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Trailer park fun 10 – Dirty Sex Tales

Chapter – 10

The next morning after George left for school Sally stopped in for a cup of coffee with Joan. She started the conversation and she steered the talk to how long Joan’s husband had been dead. She found out that he’d been killed five years ago.

“How the hell do you manage it? That’s a hell of a long time to be without a man. I think I’d go crazy if I didn’t have any sex for five years. You don’t have a hidden boyfriend around, do you?”

“There’s no way that could happen around here. The whole county would know about it the next day. I wish I did though.”

“I know what you mean. Milt has to travel on business sometimes and I find myself looking at David every now and then and lubricating. Especially since I found cum stains on his sheets this year.”

Joan was shocked. She thought she was the only one that lusted after her own son. She was also surprised that Sally was being this open with her. She decided to explore the subject farther.

“I know what you mean. I keep wondering about George jerking off, I know he does it at his age, and I get hot thinking about it. I’ve even tried to spy on him, but I’ve never caught him yet. Have you ever caught David?”

“I’ve seen the results but I’ve never caught him in the act. I’ve even sucked some of his wet cum out of his sheets. I know it’s terrible but I really have the hots for him.”

Joan decided to do a little exploring on her own. The best way was to give out a little family history.

“Yeh, I’ve had the hots for young boys ever since I seduced my kid brother when he was George’s age. Our affair that lasted over four years until he ran away to join the navy. I’ve done the same thing with George’s sheets too. I’ve even gone to bed and finger fucked myself while I was doing it.”

Sally stopped. She looked at Joan in a funny way. Joan waited for what was coming.

“I’ve done that too. I have a good idea. George is a cute kid. I was attracted to him the first time I saw him. I’d like to get him into bed with me. Would you mind if I tried to seduce him. You could try your luck with David at the same time. A mature woman could do more to train him right than some kid he might meet.”

This time Joan was shocked at the fact that Sally didn’t seem to mind Joan fucking David. It seemed as if she wanted her to take David to bed. It was her turn to look at Sally in a funny way.

“You wouldn’t mind if I fucked your son David?”

“Hell no. I really mean it. It would be much better if he learned from an experienced woman than from some little girl that had no more idea of what they were supposed to do than he had. He might develop all sort of inhibitions and hang ups.”

Sally was laying it on thick but there was some truth in what she was saying.

“You really want to take my son George to bed with you?”

“I sure would. I love the idea of getting that fresh young prick into my mouth and cunt. The very idea of having him shoot a load of cum down my throat makes my cunt juice up. I’m soaking right now.”

Joan decided the hell with it. It was only a matter of time until she got to David and found out anyway. She might as well come clean.

“You have a good idea, but you’re one day too late. I got David into my bed yesterday. I’ve fucked both him and George too. David is a pretty good little fucker for his age. He even lapped my cunt after I sucked him off and he seemed to enjoy it.”

Joan stopped to get the response. Sally got up, walked around the table, and hugged and kissed Joan.

“I know, I just had to get you to admit it. I was a little miffed that you beat me to David, however, between you and your mother he’s been trained pretty well. He dived for my muff the first time he saw it. He didn’t do a bad job either, and he seemed to enjoy it. I’ve had worse lap jobs from much older men.”

“My mother got to David too?”

“She sure did. She was giving him a blow job when you caught him peeking in your window. That night she got to your son George when they walked the dog. By the way, both of them have been fucking the dog since the first night we got here.”

It was Joan’s turn to laugh.

“That I’d like to see. It must be fun to watch.”

“I can vouch for that.”

Joan stopped to think over what Sally had said. Some things just dropped into place.

“Gee, mom must have gotten to Allen too. No wonder it seemed as if he wore out awfully quick some times.”

“Yep, grandma told us about it last night.”

“Where was Milt while all this was going on?”

“He was right there. He approves. He wants David to be trained right and he doesn’t want to be left out. This trip was planned so we could seduce that boy but we didn’t act soon enough, things moved too fast. We planned on trapping David the same way you trapped George. We probably would have done it if the two of them hadn’t got so buddy, buddy. We couldn’t get David alone and we were afraid of what you might do if you found out we did anything with George.”

