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Daddy – Dirty Sex Tales

My father had stopped being nonchalant about seeing me naked around the time I graduated from A-cup mini-bras to my first B-cups when I was 11, about 2 years after my first period. He stopped hugging me as much as usual and started treating me like a porcelain doll that might break if he touched me. At first I was hurt and didn’t understand why he had stopped hugging me, but then one day when he was walking around I saw a telltale bulge in his pants and knew that he had a hardon. Since he and I were the only ones in the living room at the time, it seemed obvious that the hardon was about me!
I was flustered and didn’t know how to react, but my body knew – I got wet thinking about Daddy being sexually attracted to me – so I decided to pretend not to notice his hardons for the next few months and see what developed. By the time I turned 13 though, I was getting tired of waiting for him to do or say something suggestive to me, and my sexual fantasies about him became more frequent- I wanted my father to get between my legs, and my pussy flooded every time I got a whiff of his cologne, even when he wasn’t home.
Thankfully, shortly after I turned 14, he resumed hugging me occasionally when I got home from school. I usually took my bra off and stuffed it in my backpack as I stepped off the bus so I could flaunt my budding pokies to my Bubba, but one day I guess I was daydreaming and absent-mindedly walked in the door with it in my hand. Daddy’s eyebrows went up when he saw it, but he never asked me about it – apparently, discussing my underwear had become verboten once my boobs took off – so I started making it a point to carry my bra into the house openly. Then one day, feeling particularly mischievous, I slipped my panties off as I walked up the walk and entered the house with my panties and bra in my hand, greeting my father with “Hey, Daddy!” and blowing him a kiss with the hand that was not waving my undergarments at him.
Daddy’s resumption of huggery started with the absurd “ass out” hug where only our upper bodies touched, which was nonetheless very erotic to me due to the pressure of his chest on my nipples and his quick intake of breath as he felt them poking him. The hugging progressed over the next year to actual full-body hugs where I could feel his manhood poking me in the tummy. I imagined that I could feel him gently thrusting against me, and I tried to return the pressure without being too obvious about it- if I was mistaken about his sexual attraction to me I didn’t want to be so brazen about my lust for him that I stopped him from hugging me. Agonizingly for me, that’s as far as it went for another whole year. Wah!
Then, on my 16th birthday. during which he laughingly pointed out that I had reached the Age of Consent here in Alabama, he gave me some long-overdue confirmation that my lust for him was mutual- as soon as Alice, my long-time Nanny since my mom had died 12 years before, had gone to bed, leaving Daddy and me alone in the kitchen doing dishes, he gave me the hug I had been waiting 5 years for- he drew me in tight and said “Happy birthday, Honey,” and this time, his hands roamed up and down my back and sides, sometimes “inadvertently” palming the sides of my breasts – my bust measurement had hit 35 inches the month before, graduating me into a 32C bra, and since we were pressing our upper bodies tightly together and I wasn’t wearing a bra, there was enough “side boob” for him to fondle. His right hand stayed more or less in the small of my back, pulling me tightly against him, while his hot left hand slid sensually from my rib cage down to my waist…
He was giving me one of these sensual hugs between every 3rd dish or so, seemingly getting more urgent each time, and then, as soon as all the dishes were done, he gave me another really tight, rally long hug and his hand continued its descent down past the swell of my hips, all the way to my upper thighs, caressing me instead of just holding me as he had before.
From that point onward, the hug became a long, lusty escalation of the previous groping- both of his hands had been wandering up and down my sides as usual but this time as he passed my waist and fondled my swelling hips, his hands slid around more toward my back, ending up with his palms pressing into the sides of my butt and his fingers groping my butt cheeks as far down my ass as he could reach.
