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Family Fun 51-60 – Dirty Sex Tales

Chapter 51

“Ohoooh, yeah! Fuuuuck! That’s it! Keep sucking, eat it all, Mom!”, He moaned. The boy could feel his mother’s throat contract rhythmically around his cock as she swallowed, squeezing the cum out of his prick like a vacuum pump. Torrents of cunt juice spread their sticky warmth over her naked thighs and ass as she squirmed on the chair, almost ready to come herself.

Tina was on fire as she sucked the last of the steamy jism from her son’s gently pulsating cock. John looked down between her shamelessly opened thighs, fixing his gaze on the glistening slit of his mother’s cunt. Her legs were spread wide apart, and he watched in fascination as the scarlet, glistening flesh quivered and contracted with arousal. He could clearly see the wet lips of her cunt contracting in eagerness. Mesmerized by the carnal beauty of it, John reached out to touch her. His fingers slid into the soft, wet cuntflesh like a hot knife through butter.

“Christ you’re hot, Mom!” He panted. “Your pussy is so hot and wet!” Tina took her mouth from his semi-hard prick and looked up with firey eyes.

“I’m very hot alright, baby.” She moaned, “Hot for your cock!… How soon can you get it hard again, honey? I want you to fuck my hot cunt with your big fat prick! Uuuuuuuhh, Jesus, your fucking fingers are driving me crazy!”

John had never heard his mother use such language before, and it turned him on something awful. His fingers churning around in her tight, juicy cunt had a lot to do with it he guessed. If she kept talking to him like that, he’d be ready to fuck her in no time at all! For Tina, it was the forbidden act of sex with her handsome young son that got her juices flowing, and doing it in the middle of her own kitchen added an element of danger which sent thrill after wonderful thrill coursing through her tortured body.

“Say it, Mom!… Tell me what you want me to do. It’s making me hard again just listening to you!”, Gasped John, dragging his fingers up and down the full length of his mother’s juice-filled gash.

“Ohhhh, baby! That’s nice!”, Squealed Tina, hardly hearing what he’d said, “Rub momma’s clit, nice and hard!”

As her son obeyed, Tina flopped back and slid her naked butt to the very edge of the chair, giving his fingers complete access to her cunt. When his mother didn’t offer any more instructions, John became somewhat impatient.

“What else do you want me to do to you, Mom? Don’t be afraid. Say it all!” Tina knew exactly what he meant now. It surprised her a little to think that her son wanted to hear her describe, in graphic detail, her most lurid sexual desires, but what surprised her more, was that she wanted desperately to tell him!

“Mmmmmm! Yes! I love that, Johnny! Play with my pussy, baby! Fuck momma’s hot cunt with your fingers. Can you feel my pussy nibbling at you, baby?”, Asked Tina through clenched teeth.

“Ohhh, Fuck, yes Mom!”, John groaned, “Your cunt is so hot and tight, I can’t wait to put my cock in there and fuck you again!”

“All in good time, honey.” Replied his mother as she reached for his head, “First, I want you to lick my pussy. Do you think you could do that for momma, baby?”

“You bet, Mom!”, Replied John excitedly. Tina noticed with satisfaction that her son’s cock was beginning to thicken visibly as she spoke. She took it into her hand and rubbed gently up and down. Looking into his eyes, she continued.

“Then, I want you to stick your tongue into momma’s cunt.”, She whispered hoarsely. “Put it in as far as you can, and suck. Suck my clit too, baby! Suck it hard, until I come in your mouth. Can you do all that darling?” Tina’s pussy was quivering uncontrollably with expectation as she finished.

“Christ, yes, Mom! I’ll lick and suck your hot, juicy cunt all night if you want!” John’s eyes sparkled with enthusiasm as he listened to his mother’s lewd instructions.

Chapter 52

“Not ALL night I hope, honey!”, She replied with a smile. “Because after you make me come with your mouth, I want you to take that big, thick pole you call a cock and ram it as far as you can into my cunt!” Tina paused for a second and gazed deeply into her son’s eager eyes. “Then, baby, I want you to fuck me good! Fuck your momma’s cunt as hard and as long as you can, ok?”

John’s cock leaped at the very thought. He remembered how tight and hot his mother’s pussy had been this morning, and he could hardly wait to fuck her again.

