuck us and rubbed her love tube, and when Sharon walked over to him and lay down on his mattress parted her legs and said come on fuck me, John started by rubbing her boobs then undid his trousers releasing his eight inch erection which he was soon pushing into Sharon’s love tube as he did so the other two girls walked over and knelt down, John rubbed their boobs then started to thrust in and out of Sharon’s love tube and after ten minutes felt her cum then after a few minutes was thrusting in and out of Helen’s love tube and once she had cum he started on Cindy and once she had cum he watched as the three girls dressed and left surprised that he still had an erection, sixteen year old Ali was a Bengali youth who got a lot of racial abuse from Karen who was four years younger than what he was, Ali was totally surprised when Karen lifted her tee shirt showing him her just developing boobs and when she said ” get your cock out and I will suck you off” Ali got his dick out and when Karen knelt and started to suck it he thought nice, and when Karen swallowed his cum he thought I am dreaming. Mark the local peeping tom was looking through Kim’s bedroom window hoping he might get a view and when Kim who at sixteen years of age was two years older than him walked into her room wearing just a towel and waved at him he was about to run when Kim removed her towel revealing her naked body, Mark could hardly believe his eyes and watched in disbelieve as Kim started to masturbate and after ten minutes when she gushed Mark thought super cool, July and three of her classmates were having a sleepover and suddenly the four girls stripped naked and walked out of the house, the ten year old boy who lived next door stared as the four girls who were all four years older than him walked down the street naked, sixteen year old Steve was watching telly when his sister and her best mate who were four years younger than him stood and stripped naked, Steve stood and stripped naked the two girls looked at Steve’s nine inch erection and after a minute Steve’s sister was groaning as he thrust in and out of her love tube while her mate was saying hurry up I need fucking, John looked in disbelieve at July and her friends as they lay naked on the floor saying fuck us, all over town people of all ages were stripping naked and having sex with anybody, sixteen year old Gary and Dean would stood jerking their dicks while Mike who was two years younger than them and gay watched and after both boys had squirted their cum and bent over the park bench and said ” fuck us” Mike thought must oblige and twenty minutes later after servicing both of the straight homophobic boys bums watched as the two boys started to thrust in to their girlfriends love tubes, the last of the four girls were just leaving John who looked up at the flashing lights in the sky and said your welcome here any time that you want to come and pay us a visit or just stay here.

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