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Three is perfect – Dirty Sex Tales

My name is Simon I’m 24, 5 feet 10 inches tall, medium build with a larger than average cock, my wife Celia is 22, 4 feet 11 inches tall, has a lovely slim figure, long brown hair and lovely warm brown eyes and I love her to bits. We have a good sex life and we’ve been married for three years, we have our own house thanks to my parents giving us the deposit. I have known Celia since she was 14 and we’ve always got on well together, I wanted her to be my girlfriend since I first met her but she had a boyfriend who at the time was 17 and was working on a building site I knew he was shagging her because when we were talking one day she was complaining that her boyfriend never used any condoms and so shot his sperm in her and just didn’t seem to care, I asked her what if she got pregnant, I don’t know but I’m scared said Celia, you need to go on the pill you’re too young to have a baby and besides your parents would go mad. A week later she told me she was on the pill now and by coincidence her mother over the weekend had a heart-to-heart talk with her and had said to her as she was 14 now she thought it was best for her to go on the pill just in case anything happened. Celia seemed a lot happier that she was protected, I asked her if she enjoyed having sex, I love his cock being in me and making me cum and I love it when his cock is throbbing in my pussy when he shoots his baby juice in me, before you was on the pill did you ask him to cum in you, yes Simon because I loved the feeling it was only afterwards did I get worried. Over the next three years she had five more boyfriends and one of them was black when she was 16, she opened her legs for all of them letting them fuck her and shooting their sperm in her she loved sex. When we started dating she had just turned 18 she asked me why didn’t I ask her before for her to be my girlfriend, the truth is Celia we were such good friends and I didn’t want to spoil it, if I had asked you before and you rejected me I think it would have been too awkward for us to remain friends. Simon I’ve been waiting for you to ask me ever since we first met why do you think I cuddle in to you and give you a kiss on the cheek and just generally want to be with you, but you’ve had all these boyfriends Celia, I know but it was only for the sex there were no feelings on my part for them I would have much preferred for it to have been you Simon. I had never had sex so when I first put my cock in her I couldn’t believe what I had been missing she was very affectionate and seemed to love my longer cock, I quickly learned how to please her giving her orgasms and she loved it when I shot my sperm in her we were made for each other I should have asked her to by my girlfriend when she was 14.

When we got married our parents and a few friends were there it was a great day, we were so happy. We found a house and settled in, we were really happy and our life together is what I hoped it would be. Sometimes after making love we would have a strong drink in bed I would ask her about her previous boyfriends and eventually she told me that the best cock she had before we started dating was the black one when she was 16, she said it was really big and he knew how to use it, she said he gave her big orgasms and she loved it when he shot his sperm in her, she said he went back to Africa, she also said that if he hadn’t left she might have been with him till this day. I think she may have had some feelings for him and by the way she was talking about his big black cock it sounded like she really loved it, it was okay because that was before we were dating. I used to tease her by saying ‘I bet his big black cock looked good in you’, don’t be silly Simon that was 6 years ago and this is now and I’m so happy with you, but you did love his big black cock didn’t you, yes I did I loved Abu fucking me and my pussy always gripped his big cock tightly and when he cum in me I could feel it shoot in me it was so powerful I loved it his massive balls made lots of lovely black sperm, how old was he, I think he was 31 I didn’t care I just loved his big black cock, she got tipsy very easily and each time I asked her about him she told me a little bit more about him and one time she told me that she missed her pill with him a few times just to see if she got pregnant, sorry Simon I shouldn’t be saying this my god this drink is strong, it okay Celia I want you to be honest with me is there anyone else you missed your pill with, no Simon only him, what would you have done if you had become pregnant by him, I don’t know but I know you wouldn’t have wanted me, yes I would even if you had kept his black baby I would never have held that against you, really Simon, of course, I know you’ve had lots of sex with your boyfriends and I thought you would end up pregnant anyway the thing is Celia I knew I loved you from the first time I saw you besides lots of men marry girls with babies even if they are black. Celia you loved his black cock and you took chances in getting pregnant I think that would have been so exciting to watch especially when he was shooting his sperm in your lovely pussy and knowing you loved it, I would have loved to see the look on your face when he gave you big orgasms. Mum and dad new Abu had a long thick black cock and that I really loved having sex with him and I think mum might have been a bit jealous but I’m happy with you now Simon. If you had the chance would you have sex with a black man again you know I would love to see a big black cock in your lovely pussy and I’m sure you would love it, I don’t know we are married I shouldn’t have sex with anyone else now.