This was the most blatant groping he had ever given me and it made my knees weak. I flooded, of course, and responded responded by tightening my arms around his neck, pulling myself upwards and standing on my tiptoes so he could reach the rest of my ass, thrusting my crotch against his hardon as he fondled my ass. I suddenly realized that I was humming softly, not any recognizable tune but just a continuous low moan as I felt his hardon throbbing against my pussy, and I noticed with a surge of erotic lust and appreciation that Daddy was moaning softly back at me! I felt his face in my hair as he leaned down and nuzzled my ear, inhaling my scent, and was glad that I was wearing my Pink Sugar perfume, a new scent from Italy that had come out around the time I turned 10 and was rumored to be an aphrodisiac. I thought it smelled very flirty-sexy-sweet and slutty.
Without any conscious thought or volition on my part, my right foot lifted and my knee began rubbing up and down Daddy’s left thigh, removing any remaining pretense of my innocent intent or lack of awareness as to just what it was of his, exactly, that was throbbing against my crotch as he clutched my ass and pulled my trembling body tightly against his and slowly, erotically hunched me- I let him know in no uncertain terms that I was ready for him to take my virginity. That one, long, erotic hug was the turning point- we had just agreed that we wanted to do father-daughter incest with each other, and if Alice hadn’t walked in on us – I thought she had gone to bed – he might have scooped me up and carried me down the hall to his bedroom right then and there. As it was, Daddy quickly let go of my ass, letting me slide slowly down his front to the floor, laughed nervously, then said “I love you, Baby,” turning away so Alice wouldn’t see his hardon.
My pussy was as wet right then as it has ever been, and I went straight to my room and masturbated, not caring if anyone heard me as my orgasm hit. I had never thought of Alice as a sexual person, but nobody could’ve possibly failed to detect the sex-scents Daddy and I had filled the room with- the only question in my mind was what she would do about it now that she knew Daddy and I were going to fuck soon.
Apparently, Alice took a “I can’t believe my lying eyes” approach to what she had witnessed, and resolved to keep a watchful eye on the two of us when she could- Daddy and I had no chance to renew our sexual advances on each other for the next few days.
Then, 4 or 5 nights later, Daddy came into the bathroom quietly while I was in the shower. It was hard to make out any detail through the steamed-up, frosted-glass shower door, but I distinctly saw him as he pulled his sweatpants down and sat on the toilet, watching me through the steamed-up shower door, apparently unaware of how well I could see him- from my viewpoint, there was no doubt that he was sitting there ogling me, and… was that his dick in his hand? OMG! I pretended not to notice him as he pretended to use the toilet, but I knew he wasn’t doing number 2 because there was no poop smell, plus I was sure what I was seeing in his hand was his dick, rock-hard, standing straight up, higher than his belly button as he slowly stroked it up and down and ogled his soon-to-be-very-lucky daughter. If he wasn’t doing number 2 then he had no reason to be sitting there on the toilet… except, of course, to leer at his naked, horny daughter while giving himself cover in case she caught him.
I took more time than I needed in the shower, exhilarated and tingly about him wanting to see me naked, wanting badly to step out, grab his dick and sit down hard in his lap, but enjoying the slowly-building erotic energy between us and reluctant to step out and end the moment in case I was somehow misreading the situation, allowing my wishful thinking to trick me into seeing something that wasn’t really happening. Still, a dick was a dick was a dick, as nobody ever said, and Daddy definitely had a hard one in his hand. It was hard to misread that. I suddenly realized that if I could tell that he had his dick out,m he could see my nipples and auburn bush!
So I put on a show for him. I pressed my butt against the glass right in front of him and bent over to wash my legs, one leg at a time, taking a really long time with each toe, knowing that he could see my pussy peeping out at him between my upper thighs as I bent down. Then, still pretending I didn’t know he was there, I made a show of washing my back, arching my back and pressing my boobs against the glass occasionally as I gyrated around so my breasts would slip and slither all around on the glass, hopefully driving him crazy. It was fun posturing around and teasing him with my body in the shower, and the knowledge that he was watching me, squeezing and stroking his hardon, gave me what I later learned was a “stripper rush,” that feeling of exhilaration when you know that you are turning people on as they watch you pose and posture and move around suggestively while you’re naked.
