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A good day with my Tinder date

I started dating a girl I met on Tinder. We had been on like 5 dates. Then before the 6th date somehow sex topic came and we started sexting. We decided to break the ice on the 6th date.

So, on the 6th date I had it all planned. We had lunch at a pub and we checked in to the hotel. As soon as we got it I pulled her and started kissing her and I tried to insert my hand inside her pant but it was very tight. Then, slowly I came down and kissed her neck and went back to her lips again. Then we went to the bed where I removed my Shirt and she was about to remove her pant but I told her I’ll do that.

She now laid down on the bed and again I kissed her for few mins and slowly I pulled her dress up and I was caressing her stomach while kissing her neck. Then I removed her top and as well as my pant. I kissed on her Bra and struggled removing it but she helped anyway. I caressed, fondled, kissed, sucked and played with her boobs. She was enjoying it. Then after few minutes I slowly started kissing her stomach and went back to give her a kiss. Finally, after around 15 mins I removed her pants and started smelling and kissing her panty. I slowly removed the panty and smelt her vagina. Man! I was in heaven. I started licking, sucking and kissing her outer labia and her thighs. I didn’t touch her clitoris. I had built up a tension. Now, I started kissing her inner labia and tried to insert my tongue inside the vagina. Finally I started slowly licking her clitoris. She was by now moaning like anything. I started licking, kissing, caressing and totally worshipped her vagina. After licking for good 25 mins she came. I just cuddled with her for few mins now. I started kissing her ears and neck again.

Suddenly she came on top of me and she was rubbing her vagina on top of my underwear. I felt helpless and pleasurable at the same time. The way she was doing I just ejaculated with a mind-blowing orgasm. Such a shame uh!? Then she laughed and fell on me. Then I went to the bathroom and washed my penis. It was so much cum that my underwear was ruined, Haha. Then I came out naked and she started to touch my penis and gave me a blowjob while I was standing. I didn’t feel very good because as I had an orgasm few mins back but it was good. I had the condom and I wore it. She bent down in the doggy style. I said as this is my first time, I want to insert my penis without condom atleast once. First she said no but she agreed anyway. So, I removed the condom and rubbed my penis shaft onto her clitoris and slowly inserted my dick inside her. It was tight. I struggled initially but moving on to the part where I was totally inside her… Oh man what a pleasurable experience. I then started to thrust slowly by moving my hand all over her back. Then after like 1 min she asked to pull out and wear condom. I did the same. Now I asked for missionary position. Now again I penetrated inside her, it was not that good wearing condom and having sex but it was good our safety anyway. After a min of thrusting I came inside the condom while I was still inside of her. She said wahhh 3 mins of penetration and 30 mins of cunnilingus.

After like 1 hour of watching TV we had sex again and this time somehow I went on and on. I came on her stomach this time.

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