“I’ll fuck you alright, Mom!”, He boasted, hunching his fully erect cock suggestively towards her face, “I’ll fill you so full of cum, that Dad will be sucking it out of your cunt for weeks.” Tina shivered. ‘He could do it too, I bet!’, She thought, savoring the feel of his rigid erection between her fingers.

“Ok, baby,” breathed his mother, “get down there and show momma what you’re made of!”

John dropped immediately to his knees and crouched between her legs. Tina could hear her son’s breathing become deep and labored as the excited young lad feasted his eyes on her widely stretched cuntal slit. She felt so deliciously lewd and wicked, letting her own son look at her this way, and it aroused her immensely to display herself to him in such a shameless manner. Lewd, incestuous thoughts filled her brain, exciting her even more with their utter depravity. She looked down at the massive erection protruding from between her son’s smooth young thighs, and pictured it ramming into her horny, hungry twat, stretching her cunt beyond belief as her own little Johnny screwed her and reamed her and fucked her.

John pressed his nose against her matted cunt-bush and inhaled deeply. The delightful odor of her sex filled his nostrils, sending primeval urges racing through his brain. The smell of hot pussy always turned him on, but the smell of his own mother’s pussy was absolutely intoxicating.

“Jesus, Mom, you have such a beautiful pussy! You smell like sex itself! I can’t wait to taste you!!”, Murmured John, sticking out his tongue towards her glistening pink slit. Tina was impatient. Her hips were trembling and her pussy desperately needed immediate attention or she’d simply explode.

“Johnny! Ohhh my God! I’m so hot, baby! Suck me now! Please suck my cunt! I can’t wait any longer!”, Begged Tina as she grabbed her son’s head with both hands, forcing his tongue into her quivering, juice-filled snatch.

“Mmmmffff! Unnnhhmmmmmm!” John’s mouth opened just as the lips of his mother’s pussy mashed against his face. Her thighs pressed against his ears and all he could do to keep from suffocating was lick and suck the torrent of juices flowing from her liquid cunt. John grasped the firm, round cheeks of his mother’s ass for support as Tina humped and wriggled her hips up at her son’s sucking mouth. For one so young, the boy performed admirably, never once coming up for air as he licked and sucked hungrily on the object of his lust, his mother’s hot, juicy cunt.

Tina was on the verge of climax already as John burrowed his face deeper into her snatch, nibbling and tonguing her sensitive cunt-flesh like an expert. Her son was licking her cunt like it had never been licked before! ‘Christ what a mouth! He’s certainly done this before!’, Thought Tina, ‘He’s as good as his father. Maybe even better!’ John sucked on his mother’s puffy, pink cunt-lips, first one then the other, and when his lips and tongue found the gristly nub of her clit, Tina began to thrust her pelvis wildly up and down, screaming and tossing her pretty blonde head from side to side. John gave it all he had, he knew his mother would peak any second, he could almost taste her orgasm. Dragging his tongue slowly up the full length of her gaping slit, he sucked her throbbing clit deep into his mouth.

Chapter 53

“UNNHHHH! Jesus, Johnny, yes! Suck it hard! ARRRHHHGGHH! Suck my clit! I’m gonna come, baby!…… I’m gonna cum in your fuckin’ mouth!”

John heard his mother’s loud wanton cry and redoubled his efforts as she thrashed in wanton ecstasy, pushing her cunt against his avidly slurping mouth with such force that John thought she might hurt herself. But he needn’t have worried, for Tina was soaring with rapture, almost bursting with sensations that wracked her slim young body in a way she had never felt before.

“OOOOOOOH, Fuck! Here it comes, honey! I’m cummmmmmmmming!” Tina’s voice trailed off into a strangled moan as wave after wave of orgasmic release spread outwards from her spasming cunt to sweep rapidly throughout her trembling body. John lapped at her creaming snatch like a thirsty pup, gulping down every drop of his mother’s generous spendings, until her pussy was squeaky clean. Only when Tina lifted his face off her cunt, did John stop licking her pussy and look up into her eyes.

“Ohh, Mom, baby! That was fantastic! I’ve never eaten a better tasting pussy in my life.”, He admitted. Tina looked down at his juice-smeared face and smiled. “I’ve never had my pussy sucked quite so enthusiastically as that either, sweetheart!”, Replied his mother, letting his head rest against her softly heaving belly.

