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She sipped her wine. They stood eyes gazing at each other. He felt like a teenage who was about to have sex with his teenage girlfriend behind her parents back.

He forgot this was his daughter in front of him.

” I do. ” She said. Their toes touching. He could see her beautiful cleavage in her dress. His cock so hard. She leant in, their lips meeting. They kissed, a small lingering kiss. ” Make love to me daddy. ” She said their lips still touching. They kissed again this time a deeper more passionate kiss. Their lips moving against each others. He could taste her cherry lip gloss on her soft lips. He put his glass on the bench putting his hand on her cheek, his fingers on her ear. He slid his other hand on her lower back, down to her arse. His fingers on the top of her buttocks.

They stopped and looked at each other. He smiled, she smiled. She put her glass down. She put her arms around his neck. They kissed deeper. Their tongues finding the insides of each others mouths. She moaned. His hands rubbing up and down her back. He felt her bra strap under her dress, for some reason it turned him on more.

” Daddy. ” She said she leant back sliding her hands down to his front and undid his tie, she slid it out of his shirt. She undid his shirt buttons slowly exposing his chest.

He picked up his glass drinking more wine as she now opened his shirt pulling it out of his trousers. She slid it off his shoulders. He put his glass down and removed his shirt. She looked at him kissing between his nipples. She rubbed the palms of her hands over his chest. She slid them down to his stomach, putting them either side resting them on his hips above his trousers. She leant in, they kissed.

He slid them up her side, she waited as they kissed, she knew his hands would find her bust. She couldn’t wait, he had seen her cleavage. Now he was going to touch them. She wanted his hands over her body. They found her bust. One hand moved over her breast. Her nipples hard. She moaned as he squeezed her breast.

” Turn around. ” He said smiling. She turned and he put his hands on her shoulders. He looked up and down her back. Her arse. He pulled her in to him sliding his hands down her back and around her front under her bust. He kissed her neck as he slid his hands up to her c cup breasts.

” Ohhh dad. ” She moaned leaning back into him. He kissed her neck and her ear loving the soft skin of his 18 yr old daughter. Her perfume. She moved her hand behind her arse cupping her fathers groin feeling the bulge in his pants.

She undid his belt and trousers. They loosened only been held up with him leaning against the bench. She pulled his underwear out and slid her hand in feeling his hard cock. She played with it as he moved her pony tail.

He held her zip slowly he slid it down her back it reached her bra strap. He slid it further, down to her hip. He slid his hands over her back. Sliding them up over her bra strap, up to her shoulders. He pushed the dress off her shoulders. She helped as she pulled of forward taking her hand off cock. She slipped it down her body to her hips. She slid it to her feet. He pulled her in again, she leant against his. He looked over her shoulder at her cleavage. His hands on her bra and cleavage.

He slid his hands to her back along her bra strap. He unclipped it. She then turned around as he took it off placing it on the bench finally seeing his daughters breasts.

He looked at them cupping and fondling them. Her small nipples, and areolas. He leant down licking her nipple.

” Oh dad. ” She said watching her lick her nipples. He lips over them now sucking it. A
minute of light sucking and flicking it with his tongue, he moved to the other one. Smelling the body wash she used and her perfume made him even more horny.

” They are beautiful. ” He said kissing up her neck to her lips kissing her. He stood his pants slipping down. She got to her knees pulling his underwear down. He stepped out of then as she grabbed his cock.

” Wow, my fathers cock. ” She smiled as she stroked it, her hand around his shaft. ” Never given a blowjob before. ” She said.

” No? Your boyfriend doesn’t get one.? ” He said

” No, ” she replied. She leant in kissing his knob. She leant back looking up.

” Don’t be shy darling. ” He said.

She stood up and kissed him. ” Bit shy. ” She said.

” Its ok, maybe later. ” He said.

” Yeh, ” she picked up her wine finishing it. ” Maybe get a bit drunker. ” She added smiling hugging him, her breasts pressing against his chest. He hugged her for a minute rubbing her back enjoying been naked with her breasts against his chest. He slid a hand to her arse rubbing over her underwear.

” Want to see my pussy? ” She asked looking up at him.

” Yes please. ” He said she leant back. The sipped more wine. He turned her and lifted her up onto the bench. He refilled the glasses. He opened her legs stepping between them looking down at the developing camel toe in her
underwear from her wet moist pussy.

She leant back one arm outstretched behind her the other with wine in hand sipping it.

” Its all yours. ” She said.

He looked at his topless daughter, admiring her breasts sitting there. Her beautiful blonde long hair over her shoulder hanging between her breasts. She had taken it out of her pony tail.

