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Joel was a twenty year old Nigerian guy living in London where he worked as a mini cab driver, it was late as he sat in his mini cab on the taxi rank in town, all the clubs had closed and the other mini cabs had gone home for the evening but Joel had remained hoping that there might be a couple of stragglers and when sixteen year Tracy appeared and got in the back of his mini cab Joel smiled when Tracy gave him the destination address as it was near where he lived and he could go home after dropping her off, as he drove along Joel admired Tracy in the mirror and liked her long blonde hair thinking it looked real sexy, as Joel drove into the street Tracy had said Joel realised from experience that this street was one often used by people running off with out paying their fare, when he stopped Tracy got out of the car and s Joel expected ran off, Joel had been ready for this and was quickly out of the car and running after the fleeing girl, Joel very quickly made up the ground between him and Tracy thinking you picked the wrong guy girl I ran for my village before coming here, as he got very close to the girl Joel reached out and grabbed the collar of her shirt and pulled expecting the girl to stop but was surprised when the shirt ripped off her body, Joel quickly grabbed a handful of hair forcing the girl to stop, the girl started to cry begging to be let go, it was then that Joel realised that the girl was topless her naked boobs on full view, Joel took the girl back to his car admiring her very ample boobs as he went, at the car Joel lent Tracy on the car bonnet and said ” you got to pay” Tracy just looked at him and when Joel cupped her boobs Tracy flinched, Joel rubbed the ample boobs of the white girl saying you will pay as he did then pulled the tight fitting skirt Tracy was wearing very hard pulling it down and in one hard tug ripped her panties clean off and slid his hand between the now naked girls legs and started rubbing her love tube while sucking her nipples at the same time, Tracy was a regular fare dodger so knew what would happen if she got caught and and just stood while Joel worked away on her love tube and sucked her nipples, when Joel stopped and stood back undoing his trousers Tracy gasped when she saw a ten inch solid black dick appear and when Joel rubbed it over the lips of her love tube Tracy thought oh fuck that is to big and when Joel slid his dick into her love tube Tracy cried out, Joel started to thrust in and out of the naked fare dodgers love tube pushing the full length of his dick in Tracy cried out loudly and was soon groaning after just two minutes Tracy climaxed, Joel carried on thrusting in and out of Tracy’s love tube and soon felt her cum again Tracy climaxed another four times before Joel pulled his dick out of Tracy’s love tube and squirt his cum over her back, after putting his dick away Joel picked up the exhausted Tracy and lay her on the burnt out car on the side of the road, Cindy who was in the same class as Tracy at school and who was an arch enemy of Tracy had watched the whole episode and was smiling then saw the two stray dogs appear and start sniffing around Tracy and when one jumped up on Tracy Cindy smiled when she saw the dogs dick enter Tracy’s love tube and start to hump and thought cool, and when she saw the other humping Tracy’s mouth Cindy thought even cooler. Tracy woke up in her own bed not remembering how she got there but knew she had a horrible taste in her mouth. Later that night Joel was driving along the road looking at Cindy through the rear view mirror as he looked he looked he saw Cindy take her tee shirt off exposing her naked boobs Joel saw the erect nipples and said ” you want me to stop some place, when Cindy said ” not unless you can fuck me while you drive” Joel pulled into a deserted carpark and when he got out and opened the back door he saw Cindy was now naked and after ten minutes Joel was thrusting in and out of her love tube as she lay on the car boot, Cindy climaxed five times before Joel was finished he thought love being a taxi driver.

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