I had been almost through showering when he came in, so I finally decided to stop delaying the inevitable- besides, we both wanted him to see me naked without the steamed-up shower stall glass in the way. I gave my hair a final rinse, then turned the water off and stood there watching him and smiling as I coiled my wet hair up on my head, giving him a last-chance signal that I was about to step out of the shower in case he wanted to leave or hide his hardon, but happily, he stayed right there and hastily dragged a towel from the rack next to him and put it over his lap so I wouldn’t see his hardon.
With my heart thudding out of my chest, I stepped out of the shower and acted surprised to see him while making no effort to hide my full-frontal nudity from him. “Oh, hey, Daddy, could you hand me that towel please? Oh never mind, I’ll get it.” I acted all bright and bubbly, nonchalant as though him jerking off while ogling me in the shower was an everyday occurrence. I grabbed the towel from his lap before he had a chance to stop me, and there it was- his one-eyed snake was upright and throbbing at me from just above his belly button! I ogled it for a second or two, then giggled at him and wrapped the towel around my head. While I was looking at myself in the mirror and putting my hair up, I saw him grab the other towel behind me and put it on his lap, so I turned around to him and held my hand out for the towel that was in his lap.
“It’s OK, Daddy, I already saw it, and I appreciate you showing it to me, so you don’t have to keep hiding it. I really need the towel if you don’t mind, I’m getting goose bumps.” My nipples were hard, which he couldn’t have failed to notice as I stood there naked in front of him, water droplets all over my body, one hand on my hip and the other reaching out to him for the towel. After a few moments to allow him to ogle me thoroughly, I reached across him for the towel, making sure to poke his right cheek with my left breast as I slowly dragged the towel from his lap, leaving him sitting there holding a visibly-throbbing hardon. I wrapped the towel around my waist, low-down around my hips, leaving my waist and upper hip area uncovered and my breasts free to drive my father crazy. I adjusted the towel around my hips, making sure it was low enough for the top of my bush to show. The effect was the same as wearing very low-rise pants, which I thought was very sexy.
Daddy just smiled at me- actually, “grinned foolishly” is probably more accurate, especially since he was still holding his hardon, softly stroking it right in front of me and pretending he wasn’t doing that. I dried myself off, making no effort at all to cover or hide my breasts, and even half-turning toward him so he could see me full-frontally. I readjusted my head towel several times because raising my arms up to my head level and pretending to adjust the towel around my hair made my boobs bounce and jiggle, so I took twice as long as I needed to do it.
I was standing with one foot up on the tub, drying my legs and feet, smiling at Daddy as I pretended to fumble and drop the bath towel so he could see all of my body again, when Alice knocked on the door. “Angel? Are you in there, Angel? Did your father go to the store already? I need to go with him but I can’t seem to find him. Angel?”
I bit my lip to keep from laughing, and saw that Daddy had his deer-in-the-headlights look, meaning he thought I was about to do something stupid like say “Just a sec, Alice, he’ll be out in a minute as soon as his raging hardon goes down so you won’t suspect what we’ve been doing in here.”
I gently draped the wet towel over his lap, then looked him straight in the eye, grinned as salaciously as I could, kissed him on the head, reached down and gave his raging hardon a quick squeeze to let him know how much I appreciated him having grown it in my honor and told him good night as he continued to sit on the toilet ogling me and stroking his hardon. I wrapped the other towel around me and opened the door a crack, heard water running in the kitchen sink, slipped out into the hall and slut-walked naked back to my bedroom, secure in the knowledge that Daddy wanted to fuck me as much as I wanted him to. I looked behind me twice on the way to my room, hoping he was following me with a miraculous raging hardon in his hand, then when I got to my room I left my door open and lay back on the bed and masturbated slowly, hoping to see him in my doorway any minute. Sadly, he was a no-show.