A couple of years went by then we were invited to a friend’s birthday party on the other side of town, as we would be drinking I got us a taxi. We were getting changed and Celia was a bit confused as to what to wear, she laid all these clothes out on the bed, in the end I said for her to wear a nice dress, she pointed to one that was short and had a low cut top and not to tight, yes I said that looks sexy, she put it on and the hem was just a couple of inches below her bum and her tits filled out the top nicely her hair was down and slightly wavy and with a little make-up she looked gorgeous oh and she was wearing her little knickers she surely would get male attention. We got to the party, there were about 30 people there and the place was buzzing, we were dancing and drinking everyone was having a good time and getting drunk, the men would dance with each other’s wives or girlfriends and I saw some of the men Celia was dancing with had their hands inside her knickers on her bum and her arms were around their necks, she was drunk and was resting her head on their chests with her eyes closed, I know the men were looking at her lovely tits and massaging her bum I just wished they had been black men I didn’t mind because I was dancing with some beautiful young girls and one of them sucked my cock dry she even wanted me to fuck her after the party finished, all in all it was a good night and we both enjoyed ourselves we got home around 4.30am we went to bed and fell asleep. In the morning we woke at 11.30am we had hangovers and we were still dressed, Celia’s dress had moved up and I noticed her little knickers didn’t cover her bum properly. A couple of hours passed and we had a shower together when we had recovered a bit more. Sitting down with a coffee I said to her did she realised that some of the men she danced with had their hands inside her knickers on her bum, I think I was drunk how many men did I dance with, about 8 or 9 Celia, I only remember the first 2 and I didn’t get close enough to them for them to put their arms around me, I said to her that when I saw her she had her arms around their necks and her head was resting on their chests and they were rubbing her bum, I don’t remember any of that Simon I’m sorry if it upset you. It didn’t upset me I just thought it was nice seeing them feeling you up, sorry I can’t remember, she kissed me then we cuddled and fell asleep for a couple of hours, a bit later the phone rang it was our friend Jim from last night’s party asking if we were okay, the people went about an hour ago Simon and when I went downstairs there was naked bodies everywhere it looks like there was an orgy which I didn’t know about because like you two my wife and I were drunk and we went to bed, I’m glad we never stayed we are not in to that kind of thing. I tell you one thing Simon when Celia was dancing with some of them men they had their hands inside her knickers but I don’t think she realised because I saw she looked asleep with her head on their chests, I asked her about that Jim but she doesn’t remember anything, that’s good Simon I don’t think she would be happy knowing that. I said to Celia the party last night turned in to an orgy after we left, my god Simon I’m so glad we came home, me too darling I don’t think Jim will have a party for a while at least not with those people. A month later Jim called and asked if we were going in to town any time soon, I said probably tomorrow, would you like to come round for coffee and a chat, yes okay that would be nice. I said to Celia about it, yes we can go tomorrow after we’ve been shopping, we drove to his house in the afternoon and as it was a nice warm day we sat out in the garden. He lives in an area where there are other nationalities, he was pointing to who lives where and his neighbours which he considers to be nice friends, I asked are any of them electricians as I needed some work to be done in the garage, yes the old man’s son is an electrician he lives a couple of doors down shall I go and get him Simon, okay Jim that would be good. He returned 10 minutes later with this black guy who looked to be in his thirties, we sat chatting and he assured me that he had his certificates and he was happy to come to our house to see what needed doing and give me a price. As he worked for a company he said it would have to be at the weekend which was fine. Celia was chatting with Jim’s wife in the front room by this time so she didn’t see him. The electrician went home then Celia and I had another coffee then went home, on the way home I said that I had been speaking to one of Jim’s neighbours who is an electrician and he’s coming round sometime on Saturday. It’s about 6 miles away is he happy to travel that distance, yes darling he seems fine with it.

