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Winter Wonderland – Dirty Sex Tales

The small set in the English countryside housed just under five hundred residents all the residents knew each other and all got on really well with each other, except for Tina who was a bully and trouble maker that drank cheap cider which she got from the next nearest town that was twenty five miles away. It was mid way through December and Tina’s mum had gone to stay with her sister till the new year in Scotland, Tina was not welcome there so she was staying on her own which is the way Tina preferred it. The snow was starting to fall and the villagers knew that the roads would soon be impassable and like every winter they would get cut off and nobody would be able to get in or out of the village except in extreme emergency’s then a helicopter would be used, All the villagers were well prepared for the snow and had stocked up on plenty of food and other essentials. Tina had plenty of food and a good stock of cider in and was ready for the snow after twenty four hours the whole area was blanketed in snow and as expected the village was cut off. Mark had battled through the snow to his grans and was setting off back home when he saw Tina who was two years younger than what he was, Tina was in her lounge dancing in just her bra and panties Mark watched her through the window and when Tina took her bra off letting her ample boobs fall free Mark could not believe his eyes and despite the cold felt his dick go erect then when Tina took her panties off Mark thought it is Christmas and phoned his mate Andy telling him what he could see and after ten minutes Andy was stood with Mark watching a naked Tina dancing and admiring her boobs, bum and love tube, Mark noticed the door was open and after telling Andy both boys went inside the house, Tina was to drunk on the cheap cider and weed that she had got in town that she not notice the boys and when Andy started to rub her bum she did not react and when Mark rubbed her boobs again she did not react, Andy went and drew the curtains and locked the door, Tina fell backwards landing on the sofa where she stayed, Andy sat beside her and started licking her nipples while Mark rubbed her love tube and when they got no reaction Mark stood undid his trousers and lowered them then between themselves the two boys got Tina on the floor and parted her legs, Andy knelt between Tina’s parted legs bent forward and slid his dick into Tina’s love tube and started to thrust in and out while Mark undid his trousers after ten minutes Andy pulled his dick out of Tina’s love tube and after squirting his cum over her stomach stood up and moved back, Mark then knelt down and was soon thrusting in and out of Tina’s love tube and after five minutes was squirting his cum over Tina’s stomach, After twenty minutes both boys were battling back through the snow to their own houses Andy said ” that is known as a Christmas present”

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