Apparently, Alice almost catching us had really spooked Daddy, and I realized that he had so much more to lose than I did if anyone did catch us and report him for “carnal knowledge” or whatever high-falutin’ legalese means “fucking your daughter.” So I decided I had to help him make the decision we both yearned for him to make. I texted him before he had a chance to leave the house:

hey daddy can alice go 2 store by herself?
need 2 talk 2 you, urgent
pls come up here when she leaves

urgent? Are you OK? what is it?

i think u already know what I need

He didn’t reply, but I heard the truck start up, not knowing whether both of them were in it or just Alice, then I got my answer as I heard the dead-bolt being latched on the front door! Now even if Alice got home before we were through, she wouldn’t be able to get into the house! Right then, I knew he was going to fuck me, otherwise he wouldn’t have needed to dead-bolt the door! Yay Dad!
Still, I figured unless he walked into my room with his hardon in his hand, I was going to have to play the game just a little bit longer. So I was lying on my bed on my tummy when he came into my room, looking at my laptop computer, which was on the floor beside my bed. I was pretending to be absorbed in the screen, but I managed to look up long enough to see that he was fully dressed and did not have a penis in his hand. Crap!
My legs were bent at the knees and my feet were waving around in the air as I pretended to study the computer screen. I had put on some perfume as well as my pastel pink form-fitting nightie- it was really a long Tee-shirt dress-tunic from Amazon, but I had re-purposed it as a nightie because it was scandalously short as a minidress, ending only about an inch below my crotch, hugged my body like a second skin and made me feel hot and sexy as I moved around, especially when Daddy was home because it showed off my breasts and nipples so well and I knew from my full-length mirror that the bottoms of my butt cheeks showed below the hemline if I bent over even a little bit, or reached up for anything- and I made a point of doing both when Daddy was around. The reason I had chosen this pose as my opening shot in the evening’s festivities was that it gave him a full view of my ass, complete with naked butt cheeks below the tail of the shirt. When he got to the bed and sat down next to me, making me flood and shiver with anticipation as he placed a hot hand in the small of my back. I finally blurted out “Daddy, can we move to Japan!”
He blinked twice, sat down on the edge of the bed and twisted himself around to see what was on my screen. My pussy flooded when he put his hand on the small of my back, then slid it down to the upper curve of my ass and didn’t move it away. “Because the age of consent there is 13, which is way more reasonable than 16, don’t you think? I mean, if we lived there I could’ve been legally been, um, you know, active for the past 3 years instead of waiting until tonight…”
Daddy started softly kneading the top part of my butt through the shirt, which turned an innocent fatherly touch into an erotic, affectionate fondle and almost gave me a mini orgasm. “Uh. Well, Baby, you were a lot more mature than most 13-year-olds, that’s for sure.” His hand on my butt wandered to my hip, stroked it lovingly then returned to my butt and this time slid down to my naked butt cheeks and continued fondling, letting me know that he was finally ready to drop the pretense and acknowledge what we both knew we were about to do: enjoy our first of many father-daughter sexual encounters!
“I’m just tired of being a virgin, Daddy. You have no idea how horny I am… or maybe you do, because I know you want me too.” I raised up on one elbow and rolled onto my side so he could see and reach my breasts with their now-stiff nipples if he was finally ready to take that step. I rolled all the way onto my back and put my arms out toward him. “Kiss me, Daddy, you never did give me my happy birthday kiss.”
“Oh no, what was I thinki… I have to go back downstairs, Baby, I can’t… we can’t…” He stood up but I managed to leap up and block his path to the door. I stood there, stiff nipples waving at him through my flimsy Tee while his raging hardon throbbed visibly at me through his sweats. His deer-in-the-headlights look gave way to a nice ogling-your-daughter look as we stood there 2 feet apart, not touching but lusting at each other, devouring each other’s bodies with our eyes. His hardon gave a little spasm as it told him what he needed to do.