On Saturday about 11am he knocked the door and Celia answered it, I think she was surprised he was black but didn’t say anything until after he had gone, you didn’t tell me he was black Simon, I didn’t think it mattered he’s an electrician, it’s just that you talk about Abu fucking me when I was 16 after we’ve made love, it’s okay darling don’t worry I’m cool. He came round Sunday morning just as we were getting up I went and let him in I was in my boxers, I made coffee, Celia came down and was wearing her nightie she didn’t realise the electrician was here, oh sorry she said and dashed upstairs to get dressed, she came down looking a bit embarrassed, she sat with us for a while then started to do some housework. He said his name was Tim and is 35, he was married but his wife cheated on him so he divorced her and he’s never bothered with women ever since, I asked him if he ever went dancing or to parties to meet people, no I’m a quiet person and don’t like big gatherings of people so I just stay at home with mum and dad besides there’s a lot of racist people around and it’s not nice when you get targeted. We are not racist Tim you won’t find any of that nonsense here, anyway I’ll open the garage so you can get started he got his gear and started work, after a few hours Celia took a coffee to him and as the temperature was warm he was wearing shorts and T shirt. He went about 4.30pm and said he would be back next weekend to finish the job. In bed that night after we had made love I said to Celia that Tim seemed like a nice guy and he is doing a good job in the garage, I suppose you’re going to tell me you saw the big bulge in his shorts, yes but it seems you’ve already seen it, I couldn’t help but notice it, do you think his cock is as big as Abu’s, I don’t know but it does look big Simon, oh don’t talk about it put your cock in me again, we made love and she had a lovely orgasm and I shot my baby juice in her again, I asked her if she thought it was time to have our first baby, not yet but we will try next year I think that’s the right time. Through the week besides me working we had great sex and when it was Saturday Tim came round at 9am, I made him coffee and toast before he started work, I told him when he has his coffee and dinner breaks to come in to the house and we can sit together and that Celia was making cottage pie for dinner. He was wearing shorts again and it was evident he had a big cock and I knew that Celia would have seen it. Tim came in for his dinner and Celia sat next to him, looking at the two of them I thought about him fucking her I would love to see his big black cock in her lovely pussy like she had when she was 16. We were chatting and by now Celia was relaxed being around him being black and all that, during our chatting I said to him that he should come round one evening for drinks as he doesn’t go out much we could have an evening meal too, he said are you sure I am black, don’t be silly we are not racist we would love for you to come isn’t that right Celia, yes you’re welcome anytime, I quickly said how about next Saturday night and if your too drunk to drive home then we had a spare room he could use. I don’t know what to say I’ve never been invited to a social evening, well you have now, just come casual. In bed that night I said to Celia that Tim is a good guy and I think he’s affected by racism remarks, he won’t get any of that here said Celia. We made love as usual then I asked her about Abu again, you’re not going to give up till you know everything are you Simon, I just want to know that’s all. He fucked me in the back of his car, we used to go on top of this hill where it was quiet and when he gave me really big orgasms I could shout out without anyone hearing me I loved it when he shot his sperm in me, I used to suck his cock and swallow his seed and one time he pushed his big cock in my bum and shot his baby juice in me and sometimes when he was fucking my pussy he would put a finger in my bum, that drove me crazy I loved that so much and it was on those nights I hugged him tight so he couldn’t pull out, I missed my pill those nights but I didn’t tell him, we used to go on the hill for 3 hours and he would be fucking me most of the time, I didn’t want to go home after being with him I loved his long black cock so much, I loved the thrill of missing my pill it was so exciting, did you love him, I really loved his cock Simon that’s what I wanted him for, that’s it Simon you know everything now, what clothes did you wear darling, short dresses like I do now it was easy for him to get my knickers off. I love you Celia, what about the other guys, no they weren’t like him they were just a quick fuck all they wanted was to shoot their juice in me, I don’t think you should ask me about him again I’m married to you now and I love you Simon, I love you too darling. I put my cock in her and made slow love to her enough for her to have an orgasm and me to shoot my sperm in her then we went to sleep. I wanted to ask her if she liked Tim and if she would have sex with him but let’s see what happens on Saturday night, I’ve got to figure out how I can get her to let him fuck her because I knew she would love it, I’ve seen him looking at her especially when she reaches up for something or bends over a bit, I don’t think she realises her bum is on view and I wasn’t going to tell her. We had a good week again and on Friday night we had a little party with some of our friends, we danced and ate snacks and had a few drinks, it was a nice evening and everyone was gone by 11.30pm, we went to bed a little tipsy and we just fell asleep, in the morning after coffee and toast we cleared up, I asked Celia if she was looking forward to our evening tonight with Tim, yes it should be a good night even if we get drunk we will have had a laugh and it would probably do Tim good getting out for a change. I never asked him what he drinks I’ll just call him he was pleased to hear from me I think he was pleased to be going out for a change. He drinks anything darling and he said he will bring something with him. We had a shower about 6 pm and Celia was a bit confused as to what to wear, something casual I know wear one of your lovely short dresses, that’s a nice one with the low cut front I love you wearing dresses like that, isn’t that too revealing Simon, no it will look lovely on you like all your dresses do I’m just wearing jeans and a T shirt, I could wear that too Simon, it’s up to you but I think a nice dress like that would be better. I got dressed and went