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Trying it – Dirty Sex Tales

Barry was walking through the woods near to where he lived, it was early evening and apart from an elderly man walking his dog Barry was the only other person in the area, Barry decided it was a waste of time being in the woods and decided to head for home, As Barry approached the edge of the woods he saw Cindy sitting in the bus shelter on her own, Barry knew Cindy was 16 years of age the same age as him self, he also knew Cindy was a tearaway who had a reputation of being violent and out of control but he thought she was very good looking and cute. Barry went out of the woods and stood by the bus shelter and waited. Cindy looked at Barry then asked him why he flashed, Barry was well known for flashing, Barry replied telling Cindy he enjoyed it and got a kick out of it, he then added you don’t complain about it, Cindy shrugged her shoulders, Barry told her that she should try it. Later when at home she thought about what Barry had said to her and wondered what it was like to flash, as she sat using her lap top Cindy saw the Indian boy who lived next door to her and was a couple of years younger than what she was in his garden sitting on the swing in their garden. Cindy got up from her seat she saw the boy looking in her direction and she started undoing her blouse she removed her blouse saw the boy was looking and then unclipped her bra removed it letting her boobs fall free she saw the Indian boy staring at her, Cindy pulled a jumper on and sat back down, later after swimming at the local swimming pool she was in the family changing room standing with just a towel wrapped round herself using the hair dryer, when she had put the towel round her self she had made sure one her nipples was out and on view, she saw a few boys look, after drying her hair Cindy went to a cubicle opposite Barry’s brother Mark who is a couple of years younger than Barry, Cindy sat got her jumper started pulling it over her head letting her towel drop at the front exposing her boobs after pulling her jumper down Cindy saw a bulge in Mark’s trunks, Cindy put her jeans on standing to pull them up removing her towel before they were right up showing off her shaved clit after dressing Cindy left the swimming pool feeling aroused, that night she used her favourite toy thinking about the flashing she had done. Next morning when she got up Cindy saw the Indian boy in the garden saw he kept looking at her window she moved back removed her gown then stood naked looking in the mirror back to the window she saw the boy’s reflection in the mirror looking up and turned round giving the boy a good view of her naked body, Cindy knew the house was empty and went to the kitchen naked where she saw the Indian boy had been joined by his brother who was 18 years old both were looking at Cindy, after getting a drink Cindy went back to her room dressed and went out. Later that night Barry was in the woods when he saw Cindy he went up to Cindy told her that his brother had told him what he had saw at the swimming pool, Cindy smiled said ” you mean he saw these” and lifted her jumper showing her naked boobs Barry stared at Cindy’s ample boobs and when Cindy raised her skirt said ” and this” giving Barry a good view of her clit his eyes went wide, Cindy said ” know I saw the bulge in his trunks” Barry said ” you know” Cindy told Barry that she had done it on purpose adding flashing is cool it made me horny, Barry pulled his dick out Cindy smiled pulled her jumper up, later as they were leaving Cindy told Barry to send his brother round, a hour later Cindy was in the kitchen naked when she saw Mark coming up the garden path with Barry behind him, both boys had their dicks out, Cindy opened the door both boys went in Cindy took them up to her room said to the boys your a pair of pervs knelt down and started to suck on Mark’s dick, after a few minutes Mark squirted his cum into Cindy’s mouth which she swallowed she then turned and sucked on Barry’s dick swallowing his cum, after the boys had left Cindy heard a knock on the door looked out the window and saw the older Indian boy at the door, Cindy went down still naked opened the door, the Indian boy looked said ” fucking hell we seen you through the window but a close up view is better” Cindy smiled pulled him in and was soon sucking his dick swallowing his cum when he shot it into her mouth. As he left Cindy told him to bring his brother and sister round to the house tomorrow night and they could watch as she got fucked, next night the Indian boys and their 12 year old sister were in the house watching as first Mark then Barry stripped naked and banged away into Cindy,, after Barry and Mark had left both the Indian boys took turns at banging away into Cindy, the following day the Indian girl stood watching as Mark jerked off she smiled broadly as Mark squirted his cum in four long spurts then when his brother Barry stripped and jerked squirting his cum in long spurts the girl loved it and squealed in delight. At the swimming pool Cindy was standing naked at the hair dryer drying her hair with a few boys watching her smiling as they did, Sara the 14 year old lesbian was also watching loving the sight of a naked Cindy, that night Sara was sat in Cindy’s bedroom watching a naked Cindy play with her favourite sex toy. After Sara had gone Cindy thought to herself that flashing was cool.

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