Caring My Bengali Friend’s Hot Mom – 2

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The 2nd night also, Kishan slept soon. Me and Devika were talking to each other for sometimes. Later we went to bed. Devika removed her blouse infront of me.

Devika: Bala beta. What happened? Why you are still awake?

Me: Nothing maa… But…. I was….

Devika: mmm. I understand.. You need to put your finger in my navel, right?

After told this, she shown her belly to me. I took my finger nearer to her navel. But instead of poking her navel, I taken back my finger.

Devika: beta… What happened?

Me: No maa. I was feeling shy.

Devika: don’t be silly beta. You have all the rights as like as Kishan having towards me. Just do whatever you want.

By telling this, she took my hand and insert my finger into her navel by herself. I poked her navel for sometimes and fallen asleep.

Day by day, me and Devika had developed a strong bonding within ourselves. I used to tap her ass and caressing her ass while she was doing her chores and used to pinch her waist and fingering her navel and caressing her belly whenever I want to do such things. She didn’t mind those things and didn’t made a shout at me.

Kishan was not interested in studies. He has been there as like a nut. Even though, he loved a girl who is an orphan and did nursing at that time. After the class hours, they hung out to somewhere and he will be back at home for only having food and sleep. So, I was supposed to help Devika in her works.

One day, I told Devika that I need to take an oil bath. She agreed and said that I have to massaged her with oil and she have to massaged me with oil in return. She massaged me with the oil at first. That time, I was in my underwear only. And she was in her bra and petticoat. She applied oil on my head, shoulder, body, back and legs. Then she told me to remove my underwear. I was hesitated. She removed my underwear by herself. My dick was erected at perpendicular in front of her. She was shocked by seeing my monstrous cock. She to me lie by my stomach and applied oil to my butts. Then, I shifted my position by lying by my back.

Me: maa… Could you apply oil and massaged me here? (By pointing my dick)

Devika: beta… Was it necessary that I should handle this?

Me: yes maa. Please…..

Then, she took a hand full of oil and applied at my dick. She greased up my dick and shook my dick too and fro irrespective of massaging. I placed my hand on her hot and milky waist and began to knead her waist and belly as like as we knead the dough for parathaas. She didn’t told anything. After some time, I gripped her waist very hard and me and Devika uttered at same time “aaahhhnnnnn….”

I felt like a large load was released from my dick and feel so ecstatic. Then, I realised by opened my eyes and saw that Devika’s boobs, cleavage, neck, hip, belly, waist, navel and in her hands,… Everywhere… I found that my cum was shot on her. By seeing her that she was drenched with my cum all over her body, I feel more ecstatic.

Devika: beta… I need to take bath at first.

Me: but maa.. You didn’t get your oil massage yet.

Devika: no problem beta. I’ll take it on other day.

Me: but you promised me that you will bath me.

Devika: ok. I will bath you after I got bathed.

Me: maa… Please just wait for half an hour. Then we will bath together.

Devika: no beta… I feel sticky over my body.

Me: (by holding her waist hardly) maa…. You look so pretty in this clumsy look. Just wait and be with me. We’ll bath together.

Devika: hmm. Ok.

After half an hour…..

I was nude… And we went to bathroom and I catch her hip. Then, I was placed my hand to her boobs to remove her bra. But she resisted me.

Devika: beta… I used to bath alone. So, I’ll bath you and send you out and then I will bath.

I decided to go with her decisions.

Me: fine maa. Just give me a clean bath.

She applied soap on me and washed my body cleanly. I also wiped out my cum splashed over her body. That time, I slowly did a warm press on her boobs. At that instant, she unknowingly hold my dick with her hand.

Me: maa… As like as you massaged my cock with oil, just do again with that soap to remove the oilish in my dick.

She put that soap on my dick and rubbed my prick and cock. Now, I placed my two hands over her two sides of the dick and stand in a position directly facing her in my opposite side by holding her hot and smoothy waist. She also rubbed my erected dick like how we used to do at masturbations. Again I cummed over her body fully….

Me: maa…. This is my most ecstatic bath in my life time. Thank you very much… (By telling this, I pinched her milkpeda like low waist harshly but with lots of love and lust)

Devika: chii ….. I feel so shy beta…. You naughty…..

To be continued in next part…..

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