down stairs I left her to it, she came down in T shirt and shorts I thought fuck that’s not what I wanted, I turned the heating up I knew she didn’t like clingy T shirts when it got too hot. The temperature was high and Celia was starting to sweat as she was cooking our evening meal, the door knocked at 7pm and it was Tim he was dressed in Chino’s and shirt and had brought some wine with him. We sat eating and Celia said my god it’s too hot I need to change, she went upstairs and I quickly turned the heating down and resumed eating, Tim said Celia is a lovely beautiful girl and I was lucky to have her I told him I had known her since she was 14 and I loved her then but I was too shy to ask her to be my girlfriend, she’s had 6 boyfriends before I plucked up the courage to ask her to be with me and she said she had been waiting for me to ask her out since we first met so I suppose it was my fault we weren’t dating sooner, how long have you been together Simon, about three years now and we’ve been married two years and we get on great together I think next year we are going to try for a baby. I’ve always wanted kids Simon but my wife cheated on me so that never happened, maybe one day Tim. Celia came down with that dress on I told her to wear I saw Tim’s eyes open wide she looked gorgeous, I said that’s better darling, she smiled and sat down to eat her food. We were chatting and having a good time, dinner finished we sat in the lounge and Tim was sat opposite us, Celia had a habit of not keeping her legs closed when sat down and tonight was no exception, Tim would have been able to see right up her dress and there was no doubt he was looking I thought it was amusing. As the evening went on we had a few drinks and Celia was tipsy as I think Tim was a bit, I just made out I was tipsy too but I was watching them closely, a few more drinks and Celia was drunk and Tim was on the way, my head is spinning Simon hold me, I moved her to lay on my knees face down and she fell asleep her dress had moved up and her knickers were in full view, she’s really lovely Simon, I know she is I started to massage her bum I lowered her knickers a bit, she likes this Tim it sends her in to a deep sleep, I could see his black cock getting bigger, my god Simon my cock is getting hard watching it, I stopped and took her knickers completely off and opened her legs a bit, my god Simon she has a lovely shaved pussy you must love fucking her, I do, I opened her pussy lips revealing her love hole, I nodded for him to come over, he kneeled between her legs he said I need to put my cock in her, I didn’t say anything he just got his cock out it was like a very thick long sausage about 10 inches long with a big head on it, he put the head just inside her pussy and jerked himself he asked me if he could cum in her I nodded yes, his mouth was open and his eyes were closed tight as he shot her black sperm in her I could see his cock pulsing as he was pumping it in her, it took him nearly two minutes to finish cumming she was full of his sperm his big balls had made loads of it, Simon I would love to put all my cock in her, she used to have a black boyfriend Tim and she loved his big cock I’ve often wondered what it would be like seeing her getting fucked by a black cock. Is she on the pill Simon, yes she takes her pill in the mornings, I would love to shoot my baby juice in her again if that’s okay with you, yes but I think we should get her totally drunk next time and take her to bed then we can both fuck her bed, wow Simon that would be great but make sure she takes her pill if she got pregnant by me that wouldn’t be fair on you Simon.

Tim used the spare room and I carried Celia to bed I didn’t have sex with her. In the morning we had showers and ate breakfast, she was hung over and Tim and I laughed, not funny she said so we laughed again, breakfast over we had coffee then Tim said he had better get back to his mum and dad and left. My god Simon I feel awful what did I drink last night and look at all this sperm in me, I was so excited I think I couldn’t help it, I love you Simon I’ll just take my pill. Simon where did Tim sleep last night, in the spare room, just wondering I better go and tidy the spare room and make our bed, off she went and I was sat downstairs pondering, I was thinking I will invite Tim next Saturday but I’ll warn him just to say he was nearby and popped in to say hello. I had a busy week at work and I know it took Celia a couple of days to recover from Saturday night she can’t hold her drink well. In the evening we seemed to watch movies on Netflix and some of them were quite raunchy, I noticed Celia getting engrossed in the sexy bit where black men were fucking young white girls I asked her if she was thinking about Abu, no Simon it’s just a good film I think you’re obsessed with Abu fucking my pussy aren’t you, I am a bit darling I would have loved seeing his big black cock in your lovely white pussy and him shooting his sperm in you, it’s a bit late now that was 6 years ago. I asked her if she liked Tim, yes he’s a nice man and he likes to laugh I think he enjoyed himself Saturday night, I think so too darling (I know he did) maybe we could invite him round again sometime, yes it’s fine with me but I think me getting drunk shouldn’t have happened, you enjoyed yourself until you went to sleep darling, suppose so. Simon I’ve just thought did Tim see my knickers when I was asleep I think I was lying on your knees, Yes he did I noticed him staring at your little bum he would have seen the top part of your bum crack with those little knickers you were wearing I also noticed his black cock was getting bigger in his trousers, did you pull my dress down straight away, after about a minute I did I was looking at the expression on his face I don’t think he could believe what he was seeing, Simon he shouldn’t have seen my bum he was probably getting ideas in his head, well you do have a lovely bum and those little knickers looked so sexy on you, we laughed, silly Simon. Darling, tell me when you think we should invite Tim again, okay I will and maybe I could make some food from Africa he might like that, yes that’s a good idea. You know darling I love you so much I’m glad I married you, are you sure you would have married me if I had had Abu’s baby, of course you’re being silly now and to be honest I’m surprised you didn’t get pregnant, I am too he shot loads of his lovely black sperm in me, a black cock in you would look fantastic, she kissed me and said my cock is more than good enough for her.

