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Fishing Trip – Dirty Sex Tales

John was steering the small fishing boat through the English Channel on his way to his favourite fishing area, he looked through the window of the wheel house and saw his sixteen year old daughter Tina laying on the deck sunbathing and not far from her his son Paul who was four years younger that what his sister was, John did not mind taking Paul fishing but hated taking them both because they were always fighting normally verbally but sometimes physically, John got up from the seat as he did he caught his foot in the rung of the chair and fell heavily, Paul saw his dad fall and rushed in and could see his dad had broken his leg, Tina who right behind Paul said ” I will use the radio and call for help”  John was happy that the two could work together in an emergency, Tina returned saying help is on the way and half a hour later a rescue helicopter was hovering overhead with a man being lowered on a winch, Tina asked if that was a winch man, Paul sarcastically replied ” no they are shark fishing that is the bait” the winch man landed on the boat and after twenty minutes was winching John up into the helicopter, after the helicopter had left Tina took over at the wheel and it was not long before Tina and Paul were having a verbal fight with Tina accusing Paul of perving after her and saying she had noticed how he is always looking at her, Paul went and made tea when he returned he saw that the Top of Tina’s bum was showing over her bikini, Paul put Tina’s tea down saying ” your bum is showing” Tina told him to fuck off, Paul pulled the back of Tina’s bikini down a bit more saying if your going to show it show it all again Tina told him to fuck off, Paul pulled the draw strings on the side of his sisters bikini and the bottoms fell to the floor, Paul slapped Tina’s bare bum, Tina quickly switched the engine off turned and pushed Paul, Paul ran out of the wheel house with Tina running after him in the main cabin Paul got behind the table looked at Tina and said  ” wow I can see your cunt” Paul was surprised when Tina slid over the top of the table and pushed him onto the sofa, Tina sat astride Paul’s legs, Paul looked down and said ” oh look your cunt is open” Tina hit Paul then pointed at his crutch and said ” you got a fucking hard on” then grabbed the waist band of his speedos and pulled  letting his seven inch erection spring up, Tina then started slapping it saying ” hard cock” as she did she then got up off Paul’s knees and pulled his speedos right down and off, Paul got up reached out grabbed Tina’s bikini bra and pulled it hard the bra came off both teens were now naked Paul noticed Tina’s erect nipples and pushed her down onto the sofa sat on the top of her legs and started to flick her nipples chanting stiff nips, Tina started slapping Paul’s dick again, Paul stopped flicking Tina’s nipples and placed his hands over her boobs, Tina stopped slapped his dick and held it in her hand Paul started rubbing Tina’s boobs she started jerking his dick, Paul smiled reached down and started to rub Tina’s love tube saying your turn, Paul could feel the moisture from his sisters love tube he bent forward and started to lick her nipples then started to suck them, Tina let go of Paul’s dick Paul moved back a bit then pushed the tip of his dick just inside the entrance of Tina’s love tube and when he felt her push up he pushed all the way in as he did Tina groaned, Paul started to thrust in and out of Tina’s love tube and soon Tina was breathing heavily and after five minutes Paul felt her cum he carried on thrusting away and felt her cum a second and third time before he pulled his dick out of her love tube and squirted his cum over her belly then lay down beside her, after twenty minutes Tina got up and said to Paul ” I knew that you were perving after me” and went out, the following morning Paul was in the wheel house when Tina walked in she walked up to him and pulled his speedo’s down knelt and started to suck his dick and after twenty minutes when Paul squirted his cum in four spurts into Tina’s mouth she swallowed it all then stood up and said       ” there I am now sure that you were perving after me” the next day they were both back in port and on the way to the hospital Paul thought will have to take her fishing more often, Tina thought wonder what I will tell dad if he asks what did I catch I can not tell him that I caught a cock.

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