Joan had one more question.


“How about this afternoon?”

“If I knew what was going to happen I’d have kept him home. Do the boys know you’re here?”

“They sure do. Milt and David are waiting for me to report right now. I’m sure your mother will be over at the trailer less than a minute after I return. Poor George is going to have a hard day at school today. In more ways than one, I suspect.”

“The hell with that. I’m going to get him home right now.”

Sally went to tell her men and as she suspected grandma showed up in less than a minute. They all stood looking at her and waiting for the verdict.

“Joan has gone to get George home from school. She couldn’t wait for school to let out.”

It was an hour round trip to the school. It was the longest hour that ever was. Sally noticed that David was looking back and forth between Milt and her. He had a very speculative look in his eye. She was just about to ask him what he was thinking about when he made his decision.



“Have you ever had your ass fucked? I never saw you do it that way when I was spying.”

“I’ve been known to enjoy it. Your father does that to me every now and then. We done that lately because we hoped you were spying and we didn’t know how you would take it. Why do you ask?”

“Uh, you saw me fuck grandma’s ass while George fucked her cunt last night?”

“I sure did. It looks like a lot of fun.”

“Did you know that when you do that each of the boys can feel the other’s prick move in and out?”

“No, I’ve never had two males at once before. I’m looking forward to the opportunity.”

David now looked at his father.

“Pop, will you fuck mom’s cunt while I fuck her ass? I want to feel your prick rub mine. It was fun with George. But I really want to feel yours.”

“David, you’re way ahead of me. In spite of the fact that I’m three times your age, you have more experience than I have when it comes to more than one on one sex. I’d like to feel your prick fucking your mother’s ass too. It sounds like a terrific experience. Why don’t we try it while we’re waiting for George and Joan to get back. Do you mind being left out, grandma?”

“Oh hell. Don’t mind me, I’m used to being left out. I don’t mind. I do want to watch you though. I’ll just have Princess lick my cunt while I’m watching. She does one hell of a cunt lapping job. Why don’t we go to the house, the bedrooms and beds in this trailer are too damned small.”

They trooped over to the house. Grandma decided Joan’s room was the biggest and it had a king-sized bed. She was sure that even that bed wasn’t going to be big enough before the day was over. Princess went wild when they shed their clothes. She started licking cunts, pricks and asses. Grandma took one look at David and offered Sally some advice.

“Sally you haven’t any experience with young boys, they have hair triggers their first come of the day and unless you suck that first load out of their balls, they shoot off as soon as their prick touches you.”

Sally decided grandma knew what she was talking about. She licked the drop of cum off David’s prick. His body jerked and she sucked his prick into her mouth just in time to catch the jets of cum that came shooting out. She sucked and massaged his prick with her tongue until his prick was limp. David sighed then ruefully looked down at his shrunken prick.

“Aw gee, now I have to wait till I get a new hard on before the we can do anything together.”

Sally grinned at him, she took care of that with the procedure she used on George the night before. She lubricated her finger with spit, pushed up his ass, and massaged his prostate. David watched in amazement as his prick jerked back to attention. The rejuvenated David was impatient to get started.

He got his mother on her knees, licked her ass, and deposited some spit on it. He got behind her and pushed his prick into the tight orifice. He rolled over pulling his mother with him. Milt inserted his prick in her cunt. His larger prick put even more pressure on David’s prick than George’s had.

“Oh wow! Your big prick rubs harder than George’s did. It sure does feel real good.”

David flexed his hips and Milt felt his son’s prick slide along his. David had been right. It really felt good and he was further stimulated by the fact that it was his son’s cock he was feeling. Milt stroked prick into his wife’s cunt once David’s prick was fully buried again, and waited for his son to repeat the action.

“You’re right David. Wow! Let’s go.”

Princess came over to sniff grandma’s cunt and she sat down in a chair and spread her legs. This was all the invitation Princess needed. She moved in and lapped cunt. It wasn’t the young boy prick she would have preferred, but it was better than the fingers that she’d used for longer than she wanted to remember.