The following Saturday about 6 pm the door knocked and it was Tim, he said he was working only two hundred yards away and just popped in to say hello, Celia had just made dinner and we invited him to have dinner with us, he was telling us that he would be on this site for the next two weeks and that he would be working till 10pm each night, he said he was thinking of sleeping on site that way he wouldn’t have to travel, Celia and I looked at each other and said you can use the spare room you don’t have to sleep on a filthy building site, I can’t do that guys my work clothes will be dirty and besides I don’t want to invade your privacy it’s not fair, rubbish Tim you are welcome to stay, guys you are such good people I can’t believe it with me being black, Tim you know we are not racist and you are welcome to stay with us we both like you let’s have a drink, we sat down together and had a few drinks, about 10pm Celia went upstairs to the bathroom and had a shower and came down in her nightie and sat beside me Tim was sat opposite and as usual Celia was getting drunk and by 12 midnight she passed out, her nightie had moved up and Tim could see her knickers again, he whispered to me ‘can I cum in her again’ I nodded yes, he got up and dropped his trousers and his 10 inch rock hard black cock was dripping with love juice he got behind her again I opened her pussy lips and he put the head of his cock in her love hole and shot his sperm in her, her little bum flinched this time she must have felt something, it was exciting for me. When Tim had emptied his balls in her he said he had better go and would see us on Monday evening about 10.15pm after work. I carried Celia up to bed and wiped her black used pussy there was only a small amount of sperm coming out of her now and was about the same amount I would have put in her she wouldn’t know any different. I didn’t fuck her I was interested to see if she would take her pill in the morning she might not think about it if she was hung over like last time I had to remind her last Sunday morning.

In the morning I woke about 10am and Celia woke about 10.45am, she looked at her pussy and said you fucked me last night Simon, yes darling after Tim left I brought you to bed and had my way with you, what time did he leave, 10 minutes after you passed out at midnight I noticed when you showered last night you came down in a short nightie, yes was that alright Simon, of course, I think Tim liked that too, well it’s our house so I can wear what I like did he see my knickers again when I passed out, yes darling and they had come down to the top of your legs he may have seen your pussy too from behind, did you cover me up, no your nightie wasn’t long enough to pull down but I did notice his cock was getting hard again I think that’s why he left it was too much for him. Tell him I’m sorry I will wear my PJ’s next time, darling you can wear whatever you like he’s seen your bum twice and your pussy now anyway and to be honest I don’t mind him looking at you I like seeing the expression on his face it makes me happy that I have you. I feel comfortable in a nightie Simon, just wear that darling its fine if you don’t mind him looking, she took her pill. On Monday evening Tim arrived with a small bag of clothes he was filthy after he had been working, I said for him to have a shower, Celia was already in her nightie and was making coffee, no drinking on a work night. We went to bed at 11.30pm and we made love but quietly it was really nice and she had to supress her emotions when she cum but it was okay it was only for two weeks. In the morning she said to me that she went to the toilet about 7am and Tim’s door was open he was getting dressed and she saw his cock, Simon his cock is really long and thick and it wasn’t even hard the size of his balls I’ve never seen anything like it, he’s black darling I think all black men have big cocks is he bigger than Abu was, yes Simon from what I remember, has it got you thinking darling, no Simon I just noticed it I only saw it for a few seconds, did he see you, no he was too busy getting ready. Did it bring memories of your black boyfriend’s cock, I suppose it did for a moment and how much I loved it, Tim’s is the only black one I’ve seen since then, I bet your heart missed a beat when you saw it, I was startled by the size of it oh Simon hug me please, do you think Tim’s cock would give you the same pleasure like Abu’s cock did, I really don’t know Simon why are you saying this, I thought maybe you would like another black cock in your married pussy, Simon I think your mind is running away with you wanting to see a black cock in me, I kissed her and told her I loved her. I went to work and managed to get a few days holiday off starting the following day, we had dinner then we watched TV for a while until Tim came in he had a shower while Celia was getting his dinner ready she was already in her nightie and didn’t seem to be bothered about her knickers showing, I was okay with this I knew Tim would be looking and I knew his cock would be getting hard I wanted him to shag her in bed. As Celia was lying on my knees she must have known Tim would be looking at her lovely little bum her face was looking at him while we were talking, I noticed his cock getting harder and Celia would have seen that too I put my hand on her bum and started rubbing it slowly, that’s nice Simon so relaxing, I slipped my hand inside her knickers and massaged her little bum occasionally slipping a finger in to her pussy and making her jump Tim’s cock was rock hard he was craving for her pussy and as Celia was looking at him I think she could sense that too, he got up and said goodnight, 20 minutes later we went to bed and made love and after we finished I said you were teasing him tonight wasn’t you darling, yes Simon and his long dick was hard too. Darling if we weren’t married and you met Tim would you let him shag you, if he was my boyfriend then yes I would open my legs wide and let him put that lovely big black cock in me, would you want him to cum in you darling, of course I would I loved it when Abu shot all his lovely black sperm in me, would you have missed your pill with him, if he was as good as Abu I would miss it a few times just like I did with him. Have you ever missed your pill with me darling, yes a few times but nothing has happened as yet, have you missed it recently, no not in the last few weeks, so it’s just me and Abu