“But one thing puzzles me, Johnny. How did you learn to eat pussy so well? You could drive a woman half-crazy with that mouth action of yours!”

John looked up at Tina rather sheepishly. “Lots of practice, Mom!”, He said rather too proudly.

“Practice? Who on earth with, baby? You haven’t been sucking Julie’s cunt all this time, have you?”, Asked Tina, feeling strangely jealous of her own daughter.

“No, Mom. But I sure can’t wait to try her out! I think I’ve developed quite a taste for it.”

Tina smiled at the unintended pun, but he still hadn’t told her who’s pussy he’d been sucking to get so damn good at it.

“Well, come on! If it wasn’t your sister, then who?” John looked into his mother’s face, hoping she wouldn’t get mad.

“It was Susie Wilson, Mom.”

“Susie Wilson? You mean little Susie from down the street?” He nodded.

“Christ! She’s only!” Tina was stunned. Her son was having oral sex with a young girl! And from what he’d just said, regularly at that!

“She might be a teen, Mom, but she sure likes to suck cock!” Tina’s mouth dropped open. “We used to call her Suckin’ Susan.”, Added John. He could see that his mother was surprised, and he received a perverted kind of pleasure from being able to shock her, especially about his sex life. Before his mother could reply, John told her everything, in graphic detail. “She loves it, Mom. You should see her suck cock! Her little mouth can hardly take it all, but she manages to eat me down to the balls!”

“Jesus!”, Breathed his mother. She wanted to hear more! The initial shock was fading, only to be replaced by keen interest. Tina’s so recently satisfied cunt was beginning to twitch and throb again as she listened to her young son’s vivid confessions.

“Remember last summer, when I used to go down to the Wilson’s every day?” Tina nodded quickly, anxious for him to continue. “Well, Susie and I used to sneak up to that old tree house at the back of their house and get to know each other real well, if you know what I mean, Mom.” John watched as his mother licked her softly parted lips, her eyes blazing brightly. His story was turning her on again and he knew it!

Chapter 54

“Yes, yes. Go on! What did you do, baby? Tell momma everything.”

“We used to eat each other at first, Mom. You know, just suck each other until we came. Her cunt is so tiny, but when she’s all worked up it swells up, and the juices just drip out of her.”

Tina moaned deep in her throat. “Does she taste good, baby?”

“She sure does! Fresh and tangy!”, He offered. Then, seeing the sudden look of jealousy that crept over his mother’s face, he quickly added, “But not as good as you, Mom! You’re the best!” Tina moved her hips so that his jaw pressed against her clit as he spoke.

“What else did you do, Johnny? Did you fuck her?”, She asked, knowing he could hear the growing excitement in her voice.

“Not at first, Mom. I was a little afraid that I’d get her pregnant. But one day Susie got so excited that she begged me to put my fingers in her pussy and finger-fuck her.”

“Go on!”, Croaked Tina, beginning to grind her moist mound ever so slowly up against her son’s jaw.

John felt her hip movements and wondered if she wanted him to do something. “Want me to suck you off again, Mom?”, He asked.

“No, not yet, honey! Just tell me everything that happened!”, She said, through clenched teeth, “And don’t leave anything out, understand!”

John knew exactly what she wanted, and planned to give it to her. He was going to excite his mother with the lurid details of his first fuck, and then, when she was half out of her mind with lust, he was going to ram his cock into his mom’s juicy cunt and fuck her brains out!

“Ok! Like I said, I got her so worked up one time, that she said she wanted something inside her cunt. She’s got a cute little pussy, Mom. It’s almost hairless, with just a fine fuzz of light brown hair on the outer lips”

“Anyway, she flops back on the pillows we brought up there and gives me a good look at her cunt, spreading those long tanned legs of hers as wide as she can. Jesus, it was beautiful! I mean, I’d seen it lots of times before and that, but mostly I was too busy sucking her to appreciate it. You know what I mean, Mom!”

Tina’s eyes were closed and both her hands were squeezing and kneading her rosy, pink tits.

“Yessss! Get on with it, baby!”, She groaned.

“Well, she gives me a strange look and tells me to touch her pussy. I said to her, ‘What’s new about that? I’ve been using my hands to part your cuntlips every time I eat your gash.”