The blow job had taken the urgency out of David and he started a slow rhythmic pumping. Milt picked it up, he pushed his prick in when David was pulled his prick out. Sally picked up their rhythm and pumped her hips back toward him when David thrust in and forward when Milt made his thrust. The tempo picked up and David was in seventh heaven his prick was riding in and out of his mother’s ass and that was the only hole she had that he hadn’t fucked yet.

He fucked his mother’s ass with a steady stroke and his father fucked her cunt at the same pace. He felt his father’s prick riding over his each time either of them took a stroke and that was a real turn on. He loved both Milt and Sally and he could think of no way he could ever get any closer to both of his parents than he was doing right then. It felt so good both physically and emotionally that he was almost crying.

Sally was in the same emotional condition. She had known she wanted to have sex with both her men at the same time but had no idea that having both her mens’ pricks lodged in her could be so stimulating. She moaned and shuddered with continuous orgasms.

“Ahhh! Fuck my cunt, Milt. Fuck my ass, David. Ohhh! I never felt anything like this. Ahhh! Keep on fucking! Oooo! I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Her contracting cunt and asshole had it’s effect on the men. In spite of the blow job he’d had just minutes earlier, David felt the cum rising in his balls and his hips speeded up. He wanted to keep fucking, he didn’t want to come before his father did.

“I can’t hold back any more, pop. Are you ready to come? I don’t want to come before you do.”

“If you’re not shooting off now I’ll beat you to it. Ohhh! I’m coming!”

“Ahhh! Ohhh! Oooo! Wow!”

Milt’s hips jerked as he shot a load of adult cum in his wife’s cunt at the same time that David’s whole body quivered when his young boy load of cum gushed into her ass. The motion died out and the three of them laid there panting. Milt pulled his limp prick out of his wife’s cunt and, as was customary, offered it to her for cleaning up. She wasted no time sucking it into her mouth to clean it off.

Ever since family sex had become a certainty David found he had a desire he was too embarrassed to mention. He wanted to taste his father’s cum. He’d sort of liked David’s when he’d tried it and this was his chance to find out what his father’s tasted like.

He moved down to his mother’s cunt, sniffed, and pushed in his tongue. His father’s cum tasted a little stronger than David’s but it was fun sucking it out of his mother’s cunt. He went to work in earnest and brought his mother to another orgasm before he had her cunt cleaned out. He had another gush of emotion when he saw his father suck his cum out of his mother’s ass.

Grandma had pushed Princess away after her fifth orgasm. Princess went to work cleaning off David’s prick. She liked all the cum she had been getting in the last three days. She would have liked to have a prick shoved into her a little more often but there was nothing she could do about that.

George was surprised when he was called to the office at school. He hadn’t done anything at school that would warrant a reprimand. He was even more surprised to find his mother waiting for him. The first thought that crossed his mind was that she was mad at him for what he had been doing with grandma. Then he saw that she was smiling and wondered why she was here at all. He listened as his mother explained to the school clerk that there was a hard problem that amounted to a minor emergency at home and she needed George there.

As soon as they were in the car George asked what the emergency was. He was relieved when his mother grinned at him. He knew it couldn’t be too critical.

“Your grandmother and I have hot cunts and we were sure that you had a hard problem. We were certain that your hard problem was just what we needed to help take care of those hot cunts. Neither of us wanted to wait till school was over.”

Wow! Sally must have talked to mom already and everything was all right. Now he couldn’t wait to get home. Why should he wait anyway. He could have some fun in the car with his mother.

“Gee, mom, that sounds serious. Is there any way I can help? Let me see how hot it is.”

He reached up under Joan’s dress. She had no panties on. He pushed his fingers into her cunt and worked them in and out. “Gee, you’re soaking wet between your legs, it does seem to be an emergency.”

He pulled her skirt up higher, buried his face in her lap, and pushed his tongue into her cunt. His mother jumped as he sucked her clit into his mouth.

It was all Joan could do to steer the car straight as her son’s tongue licking her cunt brought on orgasms in no time flat. He kept on lapping while she tried to control the car. She had to pull her hips back and push his head away. She couldn’t take any more.

“Did that cool it off some, mom?”

George was impudent but Joan didn’t care. That impromptu cunt lapping certainly made her feel much better. Joan told George that Sally had talked to her and they were all going to spend the day together. The cunt lapping seemed to shorten the ride home and Joan drove the car into the driveway. George went running into the bedroom shedding his clothes.