that you missed your pill with, yes Simon, I think you must have loved Abu, I don’t know I just loved his big black cock. Can I ask you a question darling, yes what is it, Tim is black and you seem to get along with him okay how would you feel if I asked you to have sex with him after all you have seen his long cock, is this why you’ve been asking me about Abu and you saying you wished you had seen him fucking me; you want to see Tim fuck me and how much I will enjoy it, I would love to darling, Simon we are married and my pussy belongs to you, I know darling I just have this thing about seeing a black cock in your lovely pussy and it being filled with black sperm, and what if he made me pregnant Simon how would you cope with that, I expect you would be taking your pill wouldn’t you, of course but I’m not sure about this what if I really loved his cock and wanted him to fuck me more and more how would that affect us, it would be okay because I would have agreed to it, I would see it as an extension to our marriage you having a black lover and me getting a kick out of it. I would still love you the same possibly even more. You know I suck your cock Simon and let you do what you want with me, yes darling, what if I did the same to him and let him use me in the same way as you do how would you feel about that, that’s fine darling I would love to see it, my god Simon you really mean it don’t you, yes darling I just have this vision of you loving a black cock again and I want to please you, Simon I’m happy with you in every way. She went to the toilet about 7am like she normally does she came back Simon I’ve seen Tim’s cock again it was hard this time and it’s so long, I patted her pussy and smiled, we heard Tim go to work and I made love to her before I went to work, as I was fucking her I said I would love to see Tim’s big cock fucking her lovely pussy, she kissed me and said he has a huge black cock oh Simon I don’t know.

When I came home she was making my dinner and she was wearing a short dress and a thong, as she was at the cooker I got down behind her and kissed her bum cheeks she laughed and said stop being silly. We had dinner then watched TV again and when Tim came home she made his dinner while he was having a shower, when he came down he was wearing baggy shorts and a T shirt, he had his dinner then came and sat with us he was telling us about his day and that he felt knackered, as I was off for a few days Celia and I decided to have a drink and Tim did too but only a couple because of work the next day, about 12.30am Celia got up not realising she was drunk and fell on Tim he grabbed her and sat her on his knees her head was rested on his shoulder and she was mumbling something he put his hand under her dress and on the side of her bum and cuddled her, she soon passed out, I said let’s take her to bed, he carried her up and lay her on the bed, I took her dress and thong off and we got on the bed with her we were all naked, I fucked her slowly first and Tim was sucking her tits, she was moaning quietly and her bum was slightly moving she had a little orgasm and I shot my small amount of sperm in her, I got off and Tim slowly pushed all his 10 inch cock in her and rubbed her clit she was getting excited and she wrapped her arms and legs around him and I saw her pussy lips pulsing around his cock she was breathing very heavy her mouth was open and her tongue was out her body started to shake violently, her pussy lips were sucking on his big thick cock and she had a massive orgasm she screamed out loud OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE BIG COCK OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH I WANT MORE FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK MY PUSSY I LOVE BIG COCK CUM IN ME CUM IN ME CUM IN ME LET ME FEEL IT, he shot his sperm in her MY GOD THERE’S SO MUCH OF IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT SHOOT IT ALL IN ME I LOVE BIG COCK. She was still asleep and when he finished cumming in her she was flooded with his sperm, she was still breathing heavy even with his cock not in her, he looked at me and whispered she’s feels fantastic. I gently wiped her pussy clean then I fucked her again and shot my sperm in her she didn’t respond I think she was too knackered, when Tim fucked her again she immediately flung her arms and legs around him and had big orgasms and when he shot his sperm in her she went wild with excitement she loved his black cock. I let him fuck her for the rest of the night I wasn’t getting the response from her that I wanted. She woke around 10.30am and went to the toilet when she came back she remarked on the amount of sperm leaking out of her lovely pussy, I said don’t you remember anything from last night, I remember getting up and falling on Tim and him cuddling me when I was sat on his knees oh and he had his left hand under my bum I think he was feeling my pussy, he was darling, do you remember kissing him, no Simon, I suggested we went to bed and he carried you up and laid you on our bed I undressed you and he stared at your lovely body, I made love to you then I told him to make love to you and when he put his 10 inch cock in you he gave you a big orgasm and he shot his sperm in you, it looked fantastic so I said for him to fuck you all night so I could watch, I’ve never seen you enjoy sex so much it was a shame he had to go to work otherwise he would have been shagging you right now he loves your pussy darling, my god Simon I’ve been unfaithful to you, yes but it was with a black cock so I don’t mind. Simon I had better take my pill quick my god I could be pregnant, darling if you were pregnant by him it would be okay, no it wouldn’t Simon I don’t want his baby, darling I loved seeing his black cock in you and I think he should sleep in our bed now until he goes back home. Oh Simon you’re obsessed with black cock fucking me, darling when I saw his cock in you it got me so excited and you loved it too. Throughout the day I noticed Celia looked happy and was humming some tune, we had dinner and when Tim came home Celia was in her short nightie and little knickers again, he gave her a cuddle and kiss and he squeezed her bum and then he rubbed her clit she kissed him and pushed herself towards him. After he had his dinner we sat down talking and had a few drinks, I got up and got some more wine and when I came back she was sat on his knee, her legs were wide open and he was feeling