“She shakes her head and says, ‘Not on the outside, put them in me and fuck my pussy with your fingers.’ She actually begged me, Mom! She told me to stick them in as far as I could and finger-fuck her!”

“I knelt between her legs and stroked her thighs. She whimpered a little and kind of hunched her ass up at me.”

“Her skin was moist and warm, just like yours is, Mom!” John stroked his mother’s inner thighs for emphasis. Tina just moaned incoherently. “I reached out and touched her cunt. She was so wet that my middle finger slipped real easy into her hot little hole. I pushed deeper, until my whole finger was buried inside her cunt. You should have seen the look on her face, Mom! The little girl smile was gone, she looked serious, like she was concentrating on something real hard. Then, she begs me to move my finger in and out of her, and to rub it against her hard little clit. So I did!”

“She loved it, Mom! Even more than my mouth on her cunt, I think.” Tina was enjoying the pressure of her son’s jaw on her clit and the perverse excitement his words were having on her. John smiled at her obvious state of arousal and then went on.

“Anyway, by this time, my cock is bigger than a baseball bat. Susie doesn’t seem in any hurry to suck it, so I decided to do something about it.”

Chapter 55

“I move up on her real close, and spread her legs as wide apart as I can. She’s too far gone to worry what I’m doing by this time, she’s only interested in humping her juicy little twat up against my fuckin’ finger.” “I press my cock into her hot little slit, just under my finger, and on the outstroke, I pull my finger out and slip my prick in.”

“You should have heard the little kid squeal. Shit, I thought the whole damn neighborhood was gonna hear her. So I put my hand over her mouth and waited till she got used to having my cock in her. It didn’t take long, Mom. Susie’s a real horny little piece. Soon she was bucking that juicy, hairless little twat of hers up at me like she’d done it all her fuckin’ life.” Tina opened and closed her mouth, trying to speak, but the sounds wouldn’t come, her own heated cunt was beginning to dribble juices out onto her son’s chin as she rubbed against him. “Boy oh boy, Mom, was she ever tight! My cock felt like it was in a hot vacuum cleaner lined with grease!”

“Susie was moaning and whimpering like an animal as I fucked her, Mom. Her tight little pussy wouldn’t let up sucking and gripping on my cock like a damn vacuum cleaner. I looked down at my prick as it went in and out of her. It looked so huge ramming into her tiny snatch, and every time I pulled out, the walls of her pussy grabbed my prick like a goddamn vice! It had such a grip on my cock, I was sure we’d end up like two dogs in heat, you know… stuck together! All the time Susie was begging and screaming for me to fuck her harder. I never knew that young girls had even heard of some of the words she used, Mom!”

Tina could imagine. Young girls grew up real fast these days. Too fast! John continued, watching his mother’s every move, waiting for exactly the right moment.

“Then Susie dug her nails into my back and ass, Mom, trying to pull more of my cock into her cunt. But it was all in. My balls were slapping loudly against the crack of her pink little ass, and still she was begging for more!” “Do you know what she said then, Mom?”, Asked John, with a wicked smile on his face.

“N… No! Wh… What, baby?”, Stammered Tina, fighting the waves of lust building in her groin, trying desperately to prolong this wonderfully lewd experience as long as possible.

“She asked me to stick a finger up her ass, Mom. Can you believe that! Little Susie, asking me to shove my finger up her goddamn asshole!”

His mother could not only believe it, she almost screamed out for him to do the same for her. John rubbed his chin suggestively against Tina’s mound and went on with his story.

“Well, I slipped my hand down between her legs and wet my middle finger in her cunt juices. Then, I pressed it against her pink, little asshole and pushed until her cute little buttocks rested in the palm of my hand. My middle finger was buried completely inside her hot little butt, Mom!”

“And you know what, Mom. Susie came right then and there, with my cock pounding her cunt, and my finger wiggling around in her tight little ass.”

Tina moaned and clutched at her swollen breasts, pinching the nipples in near abandon. She suppressed a sudden impulse to beg him to fuck her, she wanted to hear the rest of his story first. It was magnifying her pleasure a thousandfold.

“Did you come with her, baby?”, Asked his mother hopefully.

“Nearly, Mom! Her cunt grabbed my cock like a hundred massaging fingers when she came, and I rammed it into, her so hard that she was gasping for breath”

“Mmmmm, yesss! I know the f…feeling! What happened n…next?”, Moaned Tina.