His grandmother took one look at his throbbing prick and called him to her. He approached her chair and she licked the cum off the tip of his cock. He pushed his prick into her mouth and his hips jerked right away. His first load of cum for the day jetted down her throat.

Lapping his mother’s cunt had him excited and he was ready to shoot off. Grandma swallowed every drop of cum he fed to her.

Joan got to the bedroom in time to see her mother suck the cum out of her son’s cock. She wanted to do that herself but knew there would be many more chances. She was the only one with any clothes on so she took them off.

“Here we are all dressed for a party and no place to go. How long will it be before there’s a hard prick around here. George lapped my cunt on the way home but I could use one right now.”

Sally gave Joan’s body a thorough examination. Joan was in her forties but she didn’t look it. She had firm round breasts and a narrow waist. Her hips were beginning to spread but she wasn’t carrying a lot of fat. Sally liked what she saw and decided she’d let out a little of her own family history.

“Joan, you told me that you seduced your brother when you were teen. I didn’t have a brother, but my sister and I had fun when I was younger than that. Have you ever had a woman lap your cunt?”

“Never even thought of it, but it sounds like a good idea. Maybe watching some action will raise some pricks. I’m willing to try. I have a general idea but you’ll have to tell me what to do.”

The two women positioned themselves head to toe. Joan waited as Sally pushed her face toward Joan’s cunt and gently licked the excess moisture from between the outer cunt lips. Joan did the same for Sally. This was going to be fun. Sally seemed to know more than the men about making her feel good.

Sally knew where to lick. Joan’s hips twitched as Sally licked inside the inner cunt lips. Joan licked Sally’s inner cunt lips and got a wiggle from her. Sally tickled Joan’s clit with tongue strokes. Joan used the same technique on Sally. The action speeded up.

Milt and the boys watched the two women closely. Maybe they could learn something. George didn’t want to be left out completely. His prick was beginning to harden. He moved in and licked his mother’s ass. David saw what he was doing and thought it was a good idea. He licked his mother’s ass and pushed his tongue up her ass. George tongue fucked his mother’s ass at the same time.

The women bounced all over the bed and moaned. Each of them pushed their tongues as far up the other’s cunt as it would go. Finesse was forgotten. They lapped cunt and sucked clit. Both women were having multiple orgasms. Watching their actions had an effect on the soft pricks. They were no longer soft. The women pulled apart and grinned at each other. Princess licked at whatever she could stick her nose in.

Everyone relaxed. Both mother’s hugged and kissed their sons. Both boys had hard pricks. Milt’s was beginning to rise. He knew he couldn’t keep up with teens. He wasn’t going to try. He sat in a chair and waited to see what would happen next. Sally again looked speculatively at Joan.

“You’ve tried out my David but I haven’t had a chance to get your little fucker’s prick shoved into my cunt. Would you mind trading off for this round? I want to try George on for size. I wasn’t kidding this morning, I’ve had the hots for him since the first time I saw him.”

“Well, if it’s all right with the boys, it’s all right with me. I know you’ll enjoy George and David’s a pretty good little fucker too. I wouldn’t mind his prick in my cunt. How about it boys?”

Both boys grinned and that was enough of an answer to their mothers. Milt looked at his half hard prick and he pushed a couple of fingers up grandma’s cunt.

“I’m not up for another round yet, but your clit fascinates me. Would you like a lap job from a worn-out old man.”

“My goodness, you’re just a youngster. I have more years on you than you have on the kids. That clit has always caught the attention of all my gentlemen friends. I’d love to have you suck on it.”

The pairings were decided and everyone had a partner except Princess. She made the rounds and lapped at what was available. Maybe next round she would get more attention. She kept licking Milt’s prick. She would like to get that big one in her again.

Milt sucked grandma’s tit then got on his knees and licked at her cunt. Grandma moved a pillow under her buttocks and pushed her hips forward to give him better access.

Joan pulled David over her and positioned his prick in her cunt. He pushed down with his hips and felt his prick slide into that slick hole.

