Nudist family antics (A week later Part 2)

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She lay on the bed her dress up around her waist closing her eyes. She waited for the washing machine to finish. She turned her head, and looked out the window to the lawn and bush on the other side. She kept rubbing her clit.

She moaned as she came close to orgasm. She heard the washing machine finish. She stood up and composed herself. She knew Brent was married. She wanted to fuck him. He was younger, yes. Amber had even said to her mother that she would fuck him.

She stood going to the kitchen getting a glass of water. The wind picked up outside. She stood at the bench and sipped her water. She so wanted to be naked right now. She heard the washing machine chime again saying it was finished and wanted to be emptied. She went to the laundry opening it pulling the washing out. She walked through the garage to the back lawn and started hanging it out. She thought of the times her and Gary had fucked on the back lawn. Been caught be both Chloe and Amber. They were used to their parents fucking around the house. They didn’t mind.

She hung Chloe’s underwear and bras out, Gary’s clothes. She started hanging hers out. She heard the van come up the drive. The door open and close. A minute later Brent appeared.

” Front gates fixed. ” He said.

” Oh good, what was the problem. ” She asked as she hung her washing out.

” Fuse ” he said. ” Some moisture got in there. So its all fixed. ” He said as a unexpected gust of wind blew, it blew her dress up around her hips. Brent couldn’t avoid seeing her lemon g string underwear. She pushed the dress down. Brent looked away. But it was to late he had seen her groin.

” Opps. ” She said. Although she really didn’t mind it.

” Garage door. ” He said.

” Yes. ” She replied hanging her bra up. She followed Brent into the garage. She knew she was on film now. Wondering if her husband was watching. She told Brent the problem. He looked at it and tested it.

” It only jambs for Chloe and me, never Gary. ” She said.

” Its always the way. ” He replied smiling at her. The image of her underwear in his head. She thought she should feel embarrassed but for some reason she didn’t. It reinforced to her she wanted to fuck him. She leant back on her BMW convertible folding her arms under her breasts pushing them up.

He played around with the door. Pressing the button. It jambed.

” Good it jambs for you to. I’m not a dumb female. ” She said.

” No. ” He replied ” Your not. ” He said.

” Aghhh here’s the problem. ” He said a broken roller. ” He said and a unaligned track. Easy fix. ” He said.

” Good. ” She replied. She stood watching him fix it. Thirty minutes later he tested it and it went up and down easy.

” There all done. ” He said.

” Your wonderful. ” She said. ” As a bonus you got to see my underwear. ” She said.

He laughed. ” Yeh. ” He replied. ” Opps. ”

” I don’t mind. Usually I don’t wear underwear at home. ” She said.

” Oh really. ” He said.

” No ” she replied standing up in front of him. She was feeling really horny. ” Did you like them ? ” She asked.

” Your underwear ? ” He said.

” Yeh. ” She said. ” They are new. Not even Gary’s seen them. ” She said.

” Oh really. ” He said.

” Do you want to see them again ? ” She asked putting her finger on his chest.

” Nicky. ” He said stepping back.

” Don’t be shy. ” She said following him stepping forward. ” You never had a client hit on you baby. ” She said smiling.

” No ” he said ” I haven’t. ”

” You see the car behind me. ” She said.

” Yes. ” He replied.

” Its the latest BMW 2 Series 230i Convertible. It has a 8 speed automatic 2.0 ltr Turbo Inline 4 Gas engine. 258 Horsepower at 5200 rpm in a custom Sea side blue Metallic paint job. I have yet to christen it. How would you like to help me christen it on the leather seats. ” She said.

” You mean…. ”

” Fuck me. Yes I mean Fuck me. Take my clothes off and Fuck me in the car. ” She said.

” I cant. ” He said.

” Ok your married, I’m married. So what. Its just sex. You have already seen my underwear. Come on we are alone. Gary’s at work. I’m horny lets fuck each other. ” She said.

” Nicky. ” He said.

” Come on. ” He said lifting her dress she really wanted Gary to be watching from his in town office. ” He saw her underwear.

She stepped forward leaning in kissing his lips. He held her sides kissing back. They stood kissing.

She stepped back leaning on her car the hood already down.

” Its a nice car. ” He said smiling.

” Ride me in it. ” She said.

He lifted her dress up. She took it off throwing it on the roof of Chloe’s car. He fondled her bust leaning in kissing her cleavage. The garage door open.

She held his head in her bust looking up at the ceiling. She knew where the hidden cameras were. He reached behind her back unclipping her bra. She took it off. He stood fondling her breasts kissing her lips. He sat her on the back of her car leaning in sucking her nipples squeezing her breasts lifting them to his mouth gripping underneath them.

” Oh yes baby. ” She moaned ” Suck my tits. ” He swapped between each breast kissing them, sucking them. Playing with them. She leant back. He kissed down her stomach to her belly button. She looked down as he kissed to her underwear line admiring her lemon lace trim.


Gary sat in his office chair. He couldn’t stop thinking of his weekend away with Chloe. He couldn’t get to the bach fast enough.