her lovely black used pussy as they were kissing she was responding, her bum was shaking, I said lets go to bed he picked her up, she was facing him his hands we under her little bum and he was fingering her pussy, he lay her on the bed and took her nightie and knickers off, he stripped off and Celia saw his long hard cock, she opened her legs and he pushed his long cock in her and rubbed her clit, my god the look on her face was of pure bliss, her arms and legs wrapped around him and her pussy squeezing his cock, he started to fuck her slowly and she had a massive orgasm OH MY GOD I LOVE BLACK COCK I LOVE IT I LOVE IT he continued to fuck her and she had three massive orgasms OH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH I’VE MISSED IT I LOVE BLACK COCK OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH I’M GOING TO CUM AGAIN OH YES I’M CUMMMMMMMMMING I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING MY GOD THIS IS FANTASTIC OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH she had a massive orgasm again and then he shot his sperm in her OH OH OH OH I CAN FEEL YOUR LOVELY SPERM SHOOTING IN ME TIM OH I LOVE IT I REALY LOVE IT YOUR COCK IS WONDERFUL I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME ALL NIGHT IT’S OKAY WITH SIMON HE WANT’S TO SEE ME BEING FUCKED BY A LOVELY BLACK COCK. Throughout the night she had big orgasms and she took loads of his sperm, I just watched and heard her screaming with passion and enjoyment I couldn’t compete with Tim he is an animal and I was amazed at how much he satisfied her. He went home at the weekend and I fucked her but it wasn’t the same for her and I wished I had a big cock like Tim’s, she did cum with me and she told me she loved me but I knew she loved Tim’s cock a lot more than mine. When he returned on Monday evening Celia was only wearing knickers and when he sat down with us after his dinner she sat on his knees and cuddled in to him, he said he had really missed this girl and had been thinking about her over the weekend, he said to me he was so lucky having a beautiful girl like her on the end of his cock and that he really loved having sex with her, she kissed him then said she really loves his cock too, to be honest Simon I think she’s every man’s dream she’s perfect, if she was my wife she would be pregnant now I’m sure she would have my lovely black baby, don’t be silly said Celia, she kissed him passionately. I think you should take her to bed Tim and talk her in to having your baby I’m staying down here for a while, do you mind me making her pregnant Simon, no I think she should have your baby she loves your cock and I think she loves you Tim. She got up and gave me a kiss goodnight, I kissed her tummy and said I want to see his black baby growing in you, she smiled and they held hands as they went upstairs. In less than five minutes she was enjoying herself in her usual way, although it was really late I decided to go for a walk I didn’t want to hear her screams and heavy breathing I just wanted to think about what was happening and if this is what I really wanted, I loved my wife but she really loved Tim’s cock and I was sure she loved him, I was thinking she should be with him and not me.

I think I wanted our life before Tim came on the scene but couldn’t imagine our life being like that again, I wanted to see a big black cock fucking my lovely wife’s pussy which I’ve seen now, I must admit I didn’t think she would enjoy it as much as she does I suppose I was disappointed in some ways. Tim fucked her all week and I never touched her, I don’t know if she took her pill or not, I never reminded her, if she got pregnant then they could sort that out together. He went back home on Saturday morning and Celia came to my bed, she cuddled me and said phew thank god for that, what do you mean darling, Simon he’s too much for me he won’t leave me alone he wants to fuck me all the time with that big cock of his, he keeps asking me to have his baby, Simon I’m glad he’s gone home, but you love his cock darling, I do love his cock but I would like a rest too he’s an animal and he really loves my pussy he won’t leave it alone, is he as good as Abu, oh yes you can hear he gives me massive orgasms and he shoots lots and lots of sperm in me which I really love, did you take your pill each morning, no you told me to stop taking it you wanted to see his black baby growing in me so I told him I wanted his baby and to shoot as much of his lovely black sperm in me as much as he could I made sure he enjoyed my pussy I squeezed his big cock when he cum, I love it when his sperm splashes inside me, I don’t know if I’m pregnant, Simon if I am do you still want me to have his baby, I don’t know I only said what I did because I thought I had lost you, no Simon I love you I never want to leave you if you had never told me that you wanted to see a black cock in me none of this would be happening, but I did darling I really wanted to see a black cock in you and now you might be pregnant, to be honest I didn’t think you would miss you’re pill. Simon I’m going to take my pill now and I’m going to the chemist to get some pregnancy test kits oh fuck I hope I’m not pregnant. She took her pill got showered and dressed and drove to the chemist, she came back and did a test, Simon I’m pregnant oh my god I’ve got to get rid of it I’m calling the doctor I want a termination, she called and a termination was organised, six days later she had a termination she was so relieved as I was. A couple of weeks had passed and Tim called just to ask how we were, I told him Celia had just had a termination, he was pissed off, you said I could make her pregnant Simon, but that was because I thought I had lost her to you but she still loves me, I don’t think she wants black cock anymore, Simon c’mon now I love her white pussy and I think so much of her we are so good together, Simon tell her I want her my god I need her, I will tell her what you said but it will be her decision. That night in bed I told her that Tim had called and what he said. Simon I did what you wanted to see do you still want to see me being fucked by Tim and his lovely big black cock and what if he makes me pregnant again, do you want his black baby darling, no Simon I never wanted it what happens if you tell me to stop taking my pill again and he makes me pregnant oh Simon what do you want me to do I only want to please you I will do anything you want I love you.