Chapter 56

“Well, then she surprised the hell out of me. When she felt my cock jerk and swell inside her, she reached down and pulled it out! She squealed out something about not wanting to get pregnant, and that I should stick my cock in her ass! She wanted me to come in her asshole, Mom!”

Tina was going crazy with arousal listening to John’s graphically erotic story, and if he didn’t do something soon, she was going to force her son’s cock into her cunt and rape him right here.

“So I pulled out my finger and stabbed my cock into the little bitch’s ass, Mom! I fucked her until she screamed for more and then until she screamed for me to stop! By the time I filled her hot little ass with cum, she was begging for mercy!”

Tina couldn’t stand it any longer. Standing up, she fell forwards over the table and spread her lovely, long legs, displaying her juicy cunt and asshole to her son’s lusty gaze.

“Fuck me, Johnny! You’ve made me so fuckin’ hot, I can’t stand it! Fuck me, baby! Fuck you mother like you fucked that little whore Susie!”

John moved quickly behind his mother and rubbed his huge erection along the parted lips of her gaping cunt. A tremor of incestuous lust ran through her, as Tina felt her son’s hard, naked, body press against hers.

‘My darling stud.’, She thought as she rubbed her pert little butt back against him. John shuddered too, trembling with desire as he prepared to fuck his beautiful, willing young mother from behind. By this time, Tina was more than willing, she was absolutely dying for prick. She couldn’t wait! Reaching down between her legs, she grabbed her son’s penis and guided the lust-hardened organ to the entrance of her sopping cunthole. As his mother’s hot fingers encircled his prick, John groaned urgently.

“Jesus! Yes! Put it in for me, Mom! Put my cock in your juicy cunt, so I can fuck you!”

Tina was leaking profusely, the clear juice running freely down along the insides of her thighs, saturating their loins and bathing the tip of his prick with nature’s sexual lubricant. John stepped forward, getting his cock into position for the final lunge. Tina was impatient.

“Yesss! Come on! Do it, baby! Put your big, mother-fuckin’ cock inside momma’s snatch and fuck it as hard as you can!” Screamed Tina as she felt her son’s fat, bloated cockhead part the wet folds of her quivering cunt. Being a good little boy, John did as he was told.

Holding onto his mother’s slim girlish hips for support, the muscular young teenager rammed forwards, burying his huge pole balls-deep in her juicy, suctioning, gash.

“UNNNGGGGGHHHHHH! Oh, Fuck! Oooh, Fuck me, Johnnnny! God, yesss! You’re so fuckin’ big!”, Screamed Tina, pushing backwards onto her son’s plunging cock. John felt his mother’s oily cuntal sheath grip his shaft almost as tightly as little Susie’s had done. He noticed however that his mother’s cunt was deeper than Susie’s, and no matter how hard or how deep he lunged, he couldn’t feel the end of her cunt. At this angle he couldn’t get as much penetration as he’d like, but it was heaven all the same. Tina craned her neck and looked back at her son with lust filled eyes.

“Oh, yes, yessss! Let momma have it, baby! Fuck that lovely, big cock into momma’s cunt, you gorgeous little mother-fuckin’ prick!”

His mother’s lust-crazed cries were like music to his ears. He loved it when girls begged for it. Especially when they used the foulest and most obscene language possible. To hear his own mother urge him on in this way was making his cock harden and swell to even bigger proportions, even as he fucked her.

“I’ll fuck you, Mom! I’ll fuck you so hard your cunt will be sore for a week!”, Said John, hammering into his mother’s upthrust cunt like a sex-starved young bull.

Chapter 57

“Nice one, Mom?”, Asked John as his mother’s cuntal contractions faded.

“Ummmmmm! Sure was, baby… One of the best!”, She replied, her body still quivered with post-orgasmic tremors. Her rubbery legs had collapsed beneath her, but Tina’s body remained in position supported completely by the table. John continued to move his ever-hard cock back and forth in the sloppy warmth of his mother’s pink-lipped cunt, keeping the fires of desire burning within her.

“There’s plenty where that came from, Mom!…. Wanna fuck some more?”, He asked, kissing her shoulder and nuzzling her neck.