He rubbed the tops of her thighs. Her legs open her slid his hands down inside them his fingers moving along the lace of her panties. He had seen her on many occasions in her underwear. How he was allowed to touch.

” Lets take you to the couch. ” He said. He finished his wine standing between her legs. She finished hers. She slid off the bench.

She squealed as he lifted her into his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck. They kissed as he walked to the lounge. He placed her on the couch. The hugged her arms still his neck, they kissed. He opened her legs kneeling between them. He kissed down her chest over her breast, kissing each nipple the kissed down her stomach opening her legs wider. He slid her forward kissing over her underwear over her pussy. He licked up and down pressing into her pussy. Her wet labias visible through the lace.

He sat up grabbing them.

” Lets get these fuckin things off baby. ” He said as he pulled she lifted her arse as he pulled them down her thighs off her feet. He looked at her as he sniffed them. He put them on the couch and looked at his prize between her legs. She smiled at him.

” Finally get your daughters pussy. ” She said sliding her finger to her clit rubbing it.

He leant in licking her finger over her clit. She moved it as he licked her clit. He rubbed his fingers over it as he licked up her juices. He opened her labias, he licked in between then, listening to her moan as he licked. He moved his fingers down her labias, his tongue between then licking her and sucking her labias. He pushed his fingers into her vagina, slowly fingering her as he sucked her clit.

” Ohhhh fuck dad. ” She moaned opening her legs more. Her feet on the edge of the couch. He sat up looking at her. He pulled his fingers from her pussy. He put them in his mouth sucking them smiling at her.

” Yummy. ” He said. He moved closed. ” Ready for daddy’s cock? ” He asked.

” Oh yes, fuck your daughter. ” She said squeezing her breast. He lifted his cock to her pussy. She took a deep breath as he slid his cock into her, both looking down as they watched his cock slid into her.

” Oh baby yes. ” He moaned.

” Fuck me daddy. ” She said.

He watched as his cock penetrated her. Her labias hugging his thick shaft. She watched her father pulled and pushed his cock on and out of her. Groans of appreciation, coming from her as he fucked his little girl. He watched her breasts bounce as she pushed down his cock as he thrust her father and daughter in a, what seemed like a natural rhythm. Like they have been flung it for months. They both moaned, his pre cum lubricating her wet pussy.

He moaned, she moaned. She dropped her head back. She closed her eyes, he held her knees thrusting her.

” Cum in me daddy. ” She said opening her eyes catching his stare. This made him thrust harder and faster.

” Oh fuck baby. ” He said as he felt her body shake in orgasm. This only encouraged him. He felt himself build.

Before long he cum. He filled his daughters pussy with cum.

” Oh yes dad. Oh yes. ” She moaned.

She looked down and her dad pulled his cock from her. Semen oozed from her hole. She rubbed it over her pussy and up over her groin. Her dads dripping cock dripping over her. She was tempted to suck it, but wasn’t sure about it.

” Shower time. ” He said standing. His softening cock hanging down. She glanced at it and smiled.

After showering they went to her room and got into her bed. She hugged him rubbing his chest.

” That was so fuckin nice. ” She said.

” Better than your boyfriend ? ” He asked.

” Oh yes, you are so much bigger than him daddy. ” She replied sliding her hand to his cock.

” That’s nice. ” He replied. ” So you have never given your boyfriend a blowjob? ”

” No, I mean you piss out of it. ” She said.

” Yes we do. But girls piss out of their pussies. ”

” True. ” She said. ” Oh your good by the way. The first time I have received oral sex. ” She said.

” Really? So first time by your father. ” He said.

” Daddy, my brother stays with mum more, so we get to spent more time alone. I want to fuck you more. I don’t know, I guess be your woman when we are alone. ” She said.

” Wow really? So you don’t want it to be a once only? ”

” Oh no, I want to sleep in bed with you, make love to you. I guess do all things a wife does. ”

” You know the sex stops when you get married. ”

” Oh dad, you know what I mean. I know we have to be careful but… I would like to…. What do you say. I mean if you want to bring girls home for the night, that’s fine just text me. We will have to work out a code. ”

” GUEST. ” He said.

” Aye? ” She replied.

” I will text GUEST. ” He said.

” Ok. ” She replied. She got up and straddled him again. His cock re hardened. She slid back down his cock. They fucked again.

She lay on him having more of her fathers cum inside her. He pulled up the sheets over her back and turned out the light as she closed her eyes and fell asleep on top of him. He held her rubbing her back, smelling her hair, feeling her breasts against his chest.

He knew it was probably wrong in a secret relationship with his 18 yr old daughter. Here he was in his daughters bed, now allowed total access to her. But for the first time in a while he actually enjoyed the sex. Even if it was Emma.

He closed his eyes, and fell asleep.

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