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Sex Consulting Service Inc – Dirty Sex Tales


Anna and I have commenced a sex service operation for the community “PamAn Inc” which will operate worldwide.

We have two consulting employees. Mary and Madrigal – identical twin Great Grand-daughters of Eammon the founder of our operations in 1965 – ( a ‘small world’ – I hear you cry ) –

They were born on 1/4/1997 in Yorkshire and educated at boarding Schools and Trinity College of Cambridge University and have degrees in Politics and Geography.

Their hobbies are sex and world affairs and are still single but have a large circle of both girls and boyfriends. ( M1 & M2 )

We are M1 and M2 and we speak with the same voice. As twins, we love each other literally and metaphorically – Pamela is correct in saying that one of our hobbies is sex.

We regularly kissed from babyhood and started to masturbate when we were 6 and had the option of fingering each other’s cunts or one’s own – our cunts were always wet and life was a continuous orgasm ( wonderful ).

With both girls and boys, they had to come in pairs to meet our desires.

However, we had a response from the retired Peeping Tom – to visit him. When we had read the Word Post stories, we thought we might have some fun and some enjoyment for the gentleman by making a home visit. His reception room was spartan in furnishings – a king-sized bed dominated the room – with some easy chairs surrounding it and a small table that had sex toys on it. There were pornographic pictures on the walls – We felt comfortable with his presence and accepted his request “Please give me a show” –

So we did – we removed each other’s micros and blouses and when naked ( in seconds ) we started to French kiss and lay on the bed, we fingered each other’s cunts, which started to gush, – nothing unusual but greatly enhanced with Tom watching. We stopped for a long Kiss and then we started to lick each other’s cunts and suck our clits.

We could see Tom rubbing his 41/2-inch dick and after we had cum twice each we lay back with our legs apart and called him to strip and join us on the bed.

We each French kissed him before moving down to concentrate on his cock and balls – we both kissed and licked his knob before M1 sucked his cock and M2 licked his balls – he had a finger in each of our cunts – until we lay back and told him “fuck us” – he did and spurted a little cum in each. We thought that he was almost fucked out so we told him “Lick our cunts and arseholes” and we had the joy of a tongue tip in each. We straddled his face and he licked front and rear. We girls came several times while kissing and rubbing our tits together.

We then sat naked in armchairs Tom between us. M1 brought a cigar and M2 trimmed the end, removed the band and she sucked on it while M2 lit it and we both had a few puffs before we gave it to Tom, who relaxed and actually managed to blow a few smoke rings.

M1 went to the kitchen to get a jug and three glasses. We asked Tom to piss in the jug and we both added our contribution which gave as a glass each to toast each other through smoke rings.

It was a wonderful evening and will feature in our minds for years.

Kisses to all our readers – Mary and Madrigal – Cheers.

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