After a long moment of mutual ogling, I knew one of us had to make a move or it wasn’t going to happen for us that night, so I stepped forward into contact with Daddy’s body, reached down and grasped his raging hardon and squeezed it, then pulled him against me by his ass, raising a leg to force my slutty tee up to my hip on that side so I could get his hardon all the way under my pussy, or at least as far as it would go while still confined in his sweatpants. I kissed him on the lips, and flooded again when I felt his lips respond, so I slipped the tip of my tongue into his mouth and felt him throbbing between my legs as his tongue touched mine!
One of Daddy’s hands slipped a little lower down the small of my back, coming to rest on the upper part of my butt, around to the side a little toward the curve of my hip. He began kneading my upper butt and hip affectionately. “Angel… I…” I felt his hardon throbbing between my legs as his hands pulled me tighter against him. I couldn’t talk- I felt what was happening between us but didn’t know what to say or do to hurry it up. I looked down in surprise as my crotch, all of its own volition as though it belonged to someone else, started slowly gyrating around on Daddy’s bulging erection. Clearly, my body knew what it needed to do to give him the green light even if my brain didn’t. I flooded again as I realized that he was finally ready to take my virginity, and my virginity was screaming for him to take it!
I leaned back as his arms wrapped around me and kept me from falling backwards, and watched his eyes as he ogled my breasts, my nipples screaming his name. Slowly, like I had seen Katrina Jade do in one of her hot porn movies, I pulled backwards against his embrace and took his hands, pulling him back toward my bed.
“God, Baby, you’re so beautiful… so sexy…” He picked me up bodily then, and I wrapped my legs around his hips as he carried me to my bed, supporting my ass with both hands as my pussy left moisture tracks on his sweats.
I moaned and said “Pull my top off, Daddy. Touch me, Daddy… put your hands on me,” as he lay me down on my bed.
“Oh, Baby…” he said, with a tremulous voice as he pulled my tee off over my head. He sat on the bed beside me and I pulled his pants down as best I could with him sitting on them, but it was clear that he was through pretending he didn’t want to fuck me- he whipped his shirt off over his head, then rolled straight back onto his upper back and together we pulled his pants off.
Then, both naked now except for his boxers, we sat there for a moment looking at each other before he finally reached his hand out toward my body, heading for my left breast. Slowly, tantalizingly, his hand came, and when finally he hovered over my breast I felt my nipple tingling, spasming around – even though I doubted that nipples could really move around, still it felt like that – it was begging for his touch. His hand was trembling as he settled it gently, tenderly on my breast and an electric shock coursed through my body.
“Oh god Daddy, yes…” I moaned, and he just moaned back as his hand tenderly caressed my breasts, one at a time. When he put his other hand on my other breast I saw his penis writhing around as his hardon throbbed.
He knelt back on the bed beside me, no doubt planning to renew his exploration of my body, but his hardon had discovered the slit in his maroon boxers and erupted into view right beside me. I just gawked at it- I had never seen all of an actual hard penis before- Daddy covered his with a sock when he jerked off and the one time in the bathroom it had been straight up and enclosed by his hand or covered by a towel, but I had watched a lot of porn and I knew that my daddy was well endowed- clearly my first fucking was going to be more memorable than even I had imagined!
I moaned again as I tugged his boxers down, grabbed his rock-hard penis and palpated it, squeezing it and rubbing it, jerking him off as he lay down beside me and resumed fondling my right breast while his other hand rested in my pubic hair triangle just above my vagina and combed through my bush as though he was fixing my hair for a father-daughter dance… which, in a way, he was!
“Lower, Daddy… touch me lower.” I resumed jerking him off as his hand slid the rest of the way down to my pussy, which flooded – again – as he rubbed my engorged clit for a moment and then slipped a finger partway inside me and moaned.
I couldn’t stand it any more, I had to get him inside me! “Oh god, do it, Daddy!” I pulled his boxers down to his knees and he whipped them off, then I pulled his rock-hard, throbbing penis toward me, and he didn’t hesitate- he rolled right over on top of me as I spread my legs for him. Thankfully, there was no more pretense or hesitation- my father was about to finally fuck his daughter.