Darling I think I want you to myself now but if I ask you in the future to have sex with Tim or another black man will you do it, yes Simon I will do it for you and if you really want me to have their black babies I will just for you. That night we made love and it was great, I never mentioned Abu or Tim, a couple of months had passed and we were getting along very well our sex life was fantastic and I made Celia pregnant, we were very happy and so much in love there was no mention of black men, Tim didn’t call, I thought he would have done begging to fuck Celia he loved her white pussy. Celia had our baby and she was a beautiful little girl, after three months I was making love to her one night, I said we haven’t talked about Abu or Tim for a long time, she said she thought I had forgotten all about them, no I just wanted to see how we worked out and we are solid right, oh yes Simon I love you so much. Darling I’m thinking about you having a black cock again, really Simon, yes I really loved seeing Tim’s black cock in you I’ve been thinking about it for a while, oh Simon what if he makes me pregnant you know he shoots lots of lovely black sperm in me and he gives me really big orgasms, but you loved his big cock didn’t you, yes Simon I loved his long black cock in my married pussy what if I forget to take my pill, do you think you might like to have Tim’s baby now we’ve had one of our own, Simon I want your babies it’s not a good idea me having black babies can you imagine what your mum and dad would say but I know my mum and dad would be okay with it they knew I loved Abu’s lovely big black cock, they thought I would end up pregnant by him, mum would have loved it. Simon, Tim is in the past so let’s live our lives without me having black cock I am really happy with you. Darling you are 23 now and you r pussy feels as good as it ever did if Tim put his long thick cock in you I’m sure you would still love it, Simon to be honest if he put his cock in me again I’m sure I would end up pregnant I just have that feeling he would shoot lots of his lovely black sperm in me. I’m going to call him darling I think your pussy needs his long black cock, Simon don’t please don’t his lovely cock will make me pregnant you said you didn’t want me to have his baby, I kissed her and called Tim, I told him she wants his baby, Simon I’m so glad you called I have really missed her can I come over now, yes see you soon. It was 45 minutes before he knocked the door, I opened it, Celia was in her nightie and knickers, he went to her and kissed her, he was really passionate with her and she responded to him, he took her to bed and fucked her hard, she was shouting really loud and she was screaming having big orgasms and he was shooting his sperm in her, he fucked her all night, I was watching, when he shot his sperm in her she went crazy her body was shaking and she was squeezing his cock, she loved his cock and had really missed it, the look on her face was of pure lust they kissed passionately, in the morning I told her not to take her pill, he stayed for a couple of weeks and got her pregnant, I’m pregnant Simon, Tim has fucked a black baby in me with that long thick black cock of his, I cuddled her and reassured her it was okay, Simon put your cock in me let me feel it I love you, as we were making love I said to her this is the baby you should have had with Abu, she kissed me and said I love you Simon my god I love you. I called Tim and asked him if he wanted to live with us, he said he would love to, I didn’t tell Celia, he showed up with a couple of cases a few days later, Celia was in her nightie I said Tim is moving in with us and we are going to sleep in the same bed together we are going to take it in turns making love to you and shooting our sperm deep inside you, I don’t want you to take your pill anymore, oh Simon you want me to have more babies, yes darling me and Tim are going to make sure of that, oh my god I’m so excited she cuddled Tim, I really love your long black cock being in my pussy oh by the way I’m having your baby, what I’m going to be a daddy, yes Tim in nine months you will be a proud father, oh my god wow this is fantastic news, he kissed her and they cuddled up on the settee. Over the next few months Tim and I had been fucking Celia and she was in her element as we were, we loved out lives together.

Celia had two of my babies and three of Tim’s, she’s pregnant again but we are not sure who the father is yet. Tim and I agree that Celia is the best fuck ever oh and we have a nanny for the kids.


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