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Welcome – Dirty Sex Tales

Cindy had been living in the tower block of flats with her alcoholic mum and twelve year old sister for just over a week and did not like it there, Cindy was a thug girl and very racist, her sister Amy was also a racist girl and neither girl liked the fact there were so many black people in the area. Cindy soon made her views known. Cindy had made friends with Dawn who was in her class at school the two sixteen years of age girls were walking home from school through the estate talking about going to a party the next day, as they entered the tower block Cindy saw the group of black boys by the lift and gave them some racial abuse, the girls went to Cindy’s flat with Cindy telling her that her mum would be out but was surprised to find her mum in the flat and annoyed to see Joel the forty year old neighbour was also there, Cindy yelled “what is that wanker doing here” Joel shouted back at Cindy telling her to shut her mouth as he did his two sons walked in the room, Tina said “fuck it is an invasion” then the boys who had been by the lifts walked in, Cindy said “what the fuck is going on” then reeled back as one of the boys slapped her round the face saying show respect bitch as he did, Cindy’s mum got up from her chair, Cindy saw Joel give her mum money and saw her mum leave, Joel then stood as he did two of the boys grabbed Cindy by the arms Joel said “you are going to be taught that black men are here to rule and be respected” then grabbed her skirt and ripped it off her followed by her panties then her blouse and bra leaving her naked, and started to rub her ample boobs, Cindy saw that Dawn was naked snogging with one of Joel’s sons, Cindy tried to break free but could not she was then laid on the table and her legs held apart, when Joel undid his trousers and released his ten inch erection Cindy looked in surprise at the size of it then when she realised what Joel intended she cried out no, but after a few seconds Joel was rubbing his dick over her love tube and when Joel pushed his dick inside her love tube Cindy cried out, then felt hands start to play with her boobs while Joel started to thrust in and out of her love tube, Tina turned her head to see where Dawn was but as she did a black dick slid into it causing her gag, Tina heard someone say “hurry up I want to fuck the bitch” Tina then gagged as cum shot into her mouth then shortly after Tina felt the dick pull out of her mouth then another enter it, Tina felt Joel cum inside her and was glad she was on the pill. Tina felt Joel pull out of her love tube but soon felt another dick slide into her love tube which was starting to get moist. After hour Tina had lost count of how many dicks had been in the mouth, love tube and bum she had also lost count of how many times she had cum, Tina was still on the table but was now alone, after a struggle Tina managed to get off the table and struggle upstairs falling all over the place as she did, at the top of the stairs Tina saw Amy fully naked asleep, Tina staggered into her room and was soon in a very deep sleep.

To be continued

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