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HOT BLONDE NINA – Dirty Sex Tales

Nina is looking for physical pleasure with me. She is a 19 year hot blonde with a nice figure and lovely round shaped ass as well as nice tits. She is wearing a ultra miniskirt with boxer and has put sandle on her legs. Now we both moved out of home for fun and still waiting for her friend Roger to come. After some time, a red car stopped near us and we both moved inside car sitting on back seat while Roger is driving the car. Looking at me, Roger smiled….. “Garry I think army ridge area will be safe for us.

(Garry) yes Roger, just put the window glass. ” And I moved closer to Nina to hold her in my arms. She is showing her reluctance but I hold her tightly and put my lips on her lips to kiss. She is sitting on my thigh with her arms in my shoulder, while kissing her lips and face, I pushed my tongue in her mouth and she is sucking it while my hand is inside her skirt just feeling the soft touch of her thighs..

Nina left my tongue and she is looking like a horny gal, while sitting comfortably on seat her skirt has moved up and I can see her nude ass and thighs, looking at me, Roger…. “Garry why your love session has come to an end, do it. ” And I put my hand on her breast to massage it hard while Nina is unzipping my pant. My long cock is saluting the hot gal and I took out her boxer to see her lovely tits in brassier. Now my palm has hold her breast tightly to massage it hard and Nina has hold my penis tightly. Later on Nina is on my legs and she is kissing my penis. Looking at me, she is licking the glans and started rubbing it on her face as well as lips. Roger is moving car at a high speed and we are going inside ridge zone. Nina took my penis in her mouth and while sucking it she is moving her fingers in my pubic hair. Now I can feel my penis in full erection inside Nina’s mouth and car has stopped inside dense forest zone..

Nina is moving her tongue on my penis and Roger opened the gate of car. Now we moved out of car, she is in skirt and brassier while my lower portion is nude. Its a deserted place, now we three are on grass and we both guys are making Nina nude. Now she is sitting on grass with her legs straight and crossed. Roger took her one breast in her mouth to suck and I am pressing her other breast hardly. Now Roger took her in arms and started kissing her face as well as lips while I am sitting near her legs, stretched her legs wide and put my hand on her waist to move her vaginal parts high, than I leaned downwards to kiss her vagina. Roger is sucking her tongue while pressing her breasts hard and I am licking Nina’s vagina with my tongue. She is in joy and now I can see Roger removing her jeans as well as brief. I took her cunt in. My mouth to suck while Roger has hold her hairs tightly and pushed his long cock in her mouth to suck..

Nina is getting a long cock in her mouth while I am sucking her vagina. Later on, position changed and we three are standing on grass. Now Nina is like a four legged animal with her hand on Roger’s waist and she is kissing his lovers dick while I am standing behind her ass. Now I pushed my long finger in her vagina and started fingering it fastly. After some time, I pushed a long white pill in her vagina to make our fuck safe. Nina is sucking Roger’s penis while I pushed my long cock in her cunt to fuck my hot sister. She is swinging her face as well as ass to enjoy two cock in her mouth as well as vagina. My penis is roaring inside her cunt and she is rolling her tongue on Roger’s rock hard penis. After 5-7 minutes of fuck, she screamed…… “Ooohhh aahh Garry I will cum darling… ” And her cunt ejaculated cum. Now I took out my cock and while sitting behind her round ass, I pushed my tongue in her juicy vagina and licked it. Now Roger is near her ass and he pushed his long cock inside her cunt to fuck. Nina is enjoying his penis and I took out a chilled beer from bag to have it. Now I am in leisure while Roger is fucking her with speed as well as power, she is shouting…. “Oohhh uummm aahhh roger pour your cum darling, cunt is in fire. ” And Roger is giving her hard fuck while my hot sister is showing her pleasure with her ass movement, lastly he shouted…. “Oohhh Nina have my cum darling aahh. ” And his penis ejaculated cum in her vagina. They are tired and moved towards pond to clean her sexual organs..

We three are drinking beer and after a short break, Roger is sitting on grass while Nina’s head is on his lap and she is sleeping like a whore with her legs wide spread. Now sitting in between her thighs, I pushed my long cock in her cunt and started fucking her fastly. My hand is on her breast to press it hard and she is in pleasure, I leaned on her hot body and she is moving her ass up and down;after 5 minutes I shouted…… “Oohhhh uumm Nina I will cum baby…. ” And penis poured cum in her cunt. We three are tired.

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