“Jesus! You’re a stud, baby! Uhhhhmmmmm, and I must be a nymphomaniac!”, Moaned Tina, “I want you again already, baby!” She couldn’t get enough of his enormous prick! He was such a wonderful lover, the best fuck she had ever had. This was the best reason to have children, wasn’t it? She had her own son’s cock plowing her cunt, and it was wonderful! If only she’d had two sons, she’d fuck them both. Maybe even both at once! Yes, that’s what she’s do, she’d make them fuck her at the same time, one in her cunt, the other fucking her ass. “Ooooohhhh, yes! I’d love that!”, She whimpered aloud.

“What, Mom? What would you like?”, Asked John.

“Oh, nothing!”, Lied his mother, and quickly changed the subject.

“Keep fucking me, Johnny! You’ve got to come too this time. I want you to squirt your hot, thick sperm deep up inside momma’s pussy, baby!”

“No problem, Mom!”, Said the young boy proudly, “I’ve got just as big a load for you as Dad had that night in the tent. Remember, Mom? It was running all down your legs. You had to wash the sleeping bag next day, remember?” Tina remembered, only too well. Her husband’s cock just seemed to pump the stuff into her creaming cunt for hours.

“You looked so beautiful from behind, with Dad’s big cock spreading the lips of your cunt, Mom! Just like the pictures in those magazines you found under my bed after we came home.”

Tina remembered them. At the time it had given her a perverse thrill to know that her young son probably masturbated while looking at them. The glossy pages were filled with explicit photographs of unbelievably young cunts being fucked by impossibly enormous cocks. They had turned her on so much that she had kept them, even showing her husband who had flicked through the pages one night and promptly fucked her till the early hours. She remembered them alright!

“I jacked off, Mom! While Dad was fucking you in the tent, I was outside staring at your cunt, pulling my meat! I fantasized that it was me doin’ it to you, Mom! Fucking you just like I am right now!”

“Ohhh, Johnny!”, Whimpered Tina, “If only I’d known, baby, we could have had so much fun together by now! Did you come, watching me that night, lover?”

“I sure did, Mom! I came twice that night. Once when Dad was fucking you, and again when I got back to my tent.” Tina flexed her cunt muscles around his cock.

“Did momma turn you on that much, baby?” She asked proudly.

“You bet, Mom! I couldn’t get the sight of your juicy twat out of my mind!” John fucked his cock slowly back and forth in his mother’s cunt as he spoke. It was working Tina up to full heat again.

“When I got back to the tent, I couldn’t sleep, so I turned on the gas lamp real low so I wouldn’t wake Julie, and pulled my cock out. I don’t like to jerk off in the dark, Mom. I like to look at my cock as I masturbate and picture it sliding into a juicy cunt, instead of my fingers.”

“Oooooh, baby!”, Tina shivered, “Pull your cock out for a second, honey. I want you to fuck me from the front this time. I want to hug you close, and kiss you when I come!”

“Ok, Mom!”

Chapter 58

John’s cock left his mother’s cunt with a juicy plop as she turned and sat facing him on the edge of the table, legs spread wide. Tina could look her son in the eyes now, and her heart skipped a beat at the incredibly sexy look that he gave her as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into her cunt. Her big firm tits pressed against his chest, as the boy’s long cock once more penetrated his mother’s steamy hole. Their mouths collided in moist passion, and mother and son kissed for the first time since they had begun to fuck. It was a deep, lusty kiss, filled with urgent need on both sides. Breathless, Tina pulled her mouth from his sucking lips.

“I love your cock, Johnny! I love it stretching my cunt and rubbing on my clit!”, Whispered his mother, nibbling on his earlobe. Her nipples were drilling into his chest as she hunched her cunt forward at his deeply imbedded prick.

“Now, isn’t this better than jerking off over some cold old photos?”

“Unnnnnhhh! Fuck, yes, Mom! M…m..much… uhhhh.. Better!”, Replied John.

“Do you think of me often when you’re jerking yourself off, Johnny!” His mother rammed forward, grinding her pubic mound against the base of his prick.

“M.. mostly, Mom! But sometimes I think of Susie Wilson, and sometimes even Julie.”

“Julie too, huh?” Tina was interested. “How long have you been having horny thoughts about your sister, honey?”

