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BANGED KELLY – Dirty Sex Tales

Kelly is a hot gal/lady in her mid twenties. Her white complexion as well as nice tits and round dome shaped ass is making me hot. We both moved from Lajpat Nagar as she is insisting for more sex. We both moved to lotus temple. Too many people are looking at us like a hot couple.

Kelly and Garry have moved towards the back of Lotus temple, sitting on grass in a lawn. Looking at me, Kelly inched closer and sit on my thigh with her arms on my shoulder. Her soft bum is giving me nice touch on thigh while Kelly took my lips in her mouth to suck and while sucking it her left breast is brushing on my chest. We are sitting in a safe zone where I have spent nice time with Nina and Tara. Kelly pushed her long tongue in my mouth as I am sucking it with my hand moving on her back. Later on she took out her tongue and asked….. “Garry how is your tool ?

(Kelly) it will take 30 minutes to erect. ” And she took out a strip of capsule from her bag and gave me….. “Have it Garry for fast erection. ” And smiling on her I have it. We both moved out of Lotus temple and walked on a narrow path for 350-400 metres before reaching a deserted park. We both moved inside park and I have been here with Mira and Tara. A nice deserted place for hot couples..

We are sitting on grass as she has put her legs straight and I can see her nude thighs. Looking hot and wild in light yellow coloured frock, I am in joy to feel the erection in penis and I hold her tightly. Kelly is sitting on my lap with her legs on my waist as we have hold each other in arms…. ” A nice pill its in erection

(Kelly) a nice place for us also. ” And I took her lips to suck while her frock is going upwards to her neck and my palm is moving on her soft back. Lastly, I removed her panty and she stands on grass like a hot gal. I knelt in front of her and put my lips on her thigh to kiss. I kissed her thighs and started rolling tongue on it as she has stretched her legs wide apart and I put my lips on her labias to kiss. Lastly Kelly put her fingers on labias to open her vaginal mouth, my 1/2 of tongue is licking her glory hole. My penis is in full erection as I am fucking her cunt but after a while she become hot as well as horny…. “Oohh Garry you have sucked it now fuck my cunt. ” And I stand in front of SEX DIVA, she removed my jeans and our sexual organs are nude. Now I put the glans on her cunt as she has put her one leg up in air on my waist. My penis entered the hot zone as I am fucking her from front while holding her tightly. She is kissing my lips and face and my penis is hitting her vaginal depth. After a while, she shouted… “Oohhj Garry I will cum soon. ” And her cunt become wet as I took out my cock and knelt down to lick her glory hole. I tasted her vaginal juice..

Kelly took no time to be on her knees and elbows. While sitting behind her hot sexy ass, I pushed my long cock in her wet vagina and holding her waist, I am fucking her with speed as well as power. Kelly is swinging her ass fast as my waist is hitting her bum and our sexual organs are in pleasure. Now I am hitting hard in her cunt and she is moving her ass fast. After 10-12 minutes of fucking her vagina become dry as she is moving her ass more faster…… “Oohhh Garry fuck me hard, pour your cum. ” And my penis poured cum in her cunt. Kelly took my cock in her mouth and sucked it. We reached home after a nice hot day.

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