Sally turned George on his back and sat on his prick. George liked this position because he could watch his prick slide in and out of Sally’s cunt. He liked sucking tit while he fucked too, and that was easy in this position. He thought that was real neat.

David nursed on Joan’s tit too as he flexed his prick in and out of her cunt. Joan wrapped her legs around his hips and rocked back and forth in time with his thrusts. She loved the way teens went about their business. They were always so eager. She held his head against her tit. David sucked tit and fucked cunt. He wished he could keep this up as long as his father could. It felt so good to have his prick ride in and out of that slick sheath.

George watched as his prick was sucked into Sally’s cunt then unsheathe as she raised her hips. Sally’s tit swung back and forth so his mouth latched on to it and sucked. Each time he sucked hard Sally’s cunt contracted around his prick. He switched tits and pushed his cock up to meet each of Sally’s down strokes. He had the same thought that David had. He wished he could last as long as Milt and prolong the good feelings he was getting.

Milt sucked on grandma’s oversized clit. He’d never sucked a clit like this before. It was sensitive and grandma squirmed all over the chair. It was obvious that she appreciated the attention he was giving her. He massaged her clit with his tongue and bobbed his head back and forth. Grandma sighed and she moaned and she fucked her clit into his mouth.

The room was full of the sounds of sex. Pricks squishing in and out of cunts, moans, groans, slurping mouths, and grunts of exertion. Everyone was building up to a magnificent climax. All three of the women were having orgasms. David’s cum spurted and dribbled into Joan’s cunt and he fell limp on her body. George’s cum spurted out of his prick into Sally’s cunt and she ground her hips into his as the last dribbles leaked out.

Grandma pushed Milt away when she couldn’t take any more. Princess made the rounds and licked at limp pricks and sloppy cunts. She hadn’t been fucked yet, but maybe she would get her chance later.

Sally licked the remaining cum off her son, David’s, prick while Joan cleaned up her son, George. Both of them did some ass licking. Two adolescent pricks came to attention. Milt got a hard on licking grandma’s cunt. A new configuration took place. Grandma hadn’t been fucked yet and she hadn’t had a full-sized prick in her since she came south. Milt hadn’t yet fucked her. She laid down on the floor and pulled Milt on top of her.

The boys and their mothers formed a daisy chain. This was a new experience for the boys. Sally sucked David’s cock into her mouth, he wiggled his hips in appreciation and licked Joan’s cunt. Joan rubbed her cunt in David’s face and sucked her son’s prick into her mouth while he forced his tongue as far up Sally’s cunt as he could get it.

The sounds of sex filled the air again. Slurping mouths, squishing pricks, groans, and grunts. Joan and Sally would never get enough of their sons’ young pricks. They liked nursing on them as much as the boys liked nursing on their mothers’ tits.

The boys enjoyed cunt lapping, they would be content to lap cunt all day.

Grandma hadn’t had a prick this big in her cunt for years. As much as she liked the boys, having her cunt filled was a treat. Milt was enjoying the novelty of a different cunt than the one he was accustomed to. Before the day was over he wanted to fuck Joan too.

Joan and Sally were excited by the adolescent pricks they sucked. They quickly came to the boiling point and started their orgasms. The boys, of course would rather have lasted longer, but their sensitive pricks couldn’t take much action. Their hips jerked and their cum spurted. Their mothers slurped up their cum as fast as it shot out of their pricks. When their pricks were limp, they pulled away and watched Milt pump his prick into grandma. It was a few minutes before his hips jerked and he flooded grandma’s cunt.

Where was Princess? This was the first time she wasn’t there for the cleanup. The boys heard some sounds out in the hall. Princess had finally found a prick for her itching cunt. Mary’s male German shepherd was visiting and he was happy to accommodate her. Both dogs wore grins as he pumped away. The humans all laughed.

There were three limp pricks again and the adults decided it was time for a break. Over lunch the Simons said that they would stay for another month and they planned to return for a month in the fall.

They settled into a routine with variations and after a few days the sex got a little less hectic, but it was always plentiful. George was sorry to see David leave and he knew he would miss Milt’s big prick fucking someone’s cunt while he fucked her ass. He looked forward to the Simons’ return.

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