“Since that night in the tent, Mom.” Said John, hugging his mother tightly. “I couldn’t help it. I was so turned on, when I got back to our tent, I started to pull myself off, like I said. I was thinking of you at first, Mom, but then Julie moaned in her sleep. It startled me at first, but when I saw that she was still fast asleep, I looked at her more closely. She was cute, Mom. Her little tits stood out like peaches, and the nipples were erect under her t-shirt.”

“What did you do, baby? Did you fuck her?”, Asked his mother hopefully.

“No, Mom. Tonight was the first time for us. But, Christ, I sure wanted to! I could almost see down into the vee of her panties. I was rubbing my cock like crazy, Mom!” Tina flexed her cunt around his prick and cupped the taut cheeks of his powerful young ass.

“What did you do, baby!”, She breathed.

“I had to touch her, Mom! My cock was throbbing like crazy! I reached over and slid my hand between her legs.” Tina pulled his crotch against hers as she listened, rubbing her clit against his sliding shaft.

“Uhhhh! God! Was she hot, baby?”, Moaned his mother, “Was Julie’s little pussy hot?”

“Yeah! It felt like an oven, Mom, even through her panties! Sis must have been having one hell of a good dream! As soon as I touched her, her legs came open, and I rubbed her pussy with one hand and jerked my cock with the other. It was so exciting, I didn’t even care if she woke up!” I could feel her little slit open up as I rubbed it. Her clit got hard too, Mom. After a while, her panties got real wet. She was breathing loudly, like she had a cold or something. Christ I was hot, “Mom! But I wanted more! I wanted to feel Julie’s cunt without the panties on, so I took my hand from my cock for a second and carefully lifted her little round ass up far enough to slip her panties off without waking her.”

“They were wet, Mom! Real wet! I put them to my nose and sniffed. Jesus, she smelled good! Just like I imagined your cunt would smell like, Mom!” John kissed his mother’s open lips, poking his tongue suggestively into her mouth before continuing.

Chapter 59

“I put my left hand back on her pussy and dipped the middle finger between her tight little cuntlips, sliding it in as slowly and as carefully as I could. She opened her legs real wide, Mom, so I began to finger-fuck her cunt and jerked on my cock at the same time! My cock was getting a little sore by now from all the rubbing and stuff, so I dipped my fingers in Julie’s slit and put the juice on my cock, so it’d slide between my fingers better.”

“Jesus! You were finger fucking her cunt, and she never woke up!”

“Nope! I’m sure she thought it was some sort of wet dream, Mom, ’cause you won’t believe what happened next!”

“What, baby? Tell me!”. Tina was rapt, her son’s cock was stirring her cunt and his story was stirring her imagination.

“Well, just as I was getting my finger real deep into her cunt, her hand comes down and grabs mine! Christ, I almost died! I thought she’d woken up and all hell would break loose! But, guess what, Mom!… Julie didn’t pull my hand away, she began to move my finger in and out of herself! She was fucking herself with my finger, in her sleep, for God’s sake!”

“Seeing her hand working away like that gave me ideas, so I grabbed Sis’s other hand and wrapped it around my cock. It wouldn’t go all the way around, but when I let go, she left it where it was, gripping my prick. I couldn’t believe it, Mom! Julie’s fingers felt so damn good on my cock. I kept looking outside, expecting Dad to come in and catch me with my finger halfway up my little sister’s cunt and her hand around my cock!”

“By this time Julie was moaning, softly. Really getting off on having my finger jammed up her hole. But my cock wasn’t getting any action! I began to move her fist up and down my cock. At first, she stopped as soon as I let go, but after a while, I found that if I rubbed her clit with my thumb at the same time as my finger was fucking her slit, her hand would rub my cock on it’s own!”

“It really felt good, Mom! And now, I had a free hand, so I lifted up Julie’s top and fondled her titties. Soon, I had the nipples sticking up like little spikes, so I bent over and sucked on them for a while, trying to fit all of Sis’s firm little breasts into my mouth at once. I could almost do it too!”

“She got a little too noisy after a while, so I kissed her to try to stifle the noise a bit. But that didn’t work. As soon as I kissed her, Julie started to moan louder and open her mouth under mine, so I stuck my tongue into her mouth and kissed her properly. She was getting pretty worked up by then, so I squeezed her clit and held onto her hand on my cock, moving it up and down as fast as I dared.”

