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Wife Takes BBC in the Back of SUV

I’d always wanted to see my wife take a BIG Black Cock so I started the search online to find one. I finally settled on one I thought would work well and we set up a meeting. We met at a Mexican restaurant near our home. This guy was about 10 younger than her (he was 26), had a very nice body, and was very virile. We met and he seemed like a nice guy, and apparently my wife thought so too, or maybe it was the two 27 ounce Jumbo Margaritas that she had while we shared a circular booth together, with my wife sandwiched between us so that he could get really friendly with her without being obvious to the other patrons or the bar staff. Eventually his hand discreetly made its way under her short skirt to her upper thigh and his fingers began rubbing her thong covered pussy and it was obvious that she was getting horny! After polishing off the two margaritas he popped the question and asked her if she wanted to fuck, and she said “Yes”! But she had no idea what she was in for!!!

We left the restaurant and he and my wife jumped into the back seat of our Chevy Tahoe SUV while I drove. Those two immediately started “getting acquainted” while I drove and watched in the rear view mirror. I was getting turned on watching and it was apparent that they were turned on too! They were making out and he had his hands all over her – in her blouse and up her short skirt and she was responding very enthusiastically! I found a real dark place to park on a remote road and as soon as I parked we folded the back seats down which made a nice big play area. Those two were immediately all over each other and it was clear that they were there to FUCK! I stayed up front out of the way and removed my clothes to free my raging cock so I could stroke it while I watched! He quickly removed her blouse and bra then played with and sucked her titties before locking lips with her again. While they were making out he was diddling her clit and she was pulling at and removing his shirt and pants. It didn’t take long before he had her naked and he was down to only his briefs. At that point he got them into a 69 position and started giving her oral. While being eaten, she pulled his briefs down and OMG, he had the BIGGEST cock I have ever seen, bigger than in any porn film that I had watched!!! It was a good honest 10+ inches long, and probably 2 1/2+ inches across, and it was HARD and sticking straight out at her! My wife finished removing his briefs entirely so that they were both completely naked, then she started sucking his cock while he continued to eat her and they were in a frenzy! She could get no more than the head and maybe an inch of the shaft in her mouth but did the best she could with the head of his cock wedged in her mouth, her jaw open as far as possible. But she couldn’t do it for too long before her jaw got painfully tired from being stretched that wide open! After he ate her to a shuddering orgasm she turned around facing him, rolled him onto his back, and climbed on top. Her pussy was dripping from both her own juices and his saliva. As she straddled him with her pussy hovering over his cock, she took that HUGE cock in her hand and rubbed the head of it back and forth between her very wet pussy lips to get it well lubricated. When she had his cock completely wet with their juices, she flashed me a big smile and placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy. What I saw next had me awestruck! She lowered herself onto that cock in one steady push, all the way to his balls! I couldn’t fucking believe that she could take his entire length into her – she’s not a big girl! She rode him like that until her thighs got tired, then she rolled them over while remaining coupled together so that she was on her back. He then positioned her to his liking, pulling her legs up around his waist so as to get wide open access to her pussy. She then locked her ankles together behind his back and dug her heels into his ass cheeks, which enabled her to grip him tightly as he thrust into her. With her on the bottom he really went to town on her and she loved it! He fucked her with a frenzy in several positions and she had several orgasms along the way. Eventually he disengaged, flipped her over into the doggy position, and entered her from behind. He drove into her and rammed her HARD, gripping her hips and pulling her backwards onto his huge cock with every thrust. With every thrust her head flew upward and she went “UGH”! She had no choice but to take the pummeling he was giving her and she was loving it! His big low hanging balls were swinging and slapping into her with each thrust and she was screaming and orgasming like crazy! When he was ready for something different, he leaned them forward so that she was flat on her tummy, his cock still in her. He had her arms outstretched with his fingers intertwined with hers and laid his weight fully on her, completely dominating her and pinning her helplessly beneath him so that he could use her as he pleased, and what pleased him was rooting into her DEEPLY with his massive cock! He was also biting her neck and saying naughty things in her ear as he savagely fucked her, taking from her what he wanted. She was helpless and powerless as he had complete control over her, and she loved it! His cock was buried to the balls in her pussy and the looks on her face were priceless! Her fingers were clawing at the carpet and her mouth was wide open gasping for air, and her eyes alternated between being squeezed tightly shut in a grimacing look, to flashing WIDE open with a glazed and dazed expression as his hard cock slammed incessantly against her cervix and rearranged her innards! The dazed look on her face told me that her brain was in some other place completely! When he’d had all he wanted of her he drilled into her fiercely, slamming balls deep with his throbbing cock firmly planted against her womb as he sent multiple shots of cum and huge amounts of his jizz into her. When his balls were emptied of cum he slumped onto her, spent of energy, while she quivered beneath him still in her own little world. He eventually softened and pulled out and she slowly returned to the here and now. Then I moved into position to fuck her and saw that her pussy was flushed red and puffy, and his cum was streaming from her gaping hole! When I mounted her, her pussy was so stretched out that I don’t think my cock even touched the walls of her pussy! But even so, I was so turned on by what I had just seen, and by the extreme heat emanating from her pussy, that I shot my load immediately upon entering her!

Our new friend and I then got dressed, we put the seats of the Tahoe back up, and those two remained in the back seat while I drove us back to the restaurant. My wife was still naked and he continued groping her well used body until we dropped him off at his car. We lived just across the street so we were home in no time. We pulled into the garage and she rounded up her clothes, which were strewn everywhere, and carried them into the house. While following my naked wife into the house I saw the rug burns on her body and also saw that she had large amounts of cum running down her legs, damn that was a beautiful sight!!! We went into the bedroom where she fell into bed drunk and exhausted and was asleep immediately. I snuggled up next to her and put my hand on her cummy wet ass and went to sleep smiling! When morning came it was a Tuesday so no sleeping in late! When she got up and walked to the shower, she looked like hell but she had a big smile on her face!!!

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