The Time Shifter Chapter 64

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 “Oh shit, you were born to suck black dick, ” the guy who I had met at Dave’s college basketball game asserted. He said his name was Preston. He picked up a cellphone off of his coffee table and turned his back to me while walking into the kitchen. Then he hung up and left it on his kitchen counter. He came back to me and backed me on to his loveseat. He dropped to his knees, pulled my panties off and I felt his tongue on my clit. I lightly ran my nails up and down the back of his neck while he began to push two fingers inside  me.  “Mmmmm, ” I hummed as I felt the first pangs of pleasure in  my groin.With his other hand, he groped my right breast. He was doing a nice job bullying my nubbin and strumming my g spot, boosting my ardor higher and higher. I was just about to climax when someone knocked on the door. He went to answer it and I dashed into the bathroom to hide my nudity. I was also wondering just who the fuck would come to the door at 11 at night.

 “So where’s the fine ass white bitch you were talkin’ about Preston, man? ” one of the voices I heard through the bathroom door said.  “Hold on a minute, man, ” Preston countered. He knocked on the bathroom door.  “Hey bitch, get your ass out here! ” he snarled. I rolled my eyes because I knew exactly what he was doing. Nevertheless, I decided to play the part of the reluctant one night stand so I wouldn’t look like a total ho. I tentatively opened the bathroom door and he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the living room.  “Damn! That’s some bomb ass white pussy! ” one of the guys exclaimed. I tried to hide my knockers and cunt, but Preston grasped my arms from behind and pulled them apart.

 “I owe my boys here a favor, bitch. So get on your hands and knees and get to work! ”  “You the man! ” one of them said to Preston and they all high fived each other. Preston roughly pushed my shoulders down to get me on to the floor and I complied. Triple teamed by BBC (big black cocks)? Fuck yeah! I never learned his friends’ names,  but for the sake of telling this story, I’ll call them Jordan and Jerome. Jordan was slim and about 6’2 ” with cornrows and ear rings in both ears. Jerome was 5’10 ” and about 220 pounds, but not fat, with shaved hair and an ear ring in one ear. He was built like a longshoreman. Both of them were gorgeous and and I was definitely up for them doing me.

Jordan kicked off his basketball shoes and dropped his pants and briefs. Out came a long, thin dick, probably nine inches, except it had more weight to it than your typical needledick guy. He told me to suck it and I opened my mouth. He eased his long, dark pole into my piehole and I enclosed my lips around it as my righthand reached in to stroke it. Jerome positioned himself behind me and forced his way into my snatch. I could feel the tremendous mass of it, especially the girth,  as it separated my vaginal walls. Preston went to the kitchen and came back with three open bottles of beer for him and his friends. Jerome played with my tits as he reamed my cock pocket. I was moaning all over Jordan’s dick, the friction from Jerome’s thunderstick being so intense that it wasn’t going to take too much more time for me to be hit with a profound climax.  “Check it! This bitch is enjoying this! ” Jerome observed while I glided my throat further down on his sausage. Jerome slapped my ass hard and that was all I needed to go over the falls, as I screamed on Jordan’s throbbing dick. Jerome kept striking my butt as he accelerated the pace of his thrusts into my hotbox. It was tough concentrating on what I was endeavoring to do for Jordan while the heat within me was rapidly piling up again. Jordan finally took matters into his own hands, bracing my head between his paws and skullfucking me. He tried to shove it all down into my throat, but I couldn’t quite do that, causing me to gag every now and again. My senses were routed by the mounting pleasure from Jerome’s tool and he just as the orgasm was subsiding, he painted my cave with his white liquid.

Preston quickly replaced him and I sighed on Jordan’s johnson as I felt Preston penetrating me.  “Shit, this is good pussy right here! ” he extolled as he enjoyed my warm, moist love pit. A couple minutes later, Jordan finally dumped his load on to my tongue and I swallowed it all down. Jerome then sandwiched his spike between my lips and adopted the same tack that Jordan had, facefucking me.  “Hey Dawn, are you on birth control? ” Preston interrogated. I shook my head from side to side with Jerome’s penis still in my mouth.  “She said no, man, ” Jerome informed everyone.  “Shit, I guess that means you’re having a little black baby, bitch, ” Preston notified me. Of course, they didn’t know I was sterile, but if the thought of breeding me made it hotter for them then who am I to disabuse them of that notion?