“We came together, Mom! Julie’s cunt heaved and tightened on my finger, and her hand gripped my prick like a vice as I sprayed hot cum all over her tits. She went all soft and limp, so I pulled my finger out of her cunt and wiped up the cum on her tits and belly. Then I noticed her slit, Mom! It was all open and loose, just like yours was after Dad had finished fucking you, earlier. I couldn’t resist! I got between Julie’s legs and put my hands under her butt, and lifted her cunt up to my mouth. Then, I stuck out my tongue and ran the tip through her little slit, licking out all her cum-juices.”

“She tasted good, Mom! She tasted like fresh, little-girl sex, and I almost came again as I licked her dry. She never said anything about it the next day, so I guess she figured she must have dreamt. Anyway, Mom, I’ll tell you one thing. Julie sure was walking around with a big smile on her face all next day, wasn’t she?”

Tina was so far gone by now, that she didn’t even pick up her son’s little white lie earlier, the one about never having sucked his sister’s cunt.

Chapter 60

“You horny little prick!”, Tina giggled, “I think your father and I have spawned a family of sex maniacs!”

“You’d better believe it, Mom! And I can’t think of better way to enjoy sex than with your own flesh and blood!”

Tina definitely had to agree with her son there, especially with his nice thick prick stuffed so deliciously up her cunt. John grunted with the effort as he continued to pound his hard meat into her, fucking his cock in and out of his mother’s cunt like a battering ram.

“Ohhh! Yes, Johnny! Fuck me hard, baby! Fuck your mother silly!”, Whimpered Tina, wrapping her legs up around his thighs and digging her fingers deeply into her son’s heaving ass as he fucked her savagely.

“Jeezusss! I love you, Mom! You’re such a fantastic fuck!”

His mother felt her second climax building deep in her groin. And as the floodgates opened, Tina screamed out her need, urging him to fulfill her deepest desires.

“Uhhhhnngghhhh! Oh, now! Fuck! Fuuuuck! I’m cummming, Johnny darling! Fuck me hard! Put your finger up my ass, baby! Just like you did to little Susie! Fuck your mother like you did that horny little slut!”

John felt for his mother’s puckered anus and slipped a finger inside, ramming it in the second knuckle as his cock slammed savagely into her bucking, jerking twat.

“Oh, God! Come, baby! Come for me, Mom! Yeahhh, that’s it! Throw your cunt at me, you gorgeous fuck!”

Knowing he had brought his mother off a second time, triggered John’s own climax, and instantly he felt the seething cum race up his shaft and burst suddenly from the tip of his cock, with all the pent-up fury of a volcanic eruption.

Tina was still squealing with ecstasy as her son’s sperm-filled balls exploded, filling her belly with squirt after squirt of scalding jism.

“I’m cumming too, Mom! I’m cumming in your hot fuckin’ cunt!”, Yelled Johnny, his prick swelling and jerking as it spat out it’s incestuous load.

Tina pushed her hips at him, meeting his long, hard strokes with savage thrusts of her own. Despite the intensity of her orgasm, Tina felt every throbbing jet of John’s hot jism as it filled her cunt. She came and came, screaming with mindless ecstasy as her son emptied his balls into her wriggling snatch.

“Lift your butt, Mom!”, He grunted, “Lift up for a sec!”

John slid his hands under his mother’s grinding ass and lifted her up off the table, stuffing his pulsing prick in her cunt to the root. She responded immediately by wrapping her arms around his neck, and locking her long, slim legs around his waist, impaling herself fully on his rigid cock. It was then that John felt what he was looking for before, the mouth of her womb. In their present position, he was so deep inside his mother’s cunt, that the tip of his cock was being nibbled by her fluttering uterus. Tina felt it too and began grinding her throbbing clit on his pubic bone.

“Oh… Oh… Unnnhhgghh! Jesus! You’re huge, Johnny! It’s in me so far, I can feel your big fuckin’ cock right up in my belly!”, Tina whimpered, pressing her open mouth against his.

John returned her hot kiss, thrusting his tongue deep into her throat. Mother and son kissed with passionate abandon, joined mouth to mouth, and cock to cunt. They moved as one, squirming and twisting against each other like two copulating snakes, milking every last drop of pleasure they could extract from each other’s trembling bodies. John pulled his lips from his mother’s mouth and kissed her neck, whispering into her ear, “Did you like that, Mom?”

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