“I love you so much, my Angel Baby…”
“I love you too, Daddy, so much.” I guided his hardon to my vagina. “I want to be your girlfriend, Daddy… make me your lover. I need you inside me…”
“My Angel Baby…” Daddy crooned as the tip of his dick reached my pussy, then, slowly at first, becoming more forceful at the end of his thrust, he pushed his huge hardon balls-deep inside me. I screamed as he got it all the way in and he stopped cold- “Oh god, Baby did I…”
“Oh no Daddy oh god don’t stop! It feels amazing! Oh god I think I’m coming already aaahhhhhhhh eeeeeeeeeeee!” Daddy moaned and finally started fucking me as I came, and within 4 or 5 thrusts I felt him spasming inside me. “I feel you pulsing inside me, Daddy, are you coming too? Fill me up, oh god Daddy don’t stop, don’t ever stop!”
“I’ve wanted to be with you like this for so long, oh god, Baby, it’s so good…” Daddy was trying to keep fucking me, but he had gone soft almost as soon as he finished coming. Thankfully, after only a couple of minutes of me massaging his penis while he ardently fondled my breasts, he got hard again and this time he fucked me for a good 15 minutes, during which time I averaged about an orgasm a minute, and he had at least three and maybe as many as five- I couldn’t count his orgasms because I was too busy having one after the other of my own.
After the 4th or 5th orgasm, I lost all control of my body- I felt his stubbly face on my cheek as he fucked me, felt his rough electrician hands fondling my breasts, smelled his sexy cologne and felt my pussy clamping down on him when I came… and when he came too, just to make it better for him and because I loved to hear my Daddy moan at me as we fucked! Of course I felt him throbbing and jerking inside me when he came, but other than that I just held onto his neck or his ass, clamped his hips with my legs or splayed them up in the air, and thrust back at him as we both moaned and grunted incoherently, clutching at each other as wave after wave of intense sexual pleasure washed over us.
Sadly, because I could have gone on for hours, he went soft again. We laughed when I sat up because there was what seemed like a 10-gallon puddle of cum under my butt and when I sat up it got all over my thighs. We went to the bathroom together, and I walked ahead of him and pulled him after me by the penis, which we both thought was the way every father and daughter should go to the bathroom together. We cleaned each other off – after he wiped my pussy, butt and thighs almost reverently, I wiped his soft penis off and kissed it.
“Baby, how do you feel about what we did? Are you sure you’re completely OK with it?” He was lying on the bed next to me playing with my breasts and driving me crazy as I fondled his dick and tried to get him hard again.
“Oh Daddy, I’m beyond ‘OK’ with it- I can’t believe we waited this long to do it! I want to do it every day! How long until you can do it again?” Without waiting for an answer, I crawled down to his crotch and sucked his penis into my mouth. I didn’t know what I was doing but I had seen porn sluts get guys hard like this so I was just sucking him in and out of my mouth and licking the bottom of it. I decided that his cum tasted kind of bland, a little musky but not salty at all like I had read online… in blogs probably written by some wannabe sluts who had never had an actual dick in their mouths in their lives!
“Uhh, about two minutes if you keep doing that… oh god… make that 30 seconds…” And sure enough, I felt his penis growing in my mouth, proving that not everything you see in a porn video is impossible! We made sweet father-daughter love for an hour that time, then he finally went soft just as we heard the truck in the driveway- Alice was back. So we threw our clothes on and went downstairs to help her bring stuff into the house since I had taken her pack mule away from her and gotten him to fuck me instead.
