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Humiliated cuckold jerks off – Dirty Sex Tales

Several months ago my wife had an affair and got fucked by another man. After finding out we had a massive argument and almost got divorced and still things are not great between us. However, recently the thoughts of her being used by someone else are making me extremely horny and it’s all that I think about when masturbating. I am also getting more extreme and carried away in what I am doing while jerking my cock.

First, I will tell you a little about my wife Mary. She’s 37 years old, petite with fat tits and a big fat ass. She’s had 2 kids, so she is a little saggy with a moms belly. However, as she works out several times a week, she is still in quite good shape for her age. She has shoulder-length brown hair, big eyes, and a sexy smile.

We had grown apart in these past few years and our sex life had been relegated to a quick fuck once or twice a month which in retrospect obviously wasn’t enough for her. So she started having an affair with some guy who works in her office and who had been fucking her for over a month before I found out. I was completely devastated and really considered leaving her, but for the kids, I decided to give it another go. She broke off the affair, and the guy has since left the office, and I believe she really does regret what she has done.

It is said that our kinks are born out of our trauma and with me that truly is the case, as my devastation at being cheated on has now turned into a kink and a desire to have as many men as possible use my whore of a wife. My cock is sore from the amount of jerking off I do these days while thinking about it.

This morning for example Mary left about 8.30am to take the kids to school and go to work and I was free and home alone for the day. Several minutes after they left I was up in our bedroom going through my wife’s underwear drawer. At the back, I found a sexy thong and stockings, which I could tell were not new but which I had never seen her wear. These were probably the things she bought to wear for her boyfriend the filthy whore. My cock was rock hard just thinking of how she would look in these and I took my own clothes off, releasing my throbbing prick which was already leaking precum.

I took my wife’s stockings and put my legs into them then pulled them up. They were tight and felt so good to wear. Then, stepping into her thong, I pulled it up also around my hips. It was much too small on my and was sticking up my ass and it was so tight at the front that my entire cock was still sticking out the side. It was totally humiliating yet also a turn on to be standing wearing my slut wife’s clothes that she probably wore for her boyfriend and got fucked in.

Closing the drawer I next went over to her laundry basket and when I opened it I straight away seen what I wanted, a pair of her dirty used panties. They were a sexy pink lace pair which I examined closely and noticed her cunt stains were on the gusset. I lifted them to my nose and inhaled her nasty smell and man it smelt good. It was a mixture of sweat, piss and pussy.

“You nasty fucking whore” I said loudly as I sniffed her cunt stains and started to jerk my cock with my free hand.

Taking her panties away from my nose I went over and climbed up on our bed. I wonder if the cheating bitch had ever fucked him in our marriage bed. She said she never ever brought him to our house but who knows. Whores have a tenancy to lie.

Putting some pillows behind my back I lay back comfortably then put her dirty panties over my face like a mask so that her mess was right in front of my nose and mouth and then I took my phone out and started to record. For the past week or so I had been videoing myself masturbating into my wife’s panties while talking dirty and then uploading the videos to the Internet. This however was the first time I actually wore her clothes so I hoped this would be a good video. My previous videos had all got lots of likes and comments from all kinds of perverts and sickos.

With one hand I held the phone while with the other I began to rub my cock. It was only 6 inches long, average at best. I bet her lover had a big cock which touched her in places I never could I thought.

“You nasty fucking bitch” I said as I started to jerk off. “You just couldn’t keep your legs closed you filthy whore”.

“You wore these clothes when your boyfriend fucked you.”

I started pulling my cock harder as I continued my monologue.

“You are an easy fuck. I bet all he had to do was say a few sweet words and next thing you had your legs open for him you cunt”

Precum was streaming out of my cock hole as I was super horny.

“Your the fucking office whore. I bet every man there has fucked you. An easy fuck. Easy for anyone except me bitch.”

“Who knows how many men fucked you while I was home with the kids you cheating whore.”

I was so horny I knew I wouldn’t last long. As I jacked off and was speaking I was imagining my slut wife being used by multiple men. Her dirty panties were still around my face and I was sniffing and licking her cunt slime of them.

“Your such a filthy slut. All you care about is cock and you destroyed our marriage just to get dicked. All you whores are the same”

It was too much for me and my balls tensed up and I started cumming harder than I ever had, making sure the cum got all over her slutty thong. My ass was clenched and my entire body tensed as spurt after spurt kept coming.

“Fuck” I yelled “take that you nasty bitch”.

After a few seconds I finished cumming and just lay back on the bed. With my horniness gone, I felt ashamed of what I had done. Here I was dressed in the same clothes my wife wore when she cheated on me, jerking myself off like some freak. How humiliating.

I got off the bed and removed her clothes then got dressed, determined to never do this again and not to post the video.

However, that was only a few hours ago, and I am again horny. I have uploaded the video and am again going back to the room to do the same again.

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