Preston and Jerome continued to slam away at my oral and vaginal cavities while Jordan stroked himself to ready himself for being next in line for my jellyroll. I had one orgasm, then another before Preston injected me with millions of his swimmers. Jerome wasn’t far behind him, pouring the contents of his balls into my gullet. Jordan lined his cock up with my hole and bored it into my slimy marsh. Each outstroke caused more of his predecessors’ cum to be scooped out of me and smeared my thighs with it, not to mention staining Preston’s rug with some of the drippings. Jordan was railing me a treat and he lasted one hell of a long time while Jerome and Preston watched me visit the summit of pleasure repeatedly, my sighs, moans and screams reverberating off the aging walls of the stucco house. When Jordan finally offloaded his ballfreight, I stood up to give some relief to my aching knees.

 “I’m going to tap that ass, ” Jerome declared.  “:Uh, no you’re not, baby, ” I insisted.  “Not unless you come up with some rubbers and lube. ”  “Bitch, shut up! ” Preston barked.  “Preston, stop fronting. I can take you guys out in 15 seconds if I want to. So cool your jets, bro, ” I said with daggers in my eyes. Then I rebounded my right foot off of the tip of his nose before he knew what hit him. I planted my left foot into Jerome’s sternum,  pushing him to the floor. I was now in perfect position to undercut Jordan’s legs and did so, my right foot ending up on his throat.

 “Okay Dawn, we don’t need to fight about this, ” Preston advocated, cooling down, the expression on his face one of astonishment.  “Listen sweety, yes, I’m a slut, but even sluts have limits. ” I smiled wickedly and then added, giggling  “you ruined a perfectly hot gangbang with a lack of preparation. Sorry I had to be the one to school ya on that, ” I lectured. Watching them warily, I dressed and left.

My panties were a mess by the time I got home around 1:30 in the morning. I could hardly wait to get them off of me and take a shower.

Sunday, I stayed home, but I called Dave to thank him for inviting me to the game. Janice spent the night Saturday, so I made breakfast for her and Mary before the former left.

Monday, we had an okay workout and then went out Tuesday and defenestrated our opponent. Our coach wasn’t happy with that because he knew that we were getting by thanks to a combination of the crappy talent level of our league and my world class ability. All the athletically gifted, or at least decently athletic, girls played basketball or softball. In a county that was increasingly hispanic, the sports for most girls in that demographic were softball and youth soccer leagues. Our school didn’t have a soccer squad. We had a field hockey outfit, for some reason, though. Go figure.

Anyway, after that game, our coach just gave up since he knew that nobody in our conference was going to be able to touch us. So we would practice just enough to keep our rhythm as a team together and then he sent us home. This usually lasted no more than about an hour. He also understood that we had no chance in the state tourney, an assessment that was plainly obvious to me. Following an uneventful rest of the week, we went out the following Tuesday and skunked another one of the league’s bottom feeders. At one point in that contest, I had 22 kills in a row. Then I tried to REALLY nail one and mishit it out of bounds. I wanted to go hide under a rock because everybody knows that when you attempt to muscle up you always fuck it up since it throws your rhythm right off the track. Dumb, dumb dumb!

Wednesday, I got my weekly dose of Lyle’s cock, only it was me this time who spent the night. He wasn’t expecting it, but he nonetheless liked cuddling up with me when we went to sleep. I went right from his house to school. How naughty! When I got to campus, a guy who I knew from my history class, Garrett Andrews, asked me in the hallway after the class ended if I wanted to see Dream Theater at the Hollywood Palladium with him in mid-November. Of course I did! Garrett was a smart longhaired guy, a little on the moody side with an unconventional but provocative sense of humor, but I’d always had kind of a thing for him. It was tough to know if he was interested. He was always friendly to me and we got on well, but I think the fact that we hung out with completely different crowds made him somewhat hesitant. I’m glad he decided to just go for it.

That became the in for the start of our relationship. The next day before class he came up to me and gave me a hug and we made small talk before we had to go into the classroom. Friday, he gave me a cd he’d burned of some prog metal bands he thought I would be interested in. A few of them I had never heard of. Most of them I didn’t like, actually. Different strokes for different folks. It was a nice gesture.

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