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Twin Sex Monsters – Part 4

Suman got up and opened the fridge while I was laying on the bed, completely naked, legs spread to be invaded. He poured some alcohol from few bottles in a glass and drank. His huge manhood covered with dense black pubic hair at the root was throbbing like a huge branch of a tree during storm. He walked over and grabbed me in one hand, laying my body on my back over the Medical Testing Chair. He raised my both hands upwards and restrained my both hands with the leather belts attached to the chair. He then spread my legs and get both my ankles locked up in the leather buckles. I was alarmed because I had a feeling that he will just have normal sex with me like a husband and wife. But I was wrong. Soon, he blindfolded me with a blindfold. Thereafter he put a rubber ball inside my mouth. Then he kept on brutally sucking both of my nipples one after another making me groan in pain. But he was sucking and pulling the nipples restlessly despite of my body twisting in pain. After quite some time he stopped sucking and I felt some kind of powerful metal clamps were attached on my long erect nipples pinching both the nipples intensely. I was groaning and mumbling as tears rolled through my cheeks. I felt he reinforced the clamps by putting additional clamps over those clamps and the pressure on my nipples were insane. I was moving my body upwards and downwards in pain. He then placed a thick pillow under my waist and I could no longer move my body.

Soon I felt the legs were being spread wider through a mechanical process. Both legs were spread to the extreme. I felt my clit was popped out and the pussy lips were spread much wider and I was worrying that my pussy and ass crack would be torn and ripped off.

In few moments he removed the nipple clamp of my right nipple roughly, making my groan aloud and then he took it inside his mouth and sucked as hard as he could. I screamed in intense pain. I could not speak, I could not move any part of my body. He did not stop, he was sucking and biting the already swollen nipple from the double clamp pressure. He was roughly crushing by right breasts with his both hands as he was sucking like a machine and biting hard here and there!! He did the same thing with my left breast after destroying the left breast, I felt both of breasts become so saggy due to his brutal love making that both breasts were hanging by the both sides full of pain.

I realized that during his brutal nipples sucking and breasts crushing, I discharged juice few times due to the intensity of pain. So my pussy was soaked with slippery juice. Soon his tongue tip start teasing my extremely erect clit and gradually he took it inside his mouth and start sucking it with light bites. I screamed. He gets more forceful. I tried to keep silent as much as I could. His tongue then starts brushing my wide open wet and dripping pussy. He was sucking every drop of my juice as his rough hands were crushing my both breasts wildly. He was biting between my thighs and licking till my ankles. He was groping my naval deep and hard. All my sex organs were under his massive attack.

I concluded that he was a sex pervert, likes giving pain during sex and mentally deformed who derives pleasures by hamulating and torturing female organs. But I was wondering myself why he put blindfold and the ball inside my mouth? I understood he restrained my hands and legs not only to prevent me from stopping his brutality. He wanted to fully discover, see and feel all the intricacies and the hidden beauty of my pussy!! I realized that he still has some humanity in himself, so he wanted to avoid eye contacts with me and stop me from requesting or asking him to stop!! I could only see that much humanity in him besides his total bestialities and brutality.

However, I knew more hard time is approaching and gathered the courage to see to its last. I wanted to find out what he was made of. I knew why his wives left him 3 times. I closed my eyes due to the exhaustion and surprises he caused me. Even after I was thoroughly blindfolded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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