” Thanks Brenda. ” He said. She stood picking up her folder. Gary admired her long legs in her blue and black pencil skirt. Her black heels. Her cream scoop neck satin blouse, her small but perky b cup breasts in her padded push up bra. Her long black hair in a pony tail.

She was 25 and had a very mature business mind on her. Gary knew he could leave her to run things when he wasn’t there.

” Thanks Gary, as long as you are happy with everything. ” She said standing in front of his desk.

” Your doing a great job running the office. I’m glad you can run everything without me. Thank you. ” He said.

” Thank you. I will have the latest budget projection for your approval next week. ” She said.

” Great Brenda. ” He said as she turned. He loved admiring her beautiful tanned slim legs.

He opened his lap top bringing up his home security cameras. Four screens came up. Top left the front gates. Top right The front of the house and outside the garage. Bottom left The garage inside. Bottom right The back of the house.

He clicked on the garage.

” Darling. ” He said seeing her up on the back of her car legs open. Brent pulling her underwear down taking them off dropping them to the floor. He stepping in kissing her lips. He knelt down getting between her legs his mouth meeting her pussy.

” Yes Brent, eat that pussy. ” He said softly knowing the office door was closed.

” Going to christen the BMW darling. ” He said loving watching his wife.

Gary slid his hand to his groin rubbing over his cock. That was now hard watching his business friend about to fuck his wife in her new BMW.


Brent tongue licking around her pussy. Her clit, her labias. She stood up taking his shirt off. She knelt taking his shorts off and underwear playing with his cock. She leant in taking his cock in her mouth. She licked and sucked up his shaft. Moaned as he cum in her mouth. She licked and sucked up his semen. She stood hugging him kissing him.


Gary picked up the phone and dialed home. He watched Nicky kiss Brent and walk off out of the garage. He watched him get in pulling the front seat forward. He got in the back seat.

She answered.

N ” Hello Nicky speaking ”

G ” Hello Nicky speaking, your husband here. ”

N ” Hi babe. Hows your morning ? ”

G ” Yours. ” Gary asked.

N ” Good Brent’s fixed the gates and door, its all working now. ”

G ” Good. Is he still there ? ”

N ” Yes he is. ”

G ” So hes helping to christen the BMW. ”

N ” Pervert. ”

G ” Well have fun. ”

N ” Your watching ? ”

G ” Am I allowed to ? ”

N ” If you must. ” She said and hung up.

Gary sat back watching the full screen. Brent sitting in the car naked. A minute later Nicky appeared naked. She saw Brent look away she looked at the camera and did the fingers at Gary.

She got into the car. Climbed into the back seat straddling Brent. She loved the thought of her husband watching her. She kissed Brent and he fondled her breasts. She reached between her legs grabbing his cock sliding down his shaft. She rode him up and down his cock. He held her arse as she rode him. She kissed him. She leant over him. Her breasts in his face. He sucked and caressed her breasts and nipples as he thrust up into her with his groin.

She moaned as he fucked her. His cock sliding between her labias.

She then stood up in the car. She leant over the headrest. Her knees on the seat. He stood behind her thrusting into her pussy. He stood fucking her doggy style. Gary zoomed in looking at her face. She looked up at the camera and smiled knowing he was watching her. Brent unaware he was been watched by her husband, his friend fucking her

He gripped her arse. Thrusting hard into her.

For ten minutes Gary watched her. They swapped into different positions.

Eventually they got out. She lay on the bonnet he straddled her thrusting into her again. She wrapped her legs around him he thrusted her harder. Gary imagining Brent’s cock in his naked wife. A minute later he stopped. He fondled her breasts giving her short thrusts cummimg in her.

Gary watched her stand up hugging him kissing him. They stood for a few minutes kissing.

They disappeared for ten minutes. They them returned to the garage naked. He handed Nicky the towel after showering he dressed and hugged the naked Nicky. She walked out with him to the van. They hugged and kissed again. He got into the van and wound the window down she leant against the door again through the open window again kissing his lips. She stepped back and he backed up and drove off down the driveway.

She stood for a minute and went into the garage. She lay on the bonnet fingering herself knowing Gary was watching her. She orgasmed again and picked up her clothing and went inside.

Gary closed down the computer and sat thinking.

His wife had just fucked his friend. Gary smiled. He knew tonight she would have another guy in the house while he was away with Chloe. He loved the fact his wife was playing with other men.

The night they had with her parents was magical. Nicky had now christened her new car. She had been talking about it with him for a while now.

Nicky lay on the bed naked and looked at the ceiling. She picked up the phone and dialed the number. He picked up.

G ” Hi ”

N ” Enjoy that. ”

G ” Yes ”

N ” Me to. ”

G ” Where are you ? ”

N ” On the bed naked. ”

G ” Ummm. Want a visitor ? ”

N ” No save yourself for your daughter tonight ”

G ” Ok ” he said

N ” Love you. ”

G ” Love you to.

They hung up. They were loving their new little game.

He got on the phone. He rung Chloe’s school saying he had to pick her up early at 1 pm.

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