After dinner, Daddy said “Hey Angel, how ’bout keeping your old man company- I forgot to ask Alice to pick up my prescription and they’re open for another 45 minutes if you want a truck ride…”
“Sure, Daddy, if you want, let me run upstairs and get dressed, won’t be a minute.” I ran upstairs and put on my slutty yellow minidress, no panties or bra, of course, some low-rise white tennies, earrings, bangles, perfume, lipstick, eyeliner and eye shadow. We went straight to the drug store, where Daddy bought me two rounds of Plan B, the “morning after” pill, which he said I could wait 3 days before taking, then take the second one 4 days after that, and he would get me a prescription for birth control pills as soon as my doctor opened.
He also renewed his Viagra prescription so he could stay harder longer for me. He took the first one right there in the drug store, which made my pussy flood yet again. “You’re just like your sweet mama was, Baby, pretty much insatiable. But I’ll do the best I can to keep up!” Clearly, Daddy planned to make our dreams come true and fuck me repeatedly for the foreseeable future!
After we got out of the drug store with our pills, I came to realize how handy his tinted windows are- we fucked twice in the truck- once in the drug store parking lot as they closed up, then a second time in a church parking lot halfway to the house. After that, we somehow made it all the way home without fucking.
Alice was busy in the laundry room again when we got home. I got two beers from the fridge, popped one and handed it to Daddy, then popped the other one and clinked it against his. His eyes shot up then, and I think that moment was the first time that Daddy realized that our fundamental father-daughter relationship had changed for the better all around. He just grinned at me and said “Cheers, Baby.”
I leaned on the counter to read the directions on my Plan B box, and I felt the back of my minidress go up, then something hot and fleshy poked around between my legs for a moment and then BAM! Daddy slammed his raging, throbbing, Viagra-driven hardon balls-deep into me as I squealed in appreciation. He gently pressed my upper body down onto the counter so he could get deeper inside me and proceeded to fuck my brains out. I came within the first 30 seconds of fucking that time, partly due to the danger of Alice catching us and partly due to the brazenness of what Daddy and I were doing. I felt him pulsating inside me and knew that he was coming again, then felt his warm cum as it dribbled out of me and ran down my inner thighs. I have never felt more alive than I did right then.
Daddy barely got his dick back in his pants as Alice came around the corner with a laundry basket full of clean clothes. Daddy and I sat down at the table to drink our beers, which had initially caused Alice’s eyebrows to arch upwards, but then she had smiled and shrugged. It wasn’t her call, after all. Daddy and I tried not to look at each other for fear we would give ourselves away. Alice didn’t seem to notice anything, though, and shortly she got up, poured herself a glass of milk and went upstairs to my room to put my clean clothes away.
Daddy sat down on the couch to watch TV, and I backed into his lap and wriggled around until he moaned and got his dick out again. I rode him in a reverse cowgirl, while he cupped my breasts and murmured “I love you so much, Angel Baby” over and over as we fucked. We came together just as Alice walked behind us on her way back to the laundry room, and I thought we were caught for sure, but Daddy said “Did you see that, Alice? We stopped Alabama’s charge at the 40 yard line! Woohoo!”
Apparently, the idea of Daddy fucking his 16-year-old daughter simply never occurred to poor Alice even as she watched it happening right before her eyes! Daddy’s ruse somehow convinced her that the moaning and yodeling she had heard as she watched us come together was about the stupid football game.
I sat on Daddy’s lap, still impaled on his hardon, until Alice left the room because if I had gotten up from his lap while she was standing nearby she might’ve seen his dick fall out of me since it was still rock-hard. As soon as she left the room, though, I went up to bed, afraid if I stayed downstairs around my new lover, who was also my father, that she really would catch us. Then, no more than 5 minutes after Alice had called up the stairs “Good night, Angel, sleep tight!” my father slipped into my bed. He spent the night with me and it was heavenly.
I’m in my mid-twenties now and I know that my decision to have a sexual relationship with my dad was the best decision I’ve ever made. We’ve even gone on cruises and other vacations together as husband and wife- we have the same last name and address on our driver’s licenses and I always looked 4-5 years older than I actually was when I was a teenager. We still fuck often and have no plans to stop.
I give consensual incest 5 out of 5 stars.

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