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Kelly is smiling with our family members as we are on dinning table. We are having dinner with nice jokes of Nina as she is eyeing on me. Our dinner ends at 10:05 pm as Kelly is washing her hands in a wash basin, looking at me she…. “Keep your door opened as I will come at late night. ” And she walked towards my younger sister’s room. I left the hall and frisked inside my bedroom, after a while I am on bed with my mobile reading news. I have switched off the light as night bulb is enough to brighten the room. Its 11:25 pm and I pushed my door as I slept after drinking water..

I was in deep sleep when I felt someone on my top, may be lot of weight has disturbed my peaceful sleep. As I opened my eyes, I can see Kelly leaning on my top and she smiled while kissing me…… “Oh at last your sleep goes in vain, I am here for 15 minutes

(Garry rubbed her back) sorry Kelly I was in deep sleep waited long till 11:30 for your arrival. ” And she started kissing me as my hand is on her back, I can assume her dress as a sleeveless night gown. Now Kelly took my lips in between her lips to suck and her boobs are giving me soft touch on my chest. Slowly Kelly pushed her tongue in my mouth to suck as I am sucking it with my hand pulling her gown upwards. Later on, she took out her tongue as I woke up on bed while holding her hot body. Now we are sitting on bed and I removed the front lashes of her gown as she took it out of her hot body. A hot gal/lady is naked in front of me and I took her on my lap. As she has put her legs on my waist, I hold her tightly and leaned my face on her breast to suck it. Like a mother Kelly is breastfeeding me and I am sucking her small tits. Later on I took her other breast in my mouth and she is screaming in pleasure….. “Oihh uumm Garry no oral sex fuck me only baby. ” And I left her breast..

Kelly is on bed with her legs crossed as I am near her legs. Now I put my lips on her thigh to kiss it, I am kissing her thighs as she is moving her thighs away and I started licking her pelvic zone as she is in pleasure. Kelly has spread her legs wide apart and I took a pillow to put it under her sexy ass. Now I put my face in between her thighs and started kissing her labias, its too wide as she is married for only a year but who knows a UK lady has not lost her virginity 5-6 years ago. Now I put my tongue in her vagina and started fucking it fastly, she is in joy and shouting…. “Oohj no Garry fuck me with your penis. ” And I left her cunt. Now she is on her knees and elbows like a bitch, as I pushed my long cock in her vagina to fuck. Looking at me, she pushed her ass fastly towards back to have my whole penis in her cunt. Now I am fucking her with speed as well as power and Kelly is moving her ass slowly. We both have enjoyed oral sex in a day light as she swallowed my cum also. Now we are enjoying intercourse at a midnight. Now Kelly started swinging her ass fastly as she screamed….. “Oohh uumm Garry fuck hard darling I will cum. ” And I penetrated her vagina till she poured her cum. Now my tongue has replaced my penis in her cunt as I love licking glory hole and tasting vaginal juice. We both walked to washroom..

Its 01:45 am as we are on bed and Kelly slept like a Indian lady for fuck in missionary position. Now I put my glans on her vagina and pushed it hard, my 2/3 rd penis is inside her vagina as I give a hard push to enter my whole penis inside her cunt. Now I leaned on her top and started fucking her fastly and Kelly started moving her bum up and down to enhance our sexual pleasure. Our sexual organs are hot as she has hold me tightly in her arms. Now I can feel her cunt dry as well as hot and she is screaming….. “Oohh no Garry your dick is too long and hard, pour your cum baby. ” And I am fucking her in speed. After 12-15 minutes of fuck my penis ejaculated cum inside her vagina as she took my penis in her mouth to suck. Our night ends with her refreshment as well as moving to her room